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Property damage cleanup can be a time-consuming process. In the wake of a disaster, man-made or otherwise, restoring your property to its former status costs money. For many people, a full recovery might seem impossible. Interior flooding, electrical fires, and mold spores can all be stressful to deal with, but with the right response, a recovery is possible. Soil-Away can walk you through each one should they occur.

Interior Flooding and Property Damage Cleanup

When it comes to property damage cleanup, flooding is one of the messier scenarios to deal with. For one thing, unlike with other natural disasters, the water will remain in place until it is removed. Water must be flushed out so the items can be retrieved and examined. Soil-Away will conduct an inspection once the water is removed. Our specialists will decide on a plan of action, one that makes your property a livable space once again. Once the work is completed, we use a post-remediation verification (PRV) test. This way you can be sure of safety before anyone occupies the premises.

Electrical Fires

The site of a fire often affects both the outside and inside of a property, but an electrical fire can do more damage inside due to its point of origin. In addition, electrical fires are extremely common, especially in older homes and buildings. They can occur in both occupied and unoccupied buildings without warning. In cases where the fire was allowed to burn long enough to do substantial damage, the affected buildings will require a direct response, one that is professional and thorough.

Soil-Away has dealt with the aftermath of many electrical fires. Our clients can attest to how a quick response can save properties, even when the situation seems hopeless. Our property damage cleanup specialists can work with even the worst of situations. We can remove the damaged elements and salvage your belongings. Any fully lost items will be cataloged and disposed of so you will know which items were salvageable.

Property Damage Cleanup Can Include Mold Spores

While mold is often associated with flooding, it is ultimately its own issue with specific solutions, regardless of the reason it develops. Mold spores will grow in the wake of submerged floors and basements. Pockets of moisture will slowly cultivate spores and you will be the last to know about it, unless you schedule a professional property damage cleanup. Not only does mold make clothes and other belongings unsalvageable, it can seep into the structure itself. This is a worst-case scenario because not only does this cause property damage, it has the possibility to poison the atmosphere. Mold spores can easily render an environment uninhabitable.

Recovery Plans for Property Damages

No matter which type of property damage you face, you can reach out to us at (603) 641-6555. Once you explain your situation to our experts, we can set you up with a service plan, one that is the best response for flooding, fires, and other types of extensive property damages. Soil-Away stands for professional and personable services. Our specialists have dealt with these types of disaster clean-ups before. We can reassure you that your property will recover.

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