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Most people expect a property to be safe and sturdy. It’s easy to take a structure’s condition for granted, even when that location is unfamiliar. Unfortunately, storms can shatter those expectations, with strong winds or flooding allowing moisture and mold to wreak havoc in the aftermath. Violent storms have the potential to cause severe damage due to lightning strikes, high winds, and rainwater that seeps into hard-to-see places.

Not that it takes a harsh storm to create an in-house disaster, either. In a more mundane scenario, faulty water pipes can create considerable damage to a property’s interiors at every level. Having water flood your home is bad enough, but the situation can turn dire when a sewage line backs up and bursts. Once this occurs, the problem escalates into a toxic scenario that requires expert handling. Soil-Away has deep cleaning and disinfection methods that can address damaged belongings and interiors.

Basement Water Extraction

If your property has a lower level, then you might know from experience how quickly belongings can become submerged during a flood. Timing is crucial here because the longer water sits, the easier it is for bacteria and toxic residue to permanently mark clothing, stuffed animals, and soft furnishings. Soil-Away can extract water successfully, with no residue left behind. Using high-tech equipment, our team can find even the most hidden of water pockets.

In the wake of a basement flood disaster, we can restore salvageable items to prime condition. Thanks to the highly effective Esporta Wash System, we can restore soft contents to a food-grade safe level. We take sports gear, children’s stuffed animals, and other soft materials from the site of the disaster and store them until clean-up can begin.

No Leftover Debris

We’ll inventory, document, and dispose of unsalvageable items with the debris. During the restoration project, our services can expedite your insurance claim process by providing accurate documentation and photos. This way, any damages and details of our restoration procedures will be there for reference.

One important step is to remove submerged materials. For example, porous building materials, such as drywall and carpeting, should be disposed of as soon as possible to avoid the further spreading of toxins. Once torn-out debris is handled, Soil-Away applies the best deep cleaning and disinfection methods to the remaining areas until the site resembles its pre-damaged state.

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection After Burst Pipes

Bitterly cold winters and high wind chills can cause pipes to freeze and burst. This is one of the most unpredictable and destructive conditions in nature. It causes millions of dollars in commercial damage each year. Hundreds of personal belongings see moisture, mold, and bacteria damage. Deep cleaning and disinfection is the only way to completely salvage any items pulled from the wreckage.

At Soil-Away, we use HEPA vacuums and air scrubs to wash away signs of grime. To be thorough, we also sand, dry-ice blast, and use whatever techniques the situation calls for. Once we dispose of any toxic materials, we dry the areas with large fans and dehumidifiers. With the property in the clear, we can replace any damaged components with fresh materials.

Restoring Your Property and Belongings with Deep Cleaning and Disinfection

Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration provides full-service emergency restoration to combat damages that occur on your properties. Members of our team are certified by the IICRC. Our trained and dedicated staff will safely and efficiently remove excess water, clean the area, and disinfect your premises to a quality at least equal to its previous condition. Call us now at (603) 641-6555 if your property is at risk.

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