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Disasters are more than terrifying. They’re also exhausting. When your home has been through a disaster, the cleaning and restoration process will likely involve several steps. You don’t have to handle these steps by yourself. While you focus on recovering from the disaster, let our team handle the cleanup. We take care of disaster restoration while working with your insurance company to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Water Damage

It’s a common problem for homeowners, but that doesn’t make it any less overwhelming. Water damage can either strike fast or build up over time. Either way, it presents a major problem and can damage wood, drywall, soft goods, and more. The good news is that Soil-Away can help. We have years of experience restoring all levels of water damage from the simplest to the most complex.

Flood and Storm Damage

Flood damage is one of the worst kinds of water damage. It causes major devastation, and it brings harmful bacteria and chemicals into your home. At Soil-Away, we have plenty of flood damage expertise to make your home clean and dry again. We’ll extract the water, dry the impacted space, provide damage restoration, and do a complete cleanup for your safety. In addition to removing floodwater, we also offer cleanup and restoration for other types of storm damage.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common problem here in New Hampshire. With our especially cold winters, it’s normal for pipes to freeze and then burst from the resulting pressure. Water damage from frozen pipes can be anything from a small problem to a major disaster. No matter the size of the damage, Soil-Away can handle it.

Sewage Cleanup

Is there any worse problem for a homeowner than sewage backup? The problem is so overwhelming and unexpected that a lot of homeowners don’t know what to do at first. The most important thing you should know is to stay away from the sewage and call us right away. Sewage backup is dangerous and can result in serious illnesses. Let Soil-Away remove the sewage for you and provide a thorough decontamination process. We’re prepared to take on sewage backup problems of all sizes.

Basement Water Extraction

If you have cracks in your foundation or a malfunctioning sump pump, then your basement is vulnerable to water damage. During rainy seasons, the ground can get too saturated to hold any more water, and when that happens, water will form puddles aboveground or escape into basements. Soil-Away is no stranger to groundwater removal. With our high-tech equipment, we remove groundwater, completely dry the space, and restore any damage that the water may have caused.

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Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire can leave you reeling. Once the adrenaline from the emergency wears off, you’re left with a ton of damage and a responsibility to get rid of it. Where do you even start? When you have fire damage in your home, all you need to do is call Soil-Away. We remove fire damage with a fast, careful, and detailed process.

Fire Structural Damage

Once we assess the situation, we’ll start by removing unsalvageable debris, tearing out damaged materials so that we can replace them with new ones. Then, once we clear the area of soot, we’ll reconstruct your property using cutting-edge equipment and time-tested building methods. During this process, we’ll also remove water damage and dry any moisture-impacted areas.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Next, there’s smoke and odor removal. Without a professional cleaning service, smoke odors can stay well past their welcome. Smoke travels easily and gets everywhere, even spreading to parts of the house that the fire itself didn’t touch. We can track the smoke down to all its hiding places and remove the odor permanently.

Soft Goods Restoration

After a fire or a flood, what happens to your blankets, bedsheets, clothing, and other soft goods? Soft goods restoration is challenging because soft goods are more absorbent than other materials. They take in more smoke and soot than other belongings do. We have good news, though. Soil-Away has a proven process for removing soot and other substances from soft goods. It’s called the Esporta Wash System, and we’re the only ones in our service area who are certified to do it. Esporta goes way beyond traditional washing and dry cleaning. It’s gentle, but it cleans deeply and removes stubborn substances that other cleaning methods can’t.

Mold Remediation

Lots of property owners deal with mold. Wherever moisture stays for a long time, mold is bound to show up. If you don’t notice fast enough, then mold can turn into a big problem. Our certified mold restoration team can step in when mold has taken over. We’ll remove the mold, getting down to the source and inspecting all the hidden nooks and crannies where mold is most likely to hide. Mold is a safety issue. Toxic mold can make breathing difficult, so don’t try to tackle a mold problem by yourself. Let us remove the mold so that you and your family can breathe easy again.

Commercial Losses

We’re always here for homeowners, but what can you do if your commercial property goes through a disaster? You do the same thing you’d do for your home: call Soil-Away. We’re just as equipped to handle commercial restoration as we are home restoration. We’re here to restore your business so that you can get it up and running again without too much downtime.

Hoarding Cleanup

Whether you’re ready to get your own home under control, you’ve acquired a hoarding property, or you want to help a loved one, hoarding cleanup is a big step. When you need hoarding cleanup, you need a team that knows what to expect from hoarding properties. You also need a team that knows hoarding is a legitimate illness and requires a non-judgmental approach. Soil-Away checks off both of those boxes. Let us help you transform your property with our thorough cleaning process.

Soil-Away Restoration

No restoration job is too big for the Soil-Away team. Contact us today for your restoration needs. We’re available 24/7 in case of emergency, so don’t wait to call. Let’s get your property back to its best condition.




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