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When disaster strikes your property, do you know who to call? Soil-Away handles fire and flood damage emergencies large and small for businesses throughout New England. Since commercial buildings are larger than residential homes, they often encompass larger scopes which demands a higher level of expertise. Recently, a hotel about 2.5 hours from Soil-Away’s main office experienced one of these emergencies. Thankfully, Soil-Away was there to handle it.

The Cause of Water Damage

When a pipe bursts in a hotel, it can flood rooms fast. That’s exactly what happened when a sprinkler pipe burst inside this particular hotel. Before the hotel’s management team could stop the water, over 20 guest rooms on the first floor had flooded. The electricity in that wing failed quickly. Even worse, the ceiling of the open-air parking garage below the building began to collapse. Overall, the wing was unusable within a matter of minutes.

What is at Stake for the Business?

What did this disaster mean for the hotel? Well, it didn’t take long for city inspectors to shut down that wing of the hotel. It certainly wasn’t safe for guests. If the water had remained for too long, it would have caused extra complications, like mold and extensive repair needs. If the owners didn’t get help right away, they might have never recovered from the disaster. They might have even lost their business completely. The stakes were high for the hotel and they needed the right restoration partner to get them up and running.

Soil-Away: Commercial Restoration Specialist

The good news is that the hotel owners did act fast. They called Soil-Away, and the Soil-Away team quickly stepped into action. First, they brought in a generator to restore the power so that they could get to work. As a matter of fact, Soil-Away brought in more than 100 pieces of equipment for the drying and restoration process. Once they started the generator, the Soil-Away crew performed complete water extraction and drying throughout the affected wing. In the parking garage, Soil-Away set up temporary fencing to keep the public away from the dangerous construction zone. After that, they got to work removing the ceiling and insulation.

Recovering from Water Damage

The Soil-Away team knew that the hotel owners needed the guest rooms up and running again. They prioritized these rooms to prevent any more lost business. The initial cleanup took about 10 hours. The guest rooms were fully dried, repaired, and ready to use within 3-5 days. The parking garage took an additional 3-4 days to complete. The hotel barely skipped a beat. They were extremely pleased with the recovery time following the flood.

Soil-Away worked with utmost efficiency. This burst pipe could have spelled an end for this hotel. Thanks to Soil-Away, it did not. Do you have a commercial property that needs disaster help? Contact Soil-Away now. We’ll get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Soil-Away also offers pre-disaster planning for commercial clients, so that you can be prepared before a disaster catches your business off guard. Contact Soil-Away today to setup your Emergency Response Protocols (Soil-Away ERP).

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