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    Soil-Away Restoration Services, LLC
    5 Eastpoint Drive
    Hooksett, NH 03106

    Phone: (603) 641-6555

    We are a full-service restoration firm, ready to step in and clean up residential or commercial property in the aftermath of a disaster. In addition, we help maintain a healthier indoor living environment through professional carpet and air duct cleaning services. Someone will answer your call 24/7 for any emergency damage clean-up, so just call (603) 641-6555. The after-hours emergency number is (603) 657-4851. Also, you can email us at

    We are located in Hooksett and extend our services to Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Portsmouth, Laconia, northern Massachusetts, and southern Maine. We maintain a relationship with the community through continuous volunteerism and charity work. Also, since we are not a franchise, no fees leave the local economy.

    We are a multi-service firm, the only Esporta Certified Operator (Soft Content Cleaning) in our service area, and the only IICRC Master Certified (combination of water, fire and textile restoration) company in the state. Established in 1990, Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration is independently owned. Our company has been family-owned  since 1990, serving the needs of its surrounding communities. It’s a point of pride that we maintain up-to-date training not only for our supervisors, but all the service technicians that work for us to ensure our service is at top grade.

    Soil Away Serves After a Natural Disaster

    Extreme natural conditions can cause expensive damages to a home or place of business. Our expertise and equipment will help mitigate the clean-up and restoration.

    • Storm Damage – Violent storms passing through the region can cause severe damage through lightning strikes, high winds and more.
    • Hurricanes – Setting near or beside the Atlantic Ocean puts a number of states at risk to the devastation of a hurricane. The extreme conditions in the form of winds and rain can cause massive damage on any structure.
    • Flash Flooding – Excessive rain water coming into your business requires specialized handling. By the time it passes over streets, yards, and parking lots, the water accumulates many types of toxic materials: oil, animal feces, and more.
    • Nor’easters – These powerful winter storms, one of the most destructive forces in nature, cause millions of dollars in damage each year.

    Restoration In Any Circumstance

    Our focus is to leave your home or place of business a stable and healthy state. Costly damages brought on by an unexpected disaster means extra stress in your already busy life, so we will help ease your burden. Call us anytime, and we will inspect your property and provide a thorough estimate.

    • Mold Remediation Mold can settle in places where there is plenty of oxygen, excess moisture, and an untreated organic surface. Often this takes place in hidden locations, such as inside walls, and may go undetected for some time. It takes a professionally trained and certified team to properly remediation mold.
    • Water Damage Restoration We use regulation-approved techniques and equipment in all our procedures. Heavy-duty pumps will clear all standing water from your premises before we check water-damaged areas. Damaged structural and flooring components will be replaced with fresh materials. Our goal is to restore your property to its pre-damage quality.
    • Flood Damage Restoration and Basement Flooding A hurricane or violent storm can bring excessive rains. We utilize an efficient process to bring your home or business up to its pre-flood condition, establishing a clean and healthy environment.
    • Fire Damage RestorationIf a fire has damaged your property, we will help with the clean-up with techniques developed by experts in the field that will restore your property.
    • Smoke & Odor RemovalA small confined fire or large structural blaze will leave behind an irritating smoky odor. Soil-Away is certified and equipped to remediate the lingering residue from your structural materials and contents of your home or business.

    We Deal With Insurance

    After restoring your property, we continue our services by helping you with the task of filing an insurance claim. We will work directly with insurance providers to supply them with documentation and photos detailing our restoration procedures.

    Inside Cleaning

    Whether you’re a property manager or a home owner, maintaining the environment of houses, apartments and offices is an arduous responsibility. Soil-Away can help streamline your efforts with a one-time call or a routine cleaning schedule. Call us at (603) 641-6555.

    Carpet Cleaning – We contract for carpet cleaning. We will audit you premises to determine the right cleaning frequency to keep carpets looking fresh. Cleaning on a regular pre-scheduled basis, our clients extend the life of their floor covering significantly and save money that would be paid out for frequent replacements. In addition, routine dryer vent cleaning increases your appliance’s efficiency and can help prevent a fire.

    Dryer Vent Cleaning – Dryer vent cleaning and maintenance is another Soil-Away specialty service. Routine dryer vent cleaning increases your appliance’s efficiency and can help prevent a fire. It is important for both homeowners and property managers to contract someone reliable to perform these services annually.

    Air Duct Cleaning – Indoor air quality (IAQ) is another concern for homes and businesses. Over time, contaminants – like bacteria, dirt, dust, and mold – can accumulate to unhealthy levels in carpets and air ducts throughout your building. Soil Away will help maintain and improve your air quality. Our NADCA certified team will remove dirt, dander, and other debris left by the previous occupants.

    Soft Contents Restoration – We work to clean and restore salvageable possessions after a fire or other disaster. We specialize in the restoration of soft contents (clothing, shoes, sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.…) and are New Hampshire (NH) and northern Massachusetts’ (MA) only Certified Esporta Operator.

    Odor Removal – A non-smoker may think twice before they buy a house or rent an apartment permeated with cigarette odor. Soil-Away works with real estate professionals and others in our service to eliminate the offensive smells with our specialized equipment. We have successfully cleaned the air inside many houses, apartment complexes, and condos, giving the new occupants a refreshed and healthy air quality.

    About Soil Away

    We are happy to serve our community as a multi-service restoration firm. We work with insurance carriers, property managers, real estate companies, and homeowners in restoring their property after a water, fire, or storm emergency. Someone will be on-hand to accept your call any time, day or night – (603) 641-6555.




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