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Commercial Building Restorat …

Commercial building restoration is often at odds with nature. Damages to school, government, and store properties can occur when savage weather rolls in or when piping systems suddenly burst inside the walls or under the ground. When such losses occur, appliances, carpets, and furniture are easy targets for water or fire damage. On the upside, restoration is possible for all the above.

Restoration is protection against the trauma that loss can bring. At Soil-Away, we make the process as easy as possible. We can work with your insurance carrier and property management company, and our commercial building restoration services will return your property to pre-loss condition.

We will examine physical damage to your commercial location and note where the worst of it is in the surviving structure. Soil-Away provides a detailed list of services and photo documentation to assist you with insurance claims and recordkeeping (the latter helps with balancing the budget).

Commercial Building Restoration Disposal

We’ll work with you to safely dispose of any debris and unsalvageable contents on the premises during this part of the process. Each piece of furniture and fixture will be evaluated based on condition and whether or not they are salvageable. If possible, they will be restored and cleaned to be retrieved later. When necessary, we utilize HEPA air scrubbers, industrial fans, and dehumidifiers. They can remove any moisture pockets that could cause further damages. 

Black mold and other biohazards are notorious for taking hold in areas that need restoration. Soil-Away Restoration Services addresses all water, fire, and miscellaneous damages that would normally set you back due to expenses and timeframe. We use special hydrometers and other moisture detectors to find hidden pockets of moisture within walls or under flooring. As a result, we can tackle spots where micro-organisms might hide.

In the end, all salvaged and restored contents will be brought back onto the premises. This process includes a walk-through to review the results of our restoration to ensure your satisfaction. We provide commercial loss restoration that is as complete as possible. Our employees are certified by the IICRC. We work efficiently to restore your commercial property against all odds. The goal is to return your items back to pre-loss conditions. In fact, we want it to seem like the damage never occurred in the first place.

Commercial Building Restoration Local to You

Any commercial buildings in south/central New Hampshire or the northern parts of Massachusetts can call for 24/7 commercial damage restoration services. Our restoration team is certified for the most intricate jobs. Located in Hooksett, NH, we can service the greater Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Portsmouth, Laconia, northern Massachusetts, and southern Maine regions. Let us mitigate your damages, clean up every sign of disaster, and restore your location to its former glory.

At Soil-Away, we specialize in various services, including mold removal, remediation, and HVAC duct cleaning. Disasters caused by faulty electrical wiring, flammable space heaters, and other common factors can be dealt with in a streamlined and logical way. 

When you find yourself in need of commercial building restoration, keep calm. Remember that a commercial building can be restored despite the odds. Call us at (603) 641-6555, or if you are on a mobile device, you can visit our website to see the other services available in your area.

apartment restoration

What Happens When the Apartm …

Managing an apartment complex takes a lot of work. This is an understatement, to be sure, but managers can take solace in the fact that every problem has a solution. Soil-Away specializes in major and minor apartment restoration projects. We keep things affordable and professional. When the apartments you manage fall victim to irresponsible tenants or even natural forces, we can remedy the situation.

Furnished Apartment Restoration

If you provide furnished apartments for tenants, then soft goods like bedding and furniture are sometimes lost due to various issues. Tenants might neglect to alert property managers whenever the kitchen sink leaks – or they might not even notice until lots of time has passed. Water damage is a common reason furniture and even the structure fall victim to rot or mold. However, with proper cleaning methods, we can stop damage from spreading into other units. We can also salvage the affected interiors.

To do this, we recover items like clothing and furniture, and then apply a cleanser. While items are removed, our truck-mounted pumps clear any standing water from the inside of your property. After all, standing water is a breeding ground for biohazards like black mold and mildew. No doubt you have invested plenty of money into furnishing your properties. Restoring these items is necessary to avoid hundreds of dollars – if not more – in loss.  

Soil-Away team members know removal is a priority, so we won’t waste any time. Our remediation techs will identify any water damage, both on the surface and in hidden pockets. Our moisture-sensing equipment finds moisture forming behind or inside the walls. The same goes for other places where microbial infestations might take hold and flourish, like under flooring and foundations. Ideally, you want to stop damage from accumulating. The health and safety of building occupants could be at risk until we restore everything to pre-flood status.

Destructive Tenants

At Soil-Away, we work with apartment managers and their insurance companies. We have experience helping major corporations and companies in the process of emergency property damage restoration. In many cases, irresponsible tenants are the cause of interior damages. As a property manager, you might find an apartment in bad shape following an eviction or abandonment. While these are not pleasant scenarios to consider, it’s good to have a gameplan when such a thing happens.

Focused Apartment Restoration 

With HVAC duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other services, we can take care of most scenarios. For instance, small kitchen fires will leave behind smoky odors. If an apartment shows signs of a fire, chances are you’ll find it difficult to rent out. 

Our experts are certified to remediate any noxious odors clinging to interiors and furniture. Our goal is to erase any signs of damage your tenants have caused; this way you won’t have to worry about complaints (or extra costs down the line). Focused apartment restoration is one reason Soil-Away is the go-to for local managers. 

Apartment Restoration On-Call 

At Soil-Away, our team has perfected innovative removal and prevention tactics for any interior damages. To do this successfully, we use step-by-step tactics. Our employees are professional and thorough. If your apartments are damaged by tenants, mold, or odors, call us at (603) 641-6555 or stop by our site for more information.

deep cleaning and disinfecting

Deep Cleaning and Disinfecti …

Deep cleaning and disinfection are a big part of picking up the pieces in the aftermath of a disaster. Whether it’s from flooding, fire, or an unseen mold invasion, loss restoration is a step-by-step process to save your properties and belongings.

It’s not easy to prepare for destructive nature. What is important is how you proceed once the damage has run its course or been discovered. After all, extreme natural conditions can lead to financial losses on commercial properties and can impact their ability to do business. Each cause of damage has its own hallmarks that will force a decision:

  • Storm Damage: Violent storms passing through the region have the potential for causing severe damage from lightning strikes, high winds that knock down structures, and rainwater that seeps into every crack.
  • Freezing Temperatures: Bitterly cold winters and below-freezing wind chills cause pipes to freeze and burst. This is one of the most unpredictable and destructive conditions in nature and causes millions of dollars in commercial damage each year.
  • Flash Flooding: An invasion of excessive rainwater requires specialized handling. Not only will it create mold and damage structure foundations, but it can also bring toxic materials to your door, including oil, chemicals, and debris.

At Soil-Away, our team will properly mitigate damages, clean up the disaster, and restore your facility. Deep cleaning and disinfection aren’t easy, but we know how to do them in a cost-saving way so you can reach your goal.

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection: Removal

One touchpoint is the removal of affected materials. For example, porous building materials, such as drywall and carpeting, should be disposed of ASAP. Once torn-out debris is taken care of, the remaining areas must be deep-cleaned and sanitized.

We use cutting-edge tools to accomplish deep cleaning and disinfection, including HEPA vacuums and air scrubs. For the sake of being thorough, we also sand, dry-ice blast, and use other expert techniques to give you maximum cleanliness. Excessive mold spores are never a good thing, so it’s important to completely clean the area to avoid further long-lasting damage.

Once toxic materials have been disposed of and the areas are cleaned, we dry the areas with large fans and dehumidifiers. With the property in the clear, we can begin replacing any damaged components with fresh materials.

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection: Salvaging Belongings

Following the removal of ruined materials, we will identify any salvageable items. With the effectiveness of the Esporta Wash System, we restore soft contents and textiles to a food-grade safe level. We’ll store and then properly clean belongings like sports gear and other thick materials. If you act quickly, there’s a chance that you won’t lose too much in the way of belongings.

We’ll inventory, document, and dispose of any unsalvageable items. During the restoration project, our services can expedite your insurance claim process by providing accurate documentation and photos. This way, any damages and details of our restoration procedures will be there for reference.

Restoration and Remediation You Can Rely On

Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration provides storm damage restoration, biohazard remediation, fire cleanup, and more. We provide full-service emergency restoration services for your commercial properties. We’ll stop water, fire, smoke, and odor damage from destroying your property and belongings.

Ultimately, natural disasters will only add more stress to your life. That’s an understatement, as costs can stack up if you wait too long to deal with it. For your convenience, we work with quick but effective remediation strategies. 

We bring our best to your door to save the affected areas of your property. Call us now at (603) 641-6555 if your property is at risk.  

4 Restoration Services Provi …

restoration services

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash


As a real estate professional, it is important that you have a restoration services company like Soil-Away on call to take care of your restoration needs. Whether a home is in need of mold remediation or smoke odor removal, Soil-Away is here to help. We are on call 24/7 so rest assured that we will arrive quickly at your property to help so that it can get sold as soon as possible! We have years of experience working with real estate professionals including agents, home inspectors, and mortgage brokers. Read on to learn about 4 services we can do to help.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a problem that no homeowner wants to have. In fact, mold can be very dangerous to the health of homeowners, especially those with compromised immune systems or who have preexisting lung conditions. As a home inspector, if you find mold in the building, give us a call. Whether it’s in the basement, attic, or hidden behind the walls, we will remediate the mold situation making it safer for homeowners to move in.

Water Damage Restoration

If one of the homes you are working with has a flood or stains from past water damage, this will greatly affect the appearance of the house. At Soil-Away, we use professional equipment. This includes heavy pumps to clear out water and get the space looking as good as new. It is crucial to remove water from the house and look into water stains before a homeowner moves in, as this could lead to black mold in the future.

Smoke Odor Removal

Your real estate client might have the most beautiful home on the market, but if it smells like cigarette smoke, it will be very difficult to sell. Don’t wait another minute! Call in Soil-Away and we will come in to clean the home and remove the smoke odor. We work quickly so the house can be sold in no time!

Carpet Cleaning

restoration services

Photo by Ran Berkovich on Unsplash

A fourth service we provide for real estate professionals is carpet cleaning. Clean carpets are a huge selling point for a home. As Coldwell Banker says, “A clean, uncluttered home sells.” No one wants to buy or rent a house that has dirty carpets. Instead of spending money on replacing carpets, we will come in and professionally clean the carpets.

Restoration Services From Soil-Away

At Soil-Away, we are on call for restoration services any time of day or night. We can help real estate professionals by cleaning and restoring clients’ homes so they are ready to be sold or rented. For more information about the real estate professional services we provide, contact us today.

restoration services

What To Do About Frozen Pipe …

Let’s face it: winters in New England are long and cold. Frozen pipes are an unfortunate circumstance that can happen in those long, cold winters. This is especially common with pipes that are in exterior walls or crawlspaces. When a pipe breaks, severe damage can occur. Often the leak will be slow, and you may not notice it for a while until a wet spot appears on the dry wall. This slow leaking process can cause mold to grow within the walls, which is very harmful to the health of the residents. While it may seem overwhelming to have to deal with a frozen pipe, restoration services like Soil-Away can help. Here are three things to do immediately when your pipes have frozen and burst.

Shut Off Water

The first thing you want to do if a frozen pipe has burst is to shut off your main water valve. This will stop water from continuing to come through the pipe and further damaging your home.

Report to Insurance

Next, report the issue to your insurance company. Call them and explain exactly what the damage is and figure out how to submit a claim. The insurance company might want to send someone out to inspect the damage in person.

Call Soil-Away Restoration Services

The third thing to do is call a restoration services company like Soil-Away. We provide 24/7 emergency services, so even if that pipe bursts in the middle of the night, we will come out. Upon arrival, we will inspect the property and do an initial assessment of the damage. We tell homeowners what the next steps are and can provide support for the insurance claims. Once the plan of action is determined, our certified water damage restoration technicians will get to work. We stay in close contact with your insurance company throughout the entire process. Once our work is complete, we will go on a final walk-through with homeowners to make sure everything is set and fully restored. Since Soil-Away provides full emergency services, we can also complete related tasks like mold removal or carpet cleaning.

Choose Soil-Away When You Need Restoration Services

Having a restoration services provider like Soil-Away just one call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is very comforting. Homeowners can rest assured that even if a pipe freezes and breaks over the long, cold winter, the restoration process will be handled professionally and efficiently by Soil-Away. For more information about what to do about frozen pipes, contact us today.

sewer backup

Three Tasks To Prevent Sewer …

Sewer backup is a nasty experience that no homeowner wants to go through. Not only can it ruin parts of your house, but the sewage also contains a lot of germs and bacteria that can make residents very sick. If you do experience sewer damage and a backup occurs, call Soil-Away as soon as possible. They are experts in sewage cleanup and sanitation. Before it gets to that point, though, there are things you can do as a homeowner to minimize the risk of a sewer backup. Here are three tasks that can prevent sewer backup.

Be Careful What You Put Down the Drain

Certain items should never be put down the drain as they lead to clogging in the sewer lines. Don’t put things like grease, oils, coffee grounds, and eggshells down the kitchen sink. In the bathroom, never flush tampons or baby wipes. By not putting these things down the drain, you will maintain the health and quality of the sewage line, making it much less likely to back up.

Be Aware Where You Plant

Did you know the roots of plants can cause sewage issues? The roots are looking for water and will grow towards the sewer line. When you are planting new trees and plants in your yard, be sure to keep them far away from the sewer line. If pre-existing trees are encroaching on the sewer line, you may need to cut the roots to avoid a sewage backup.

Call a Professional

Sometimes the key to prevention is calling in a professional. Because of this, hire someone to inspect your sewer line. They can tell you if it is in danger of backing up. Sometimes it is necessary to install a valve system to prevent backups. If you discover that tree roots are growing into the sewage line, you will need to call in a tree professional to cut back the roots.

Sewer damage is an urgent matter as it can cause backups into the house. If a backup occurs, call a disaster restoration service such as Soil-Away immediately. They will help clean up the water, assess the affected areas, and remediate mold. If you haven’t had a sewage backup, get started on prevention tasks today. Be extremely careful about what you are putting down the drain, be careful where you plant trees, and call in professionals to assess the sewage line. Contact Soil-Away today for more information about how you can prevent sewer backups.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and …

Avoid home disasters in all four seasons of the year. There are risks that come with each season and you need to be prepared for any of them. Restoration companies will be by your side if disaster happens throughout the year. Here are specific tips for each season.


Winter in the northeast means snow, and snow brings many reasons to hire a restoration company. You’ll want to avoid home disasters during the winter season by protecting your pipes. Pipes that go unchecked will freeze, and any water that’s frozen will expand and possibly crack the pipes. Snow and ice that melts can cause water damage as well. Call a restoration company for any water damage or frozen pipes instead of trying to fix it yourself.


You’ll want to avoid home disaster with spring storms as well. They say “April showers bring May flowers” for a reason. A lot of rain could lead to leaks if you have cracked pipes, flooding from clogged sewers, and even mold from all the moisture. Restoration companies can take care of all these damages and more. High winds from storms can cause trees and other outside debris to fall and damage your home or yard. Keep your restoration company on-call in case of any accidents during the spring.


In the summer, dry weather can lead to fire. Whether it’s a forest fire or house fire, you need to be careful. Once a fire gets into your home, it spreads quickly. And smoke spreads even faster than fire. Hiring a restoration company will give you the peace of mind that all fire and smoke damage will be removed or cleaned up. Also, summer will bring pollen and dust into your home. Restoration companies recommend that you have your carpet cleaned professionally once a year, and summer is the best time to do it.


Bigger storms like hurricanes come in the summer and into the fall. Water damage is a big concern after a hurricane. Flooding occurs in areas that are hit the worst, along with storm damage from high winds and debris. You’ll want to board up your house before a big storm and take everything off the main floor in case of flooding. After a hurricane has passed, call a restoration company to check on the damage. You need to call as quickly as possible to avoid lingering mold damage from standing water.

The next time you find yourself in the wake of a home disaster, give Soil-Away a call. We will be there to help you bring your home back to how it should be. Contact us at (603) 641-6555.

Four Questions To Ask When H …

Certain natural disasters such as fires, floods, or storms can severely damage the exterior and interior of homes. Repairing the house is a daunting task and you shouldn’t do it without help. Get construction help from a restoration company like Soil-Away. We specialize in home rebuilding and restoration after a disaster. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and guarantee our work is high-quality.  Before hiring a construction company, here are four important questions to ask.

What repairs and restorations are necessary?

First, understand what repairs and restorations are necessary. Remember that sometimes the damage isn’t visible. For example, a flood may lead to mold inside the walls that is invisible to residents but needs to be repaired. Question the construction company about interior work, structural damage, plumbing and electrical issues, and staying compliant with code. Ask the company to create a list of repairs to give you an idea of the scope of the construction necessary for your house.

What is the breakdown of the prices?

Another critical thing to understand is the breakdown of the prices. Get the construction company to provide you with a breakdown estimate of all costs. The breakdown should include materials and labor. In addition to pricing, and even more importantly, is to ask if the contractor has experience working with insurance companies. If your property has been damaged by a flood or fire, you may have to submit an insurance claim. Your contractor’s ability to work with the insurance company’s claim process can drastically make or break the project budget process.

How long will it take?

Be sure to ask the construction company how long the rebuilding and restoration process will take. This helps homeowners plan for the time when their house is under construction. It also prevents homeowners from underestimating the time it will take to repair the house.

Do you offer warranties?

Finally, homeowners need to ask construction companies about any warranties they offer. Soil-Away makes sure our customers are satisfied with our work. We also offer various workmanship warranties on restoration services.

Check Out Soil-Away For Construction Help

Before officially hiring a construction company to help rebuild and restore, do research and ask them some important questions. Be familiar with the necessary repairs, understand the cost breakdown, know how long it will take, and be aware of any warranties. At Soil-Away, we promise to give you a turn-key solution to rebuild and restore your house. We are an A-to-Z service solution that will work with your insurance throughout the entire process. For stress-free construction help, contact Soil-Away today to learn more about our services.

Hire A Restoration Specialis …

Restoration companies do more than just clean up after disasters. They also help rebuild properties. There are several advantages to hiring a restoration company like Soil-Away to handle your construction jobs. Instead of spending time hiring different businesses to complete cleanup and construction, save yourself a headache and use our in-house experts.  Unsure of what Soil-Away could do for you? Here are three reasons you should hire a restoration company for construction work.

One-Stop Shop

Most restoration companies have general contractors on staff in addition to restoration specialists. If your home experiences significant damage, Soil-Away can help with the initial damage recovery, cleaning, and rebuilding processes. Having so many specialty services in one company makes your life easier. Whether you need to utilize our 24-hour hotline for an emergency or need a bid for an ongoing renovation project, we have you covered. You don’t have to coordinate several different businesses to get your life back to normal.

All Your Home Repair Needs

Restoration companies handle damage control. Examples are removing smoke odor after fire damage or mold cleanup after a flood disaster.  However, you can also hire some restoration companies to complete construction work. So, if your flood damage ruined your drywall in the basement, we have general contractors to fix that.  Soil-Away also has contractors who specialize in carpentry, insulation installation, roofing, and electrical wiring. Weather- or fire-related damage that requires rebuilding any parts of your home or business should not be ignored.  Our licensed and insured general contractors have years of experience.

Restoration and Construction – Insurance Help

Homeowner’s insurance covers a wide variety of disasters. However, it can be complicated to submit a claim and get it approved. Soil-Away has decades of experience working with home insurance companies. Insurance adjusters can be tricky to work with, especially if different companies are responsible for the various jobs in restoration. Having restoration and construction work completed by the same company simplifies the insurance claim process. You can have peace of mind knowing that our experts will walk you through your estimated damage and potential repairs.

Dealing with the aftermath of home destruction can be overwhelming. The good news is that Soil-Away can help relieve some of your stress by providing a wide variety of restoration and construction services. For more information, call us at 603-641-6555 or visit our website today!

5 Things You Should Know Abo …

Remodeling your home can be an exciting time! But it’s also quite a bit of work that can cause some stress. Before you start the process of remodeling your home, we’re sharing 5 things you need to know.

Don’t Become Too Swayed By Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great way to get ideas and inspiration for styles you like. But you should understand that not everything you see on Pinterest is realistic for your budget. Most of the images you see – while beautiful – are from luxury homes. The last thing you want to do is overspend on your budget simply to achieve an unrealistic room design. Gather some basic ideas you like and try to incorporate them into a livable space.

Maintain A Flexible Budget

When you decide on your remodeling budget, you need to be sure you leave room for any unexpected expenses. It’s not uncommon during a home remodel to discover issues with your home you might not have realized. Quoted prices can also be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. You want to give yourself a cushion for any extra expense so you don’t overextend too much.

Understand Where Your Remodeling Budget Goes

On average, about 30% of the cost for a remodel goes towards labor costs. Depending on what you’re remodeling, you might be able to save some money if there are things that you can do yourself. Painting is a great example of this. Of course, there are some places you don’t want to skimp on for professional help. If you do opt to perform the labor yourself, be sure you are 110% equipped to handle it.

Interview Multiple Contractors

You don’t want to choose contractors lightly. This is someone who needs to be open to your ideas and will get the job done right. Get quotes from multiple contractors and do your research. Check any reviews they have or talk to previous clients. You don’t want to hire a contractor who won’t get the job done or will be shady with your money.

Get Everything In Writing

In the interview process, getting a copy of the proposal from the contract is a great way to sit down and have an at-a-glance way to review each. Later on down the road, the proposal for the job will serve as a hard copy of what you can expect from the contractor. It’s a great form of accountability and eliminates miscommunication.

Remodeling Your Home With Soil-Away

If you’re ready to start the remodeling process in your home, Soil-Away in Hooksett, NH, is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

What You Need From Your Cons …

If you are remodeling a home or business due to fire or water damage, then you undoubtedly will need to hire construction services. Since remodeling or renovating can come with some additional hurdles, hiring a service that specializes in restoration is essential. If the house has undergone fire or water damage, then you need specific help. You need a construction service that understands all the complexity that can come with commercial or property restoration after an emergency.

Find Someone Who Specializes Specifically in Restoration

Restoration can be substantially different from new builds. This is even more so if the structure has sustained water or fire damage. Make sure the company you choose is trained to rebuild or reinforce a structure that has been compromised. If the construction service you hire doesn’t address the renovation in the right way, it could render your structure unsafe and put you and your family at risk.

Find a Licensed and Bonded Company

When you hire construction services, make sure that they are licensed and bonded. That means that they have the proper insurance and licenses to keep you protected. Before you sign any contract, get a copy of all the official documents and insurance policies. This is necessary to keep you from being vulnerable if something disastrous happens.

Find Someone Who Will Provide a Warranty

Make sure the company you hire offers you a warranty on the work that they do. Often the damage doesn’t show until later if something is wrong. And if you don’t have a construction service that will provide you with the security of a warranty, then you can be out of luck. You need to guarantee that you’re covered if there’s any faulty work. Hire a construction company who is willing to guarantee their work with a warranty.

Find Someone Who Cares About Your Project as Much As You Do

When interviewing a construction services company, make sure that they are responsive to your needs. If someone won’t return your call even before you hire them, it won’t get any better after you hire them. Someone who won’t call back, show up, or care about your property is not the one that you want restoring it.

If you are remodeling due to fire or water damage, it is a particular type of renovation. To hire the best construction services for the job, take the time to do your research. Soil-Away is dedicated to getting your home or office back to top shape with expertise and care. Call today to discuss how we can help.

Fire Damage Photo by ldyshah on Pixabay

Extension Cord Safety Tips t …

Fire safety is all about prevention. There are steps you can take as a homeowner to ensure that you are safe from fire damage. A large percentage of home fires are the result of accidental sparks. Electrical devices passing energy from one place to the next are the culprits of some of those sparks. Using extension cords in and around your home is convenient when used appropriately. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow proper safety steps, it could lead to dangerous outcomes.


When the lamp cord just won’t reach that perfect cozy reading nook location, it is easy to grab an extension cord. Before you plug it in, take a moment to make sure it meets certain safety requirements. Inspect it closely to make sure there are no imperfections in the cord. An extension cord is simply electrical wiring inside of a plastic coating. A damaged plastic coating loses its ability to hold the electrical current inside, creating a fire hazard. Another tip is to make sure you only use one drop cord at a time. Do not string multiple cords together at installation as this could disrupt the current or weaken it. If either of these occurs during your installation, it is safer to purchase a new cord at the appropriate length to avoid fire damage.

Long-Term Use

Most people don’t realize that should only use extension cords briefly. They are not designed as permanent solutions. In a more permanent setting, consider using power strips with surge protectors. Extension cords create multiple breaks in the line of energy. If an extension cord has loose joining points or unusual connections, it could spark and ignite the surface around it causing fire damage. You can help prevent fire damage by making sure the surface around those joints is not close to highly flammable objects such as curtains. Simply checking to make sure the curtains are not laying on top of the place where the device cord meets the extension cord can save your home.


Electrical devices can be intimidating. A little understanding of how they operate safely can save you some trouble later. Extension cords were created to make life more accessible. Using them appropriately makes life safe. The list of things to remember when using an extension cord is minimal. Check the cord before installation to make sure there are no imperfections. Likewise, check the cord during use to make sure it is operating safely and appropriately.


frozen pipes photo

A Dangerous Winter Mistake: …

The year has started out cold, and it’s going to stay cold for a while. If you haven’t prepared your pipes yet, it’s time. Nothing can ruin your cozy home like frozen pipes, and it’s important to know that water expands as it freezes. We’ve put together some tips to help you get through this vicious cold stretch with as little home damage as possible.

Protect Pipes

Frozen pipes prevent water flow, but even worse, they can eventually burst, causing damage and flooding. Luckily, there are numerous ways to prevent your pipes from freezing in sub-zero temperature. Here are the three most common ways to keep your home safe from frozen pipes.


Insulate pipes that are exposed to cold drafts, especially in crawl spaces and attics. Keeping the water warmer means you are reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the water in the winter months. Heat tape or thermostatically-controlled heat cables can be used to wrap pipes. However, if you are not able to safely and properly install these on your own, consider hiring a professional tradesperson.


Place an insulated dome or covering on outdoor faucets to reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes expanding. Using an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from the pipes leading to outside faucets will also help reduce the chance of freezing. You should seal leaks that allow cold air inside where pipes are located. With the cold weather, the tiniest of openings can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe to freeze. Look for air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents, and all pipes.

Drip Drop

A slow flow of water might be all it takes to reduce the buildup of pressure in your pipes. Even if you do end up with frozen pipes, the pressure will release in the water system. This will reduce the likelihood of a rupture.

If Frozen Pipes Occur

  • If you turn on your faucets and nothing comes out, leave the faucets turned on. Then call a licensed plumber to assist with fixing the blockage.
  • If your house or basement is flooding, turn off the water valve and immediately call your insurance provider and our disaster restoration team. We will meet with you at your home to evaluate the problem. Our people will work with you as you decide what services are needed: emergency restoration or just an estimate for the repairs.
  • Do not touch or use electrical appliances in areas of standing water.
  • Never try to thaw a pipe with a torch or other open flame because it could cause a fire hazard.

The people at Soil-Away Restoration Services are passionate about getting the job done right. So you can trust us to remove the excess moisture from your home or place of business, dry out the affected areas, and restore any water damages to your drywall, flooring, or wood components.

All our employees are certified by the IICRC, and we are the only firm in the region with an Esporta Certification. Contact us to take care of your frozen pipes or flood damage at (603) 641-6555 or visit us online at

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