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Hiring A Disaster Restoratio …

Disaster strikes! Now what do you do? You need professional help, but how do you know which disaster restoration company to choose? 

Soil Away Disaster Restoration Services in Hooksett understands this is one of the most stressful and emotional moments you’ll likely ever face. Try to take some deep breaths and think through your options before calling a restoration company. Choosing the right disaster restoration company can make all the difference in getting you back to your pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Take some time to think before making this critical decision. It can save you time, headaches, and money if you know what to ask before hiring. 

Website Search 

A general website search for restoration companies in your area should pull up those companies closest to you. Go to their business website. Look through their customer satisfaction testimonials. 

However, if a company has a bad reputation, you’ll find that online, too. 

Emergency Hours 

Disasters don’t follow any kind of convenient timeline. When you discover calamity on your property, you need help quickly. Any top-quality professional restoration company provides emergency services 24/7 to customers experiencing a fire, water, storm, or mold disaster. Most guarantee arrival to your property within 60-90 minutes. This responsiveness bodes well for the company’s appreciation of your dilemma and their sense of urgency in getting you back to normal, too. 


Be sure to ask the restoration company in which you are interested if their technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded. Also, inquire about their IICRC certification. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification certifies only those companies that meet rigorous industry standards and comply with training requirements for their staff. If your restoration company is IICRC certified, they should be knowledgeable about their equipment, techniques, and be able to provide thoughtful, intelligent answers to any of your questions. 


Restoration companies should provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Before the company begins to restore your property, they will assess and evaluate the damage thoroughly. Then, they will present you with a plan of action. 

The project manager should walk you through this plan from start to finish and explain what the company intends to do to get you back to pre-loss conditions. While the technician is reviewing the project with you, ask all the questions you may have. Take your time. Restoration companies are working on YOUR schedule, not the other way around. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed into an agreement that you don’t completely understand. 

If you feel uncomfortable or get a bad feeling about the company, they can be dismissed, usually without any financial commitment, before any agreement is made. 

Communication is Key With A Disaster Restoration Company

Top-quality restoration companies will assign a project manager to your case. This project manager will not only stay in daily communication with you regarding the progress of your project, but will also be in touch with your insurance company. The project manager will also provide your insurance company with important documentation like invoices, estimates, photos, and even videos to ensure your claims process is a smooth one. 

Soil Away, a full-service restoration company, has served our friends and neighbors in New England for decades. We understand precisely what to do in any disaster to get your property back to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Our customers are also important to us, and we cultivate those relationships with care. 

If you are facing disaster, don’t do it alone. Call Soil Away’s 24-hour emergency care line immediately! You won’t be disappointed. 

A Beginner’s Guide to …

A sewage backup is a dangerous situation. This experience is especially treacherous with commercial spaces. If you’re a business owner, closing for an unspecified amount of time to address a sewage removal problem can be catastrophic. This is true in terms of cost and money lost. Therefore, it’s essential to know what to do for sewage removal.

Sewage Removal Fact #1: What Causes Sewage Backups

There are a few reasons why sewage backups happen. The most common are the result of structural failure of your pipes, the introduction of improper items into the pipe system, or from heavy rain. Structural failures typically occur when a pipe degrades or when another issue occurs within the connecting sewer system. Toys, rags, and sanitary products are improper for flushing down toilets. These create clogs that prohibit waste water from moving forward. With nowhere else to go, it returns into your system. Heavy rains also lead to overwhelming pipe systems and waste water returning in abundance.

Fact #2: Toxicity of Sewage

A sewage backup needs to be addressed quickly due to the toxic nature involved. Sewage is considered toxic because it’s not always easy to know what potential health risks are living in the water. Sewer water can contain dangerous substances like E. coli and salmonella among other bacteria strains. Exposure to bacteria can cause illness. It’s important to determine the level of damage caused by sewage quickly and try to minimize the spread. Do what you can to remove valuables from the area to avoid further damage to property. Then wait for a professional sewage removal team to arrive.

Sewage Removal Fact #3: Quick Removal

Contacting a professional team like Soil-Away is the best and quickest way to get rid of sewage in your commercial space. Our experts are trained in the safest and quickest techniques to remove risk from your property. Once the sewage is gone, we complete a deep cleaning that leaves your business clean, sanitized, and ready to re-open. We address any damage to the best of our ability and to your satisfaction–guaranteed. Don’t waste another moment. If you have sewage backing up into your business. Contact us right away!



When Tenants Go Wild: How Ap …

In the world of property management, there is always so much that needs to be done. Whether it’s working to get new tenants approved, keeping current tenants happy, or managing any of the other dozens of duties involved, it’s tiring work. The last thing that a property manager needs is to worry about fixing damage between “move out and make ready.” In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at the apartment restoration process and how it can make your working life that much easier.

When You Inspect and Find Damage

Once a tenant has moved out of their unit, there’s usually something that needs to be done to get it ready for the next tenant to move in. While most tenants are respectful and will have only minor wear and tear issues to remedy, all tenants are not as considerate. When your team does a walk-through and notes significant damage, it’s time to contact a professional restoration company like Soil-Away.

Our Team Will Design a Restoration Plan

When our team arrives, we will work quickly to determine how to best clean up the mess and get your unit back to make-ready status. As business owners, we understand that every day that you can’t lease a unit is money lost. We want you to be able to maximize your income and provide safe housing for new tenants as soon as possible. Once we’ve assessed the damage, we will share our findings with you. The we will work together on a repair plan that meets your schedule and budget.

Our Restoration Team Works Quickly and Completely

Our restoration professionals will use the best materials available to get the job done. At Soil-Away, our team is experienced in a wide array of areas. This includes flooding, mold, HVAC, and other aspects of structural repairs. The experts that arrive on day one will be the same ones who get the job done. We won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied with our work.

Soil-Away LLC: Multiple Unit Property Restoration Experts

Now that you’ve learned how Soil-Away can assist you with repairing your apartment units, it’s time to work together. Since 1990, we have been working with property management to restore their properties to excellent condition. We’re a Hooksett, New Hampshire based company. This allows us to address jobs throughout our state, Northern Massachusetts, and Southern Maine. Find out what sets Soil-Away apart from the rest. Contact us today to learn more!

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Five Tips for Deep Cleaning …

Keeping a commercial building clean is challenging enough without the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) making things even more complicated. In addition, keeping your office clean can be a challenge if it’s not maintained regularly. In today’s blog, we’ll look at five tips for deep cleaning your commercial office building.

Deep Cleaning Tip #1: Involve the Entire Team

The first tip for deep cleaning your commercial office building is that it’s not a one-person job. While there are janitorial teams and professional cleaners to do an on-going clean, everyone has a role to play in keeping the office neat and tidy. Find ways to build a culture of responsibility that makes cleanliness a part of the daily routine. Some of the tips that follow play into this.

Cleaning Tip #2: Keep Disinfectant Wipes and Sprays Nearby

The second idea to assist in cleaning is to keep the building stocked with disinfectant wipes, sprays, and other cleaners. Depending on the nature of the work that your company needs, it might be easier to place these items in common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and storage closets that all employees can access. Making it easier for them to clean their own messes will save time and money on hiring outside cleaning crews.

Deep Cleaning Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Dust Electronics

The third tip involves keeping all electronic devices clean and fresh. Computers, desktop phones, printers, and other technological items should be dusted and sanitized on a regular basis. In many companies, these cleaning tasks are done by an overnight shift or at the beginning of each person’s workday. Finding ways to make these processes seamless can really improve sanitation quality.

Cleaning Tip #4: Schedule Outside Cleaners for After Hours

The fourth suggestion for cleaning your commercial office building is to bring in professional deep cleaners at odd hours. Scheduling these deep cleaning activities for later in the evenings will allow the professionals to work quickly without disturbing the flow of daily business. Additionally, more complicated deep cleaning processes can happen thoroughly without interruptions.

Deep Cleaning Tip #5: Soil-Away–Your Commercial Office Building Cleaners

The fifth and final tip for deep cleaning your building is to hire the best of the best. The team at Soil-Away has been working hard to serve customers for over three decades. A secret to our success? Treating all of our clients like family. We’re an independent business, ready and able to help your business stay clean and healthy. If you’re in the market for a deep clean, contact us today!

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Esporta Restoration Services …

Your home has suffered a significant event like a fire, flood, or other emergency. Therefore, the first priority is to get the structure back to normal. The water must be removed and all structural damage must be repaired. Then, it’s time to see what can be done about the soft contents of your home. One of the best ways to address those items is the Esporta Wash System. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of using it as one of your restoration services.

Esporta Restoration Services Reason #1: It’s Powerful

The first reason to consider using the Esporta Wash System to clean your soft goods is its sheer power. These patented machines are designed to effectively clean approximately 85-90% of all damaged items. It targets soot, sewage, bio-contamination, and other signs of water damage. Moreover, it delivers a superior quality of clean. Therefore, trusting the Esporta system is more reliable than a home washing machine or a dry-cleaning service.

Esporta Restoration Services Reason #2: It’s Faster

Secondly, the Esporta Wash System quickly cleans your soft possessions. When the team at Soil-Away uses the Esporta system, we are using the highest quality commercial-grade cleaner. This allows us to restore your cherished possessions. One of the ways that it goes above and beyond any average washing machine is how it operates. The Esporta is designed to separate your soft goods into four separate containers. These limit contents and allow hydraulic pressure to do the dirty work. Additionally, separate containers mean better control over how clean your possessions can become once more.

Esporta Restoration Services Reason #3: It’s Covered By Insurance

The third reason to consider using the Esporta Wash System is that it’s frequently covered by insurance. If you’re already having other home restoration services completed by Soil-Away, your insurance company will likely allow us to use the system to repair your soft goods. Additionally, our team is trained to understand the insurance process. Therefore, we will do everything we can to make it efficient. We will provide your insurer with photos, documentation, and any other necessary information. We get the job done to your satisfaction.

Soil-Away Restoration

Now you’ve learned the top three reasons to invest in the Esporta Wash System for your restoration needs. Therefore, it’s time to learn more about Soil-Away Restoration. We are ready to assist you with any and all remediation services. This includes fire, flood, and even mold. Also, we have experts on our team that can make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. Don’t wait–contact us today to learn more!

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Types of Commercial Losses a …

Commercial property owners have a unique predicament: they have the ability to manage larger properties, but they also run a bigger risk of suffering larger losses. However, it doesn’t have to be a crippling experience when disaster strikes. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the most common types of commercial property losses and how to avoid them through specialized restoration services.

Restoration Services Type #1: Water Damage Restoration

One of the most common types of property damage involves water. When unwanted water enters your commercial property, it’s important to get it out as soon as possible. Be sure to contact a certified flood damage restoration company to schedule an inspection. Then, you can begin the process of cleaning up. When you contact Soil-Away to handle your water-related damages, we bring out specialized equipment and certified technicians. By using heavy-duty pumps, water can be removed quickly and securely. Once the water is gone and structure dried, the process of repairing structural and cosmetic damages can begin.

Type #2: Mold Remediation

Removing water quickly can minimize potential exposure to mold. Mold spores can start growing in the right environment in as little as 24-48 hours. Growth happens when excessive moisture and oxygen are allowed to combine. It often appears in dark, hidden spots that are easy to miss. This includes behind walls and under appliances. Without proper detection, mold can fill your commercial property. This can cause a lot of expensive damage. Hiring a team like Soil-Away at the first signs of possible mold damage is the easiest way to get rid of it and help prevent it from returning.

Restoration Services Type #3: Fire and Smoke Damage

Structure fires can be catastrophic no matter the size of the building involved. The tricky thing about commercial fires is that they often involve larger areas. Regardless, once the fire is put out, fire and smoke damage will remain that needs to be handled as quickly as possible. At Soil-Away, we work to remove the damaged possessions and begin repairing the structural issues quickly. Once those have been addressed, our team will move forward with removing the remaining smell of smoke that lingers.

Soil-Away LLC: Commercial Restoration Services That You Can Count On

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of commercial damages that your property can sustain, it’s time to take a closer look at Soil-Away. For over three decades, we’ve been treating everyone like family. As an independent business, we believe in doing the best work possible to improve our entire community. When you’re in need of commercial restoration services, contact us right away!


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Remodeling Services We Offer …

There are many different reasons that homeowners decide to do remodels. Sometimes they just want to switch things up and make modern updates to their home. Other times, a remodel is necessary due to a disaster like a fire or flood. Whatever the reason, Soil-Away provides remodeling services for any area in your home. We have years of experience remodeling homes. We complete the work in a timely manner at a budget friendly cost. In addition, we strive to communicate with homeowners throughout the entire remodeling process so that there are no surprises. Read on to learn why you should consider a remodel and three examples of remodeling services we offer. 

Reasons for Remodeling 

There are 4 reasons why homeowners should remodel their homes:

  • Safety and disaster prevention – Some areas of your home might need a remodel to make them safer, hopefully preventing any future disasters. For example, maybe your home is old and the wiring and appliances in your kitchen are faulty and having issues. Don’t let it get to the point where a fire might occur in the kitchen. Get a kitchen remodel as soon as possible.
  • Remodeling after a disaster – When a disaster has occurred, homeowners have no choice but to remodel the affected areas. Whether this is remodeling a flooded basement or ripping out old fixtures in the kitchen and replacing them with new ones after a fire, we do it all. Disasters are tragic but allow the post-disaster remodeling time to help you get the home of your dreams.
  • Aesthetic reasons – Sometimes homeowners remodel purely for aesthetic reasons. Over the years, homes gradually become outdated. Remodel different areas of your home to achieve a more modern style.
  • Practicality – A remodel can also be all about practicality. For example, maybe you need more space to spread out in your home so you remodel your unfinished basement. Remodeling helps homeowners to get the most out of their homes. 

3 Areas to Remodel: 


The kitchen is a popular place to remodel. At Soil-Away, we will remodel from top to bottom. We do everything including replacing appliances, installing new lighting, putting in new cabinets and countertops, and more. After the remodel, your kitchen will be much more durable and also a comfortable place to cook, eat, and relax! 


A basement is another area homeowners often choose to remodel. Basements are often the first place in the home to be damaged by a flood and will need a remodel once all the water is extracted and the area is cleaned. Other times, homeowners will have an unfinished basement that they want to finish so that they can use the area to relax or as a kid’s game/playroom. 


restoration services

The bathrooms of the house are another popular space to remodel. Often homeowners just want to update their outdated bathrooms with new fixtures, lighting, tiles, and to add more natural light. In addition, if a bathroom is damaged due to a flood or sewage backup, a remodel will most likely be necessary. Take this opportunity to revamp the look of your bathroom, making it a calm, peaceful, spa-like space. 

Soil-Away provides homeowners with numerous remodeling services. After a disaster like a flood or fire, remodeling is often needed. In addition, some homeowners just want a remodel to update their home and make it more modern and practical. Whatever the reason, Soil-Away is here for you! Contact us today to discuss your remodeling needs.


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Restoration Services: Mold …

Mold growth is a common occurrence in homes. Mold grows in moist environments and it can spread quickly. The growth of mold in the home is problematic for a couple reasons. First, it is unsightly. If you are trying to sell your home, potential buyers will be turned away if they see mold anywhere. Second, mold can actually be dangerous to your health. Mold can cause a wide range of health issues including asthma and skin conditions. Elderly people, those with compromised immune systems, and people with preexisting lung conditions are typically the ones most susceptible to mold-related illness. If you find or suspect mold growth in your home, it is important to immediately call a restoration services company like Soil-Away. At Soil-Away, we come in and remediate the mold in your home in an efficient and effective manner. Read on to learn about three spots in the home that are most susceptible to mold growth.


The bathroom is one of the most common areas for mold growth in the home. This is a room that is filled with moisture due to the shower. Even if you use the fan or open the windows, it can still be difficult to get enough ventilation to this area. Often mold growth will start inside the shower and spread to  the walls and ceiling inside the bathroom. 


The basement is another area where mold growth is common. Since basements are typically underground, they are a lot more humid than the rest of the house. Mold growth can occur anywhere in the basement but especially in spots where there may have been a prior leak. For example, if your furnace has leaked in the past, this is an opportunity for mold to grow. Even if you think you got everything dry after a leak, often mold can hide in the walls and floor making it difficult for homeowners to even know that it is there.

Laundry Room


The laundry room is another spot where mold can grow. Whether your laundry room is in the basement or on the main level of the home, it is a humid, moist environment. It is important to occasionally pull out the washer and dryer from the wall and inspect the area behind them. This is a hidden spot where mold could be growing without you knowing. 

Remediation Process and Restoration Services

So you have mold growth in your home: what next? Call a restoration services company like Soil-Away. We have the tools and experience necessary to remediate mold from your home. We use moisture sensing equipment to detect hidden moisture that might be causing microbial growth behind walls or under the floor. The next step is cleaning and sanitizing. We remove porous material like drywall and dispose of it. By using HEPA vacuums, dry-ice blasters, and other tools, we remove remaining mold spores to prevent further growth. After cleaning and sanitizing, we dry and restore the area using HEPA filtration devices and dehumidifiers. Finally, we have the area tested for mold to see if our goal of reducing the mold spore count has been successful.

How Do I Prevent Mold from Coming Back?

Now that the mold situation has been remediated, homeowners often wonder how they prevent the mold from coming back. According to the CDC, there are several things to do to keep mold out of the home. Steps to take to prevent mold include controlling humidity levels, quickly fixing leaks, thoroughly cleaning/drying after a flood, and ventilating those moist areas like the shower and laundry room. The CDC also recommends keeping humidity levels inside the home between 30% and 50% to help prevent mold. Using an air conditioner and a dehumidifier can help with this. 

Discovering mold in the home can be frustrating. Homeowners often wonder if they will ever be able to get their mold problem under control. Thanks to restoration services companies like Soil-Away, mold remediation and control is possible! We help remediate mold in the home, and carefully inspect high moisture areas like the bathroom, laundry room, and basement. Our cleaning, sanitizing, and drying techniques help make your home safer by greatly reducing the mold spore count. For more information about the mold remediation services we provide, contact us today.

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Cleaning Services: COVID-19 …

During the COVID-19 pandemic, expert cleaning services at your business are more important than ever. There are a few reasons that your business needs a specialized cleaning during this time. First, if an employee tests positive, it is vital that you have a professional cleaning done immediately. This helps minimize future exposure risk. Second, if you suspect a customer that has been through your business has tested positive, you will want to get a deep clean. Third, take extra precautions and increase your daily cleaning protocols during this pandemic. Chances are you could have had an unknown exposure. Rest assured that as a business owner, you have done everything you can to keep your property safe for employees and customers. Read on to learn about what our expert cleaning services entail. 

How We Clean 

First and foremost, we follow and/or exceed the guidelines put forth by the CDC for cleaning. We also exclusively utilize EPA approved disinfectants (EPA List N) to treat your facility. These products meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  

What We Clean 

According to WebMD, COVID-19 can live on some surfaces for days. For example, the virus can live on metal door knobs for up to 5 days. We make sure that high-touch surfaces, including door knobs, light switches, phones and keyboards, are wiped down and properly cleaned. Other examples of areas we clean include counters, bathrooms, kitchen areas, elevators, desks, handrails, and more! The list goes on, and we would love to share with you all the different spots we clean and how we do so! 

What Type of Properties Do We Clean?

We clean any type of commercial property. At Soil-Away, we know that your business is hard at work, providing crucial services to customers during this pandemic. While day-to-day cleaning and disinfecting are important, there is nothing like a professional deep clean using industrial disinfectants. We clean retail stores, medical facilities, nursing homes, pharmacies, restaurants, banks, gas stations, police stations, airports, and commercial offices – just to name a few. We are dedicated to catering to any commercial property, big or small. 

Why Deep Cleans Are Important During COVID-19 

A professional deep clean during COVID-19 is crucial because this illness is highly contagious. It is easily spread from person to person, and since it is novel, people do not have immunities to COVID-19 as they would with other illnesses, such as a common cold or strep. Another issue is that people can shed the virus before they even feel sick. This means a lot of people with COVID-19 could be out and about, grocery shopping, getting gas, visiting the bank, etc. and not even know that they are sick. Because of this, they are unwittingly spreading COVID-19 germs at your business.

In addition, COVID-19 can live a long time on various surfaces. Someone could get germs on the door handle to your store, and without disinfection, the virus can actually live on that metal surface for up to 5 days. For these reasons, it is crucial that businesses hire a professional to do a deep cleaning. 

At Soil-Away, we know how hard it is to safely operate your business during this global pandemic. We want to help protect your business, employees, and customers by providing deep cleaning services. As a professional cleaning and restoration business, we have credentials and affiliations from EPA, OSHA, RIA, IICRC, PCA, and more! Rest assured that we will give your business a professional-grade cleaning to create a safe environment for all. For more information about our COVID-19 cleaning services, contact us today.


This article was composed utilizing the most current information available at the time it was written by resources such as the CDC and EPA. The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation. Please understand that information and best practices are constantly being updated by health and government officials. Everything in this article is subject to change.

Soil-Away is making every effort to support your facility needs at this time and will continue to monitor changes and adjust its best practices as new information becomes available. At this time, Soil-Away is cleaning facilities by applying EPA List-N approved disinfectants. Clients who engage with Soil-Away understand that no guarantees can be made about cleaning and disinfecting results, and that any information provided is for the purpose of sharing information, and not for providing definitive advice.

storm damage

It’s Spring! Prepare f …

Spring is a wonderful time of year! Flowers are blooming, trees are putting out leaves, and the weather is finally warming up after a long winter. But as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Spring can also be a time of heavy rain and wind. These spring storms can bring storm damage to homes. This may include flooding from the rain or structural damage due to winds. Whatever the damage is, Soil-Away is here to help. Read on to learn about some of the services we provide to help restore homes from storm damage.

Flood Damage Restoration

One minute it is raining, and the next minute your house is flooded. Flooding can happen quickly and can cause extensive damage. Don’t panic! Simply call Soil-Away! We are open 24/7 and will get to your property as soon as possible. First, we will inspect the property and come up with a plan of action. Next, we will bring in heavy pumps, fans, and dehumidifiers to get the space dry. Then we’ll begin the restoration process. We will remove anything that is ruined, like carpet, flooring, or drywall, and then replace it. Anything salvageable will be removed from the house and cleaned. During the restoration process, we can help you properly document the work for your insurance company when filing the claim.

Construction Restoration and General Contracting

Spring storms often bring heavy winds, which can also cause storm damage. From the tearing of shingles to blowing trees or power lines into the home, damage can be extensive. Soil-Away offers construction restoration and general contracting services to help your home look as good as new after a storm passes through. At Soil-Away, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We can help with structural repairs, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs, and various other general contracting services. If your home was damaged by winds in a storm, call Soil-Away as soon as possible. We will work to get your home in tip-top shape as quickly as possible. To further reassure homeowners, we offer various warranties on our construction restoration services.

Storm damage is something homeowners never want to see in their home. Spring can be a risky time with spring showers and high winds. Soil-Away is available and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to restore your home from any storm damage. For more information about the services we provide, contact us today.

restoration services

5 Reasons A Property Managem …

Soil-Away has a lot of experience working with property management companies to provide cleaning and restoration services. These management companies include condo associations, apartment complexes, and commercial rental facilities. Property managers need a restoration service company on call. Soil-Away is extremely reliable and is on call 24/7. If a tenant has an issue in the middle of the night, simply call Soil-Away and we will get to the site as soon as possible. Here are five reasons a property management company might need restoration services.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is one of the areas that Soil-Away specializes in. Mold is a major issue for property managers since it can be toxic to their tenants’ health. At Soil-Away, we will come in and remediate the mold, and we will also make sure the living space is clean and free from elevated mold spore counts.

Emergency Water Damage Cleaning

Sometimes leaks happen and leave behind extensive damage. As a property manager, your goal is to get the water out and the property restored as soon as possible. Because of this urgency, Soil-Away is available 24/7 and will quickly come out to your property to begin the restoration process after water damage has occurred.

Reconstruction Services

Properties will occasionally need reconstruction services due to a flood, fire, or storm. At Soil-Away, we oversee this process from start to finish. We can also provide many different reconstruction services for your properties, including structural repairs, interior finish work, general contracting services, and more.

Odor Removal

It can be difficult to rent out an apartment where a smoker lived. This is because smoke can soak into the carpet and walls, leaving a lingering smell long after the tenant has moved out. Soil-Away has specialized equipment and cleaning methods to eliminate the smoke smell from apartments. This process will help property managers to rent out an apartment even if it was occupied by a former smoker.

Soft Contents Restoration

If a tenant has had a fire or flood in their unit, there is a good chance that their soft contents such as sheets, blankets, and pillows are ruined. Fortunately, Soil-Away is the only Certified Esporta Operator in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. Because of this, we will clean and restore damaged soft items. In addition, we will also work with the insurance carrier to help assist the tenants.

Trust Soil-Away As Your Restoration Services Provider

At Soil-Away, we have a lot of experience cleaning and restoring properties that may initially seem damaged beyond repair. From mold remediation to odor removal, we will help keep your properties clean, healthy, and in rentable condition. Contact Soil-Away today for more information about the restoration services provided to property management companies.

restoration services

How Restoration Services Can …

Hoarding occurs when a homeowner collects an excessive number of items far past what is considered normal for the space. Often it looks like the inside of the home is filled with trash. Because of this, hoarding is not a safe situation for anyone to be in.

Soil-Away Can Help

Fortunately, Soil-Away provides restoration services to clean up hoarding situations and return the home to a livable condition. Whether you have inherited a hoarder property, or you are concerned about the safety of a loved one, we can help. Here are some of the services we provide in hoarding situations.

Trash Removal

Most hoarders have an excessive amount of trash left in the house. While most people would throw out a pizza box after dinner, a hoarder might keep the box and end up with hundreds in their house. As a result, at Soil-Away, we will go through and remove all the trash from the home.

Furniture Removal

In addition to the trash, we will also remove and dispose of the furniture. Because it may be out of reach, in many hoarding situations the furniture has not been used in years because it’s been buried under trash. In most cases, the furniture will not be salvageable and will also need to be disposed of.

Biohazard Disposal

Hoarding properties are a breeding ground for biohazardous waste. Whether this is waste from mice, waste from pets, or human waste, Soil-Away will address the biohazards, dispose of them, and sanitize the property.

Mold Remediation

Hoarding properties can also have a lot of mold. Leaks go unnoticed while damp trash piles up. This also creates an extremely toxic and unhealthy living environment. Because of this, before the house can be occupied again, it must be remediated for mold.

General Sanitization and Deodorization

Hoarding situations require a level of discretion, professionalism, and expertise to overcome the challenges. Because of this, the restoration experts at Soil-Away will complete a full sanitization and deodorization of the house before it is occupied again. Soil-Away will also clean the air ducts so that future occupants will not have contaminated air running through their house.

Contact Soil-Away For Restoration Services

Hoarding is a tough situation. It is also dangerous for any occupants. As a result, it must be cleaned before the home can be occupied again. At Soil-Away, we have years of experience providing restoration services to hoarding properties. After completing removal and sanitation services, the home can generally be sold or occupied again. It takes a lot of work, but Soil-Away has the experience. For more information about the hoarding services we provide, contact us today.

Fire Restoration Cleaning - Hampton, NH

4 Ways To Get Rid of Smoke O …

Smoke odor can be a pesky household smell to get rid of. It lingers for a long time and leaves a terrible stench in your home. Try these tips to get rid of odor following smoke damage, and your home will smell much fresher!

Use Vinegar on Household Fabrics

If your soft fabrics seem to be harboring irritating smoke odors, vinegar could be your best friend! Before you use vinegar on these items, you’ll want to remove them from the affected areas. Gather up your sheets, blankets, etc., and add about a ½ cup of distilled white vinegar to your laundry wash to rid them of the odor. When you dry them, don’t use high heat, as this can often render the process ineffective. Once they’ve dried, don’t put them back in a room that has smoke damage until you’ve gotten that odor out of the room.

Try Baking Soda on Carpets and Furniture

For large items like your couch, mattress, and carpet, baking soda will be effective in drawing out the lingering smoke odor. Sprinkle the baking soda over the surfaces, trying your best to spread it evenly. Allow the powder to sit for about an hour. After it’s set, vacuum up the baking soda. You’ll need to use some of the attachments on your vacuum to really get into some of the more narrow spaces.

Afterward, you may need to evaluate if this step should be repeated. Depending on the level of smoke damage and how long it has had to seep in, you might need to go back and do it again. Luckily, it’s a cheap fix, so there are no worries there!

Volcanic Rock is a Possible Solution to Remove Smoke Damage

It sounds pretty crazy, but this little trick works! Volcanic rock absorbs moisture and odors. It’s also natural and non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about bringing harmful chemicals into your home. You place them in discreet places, such as under furniture, and allow them to work their magic. It’s inexpensive, simple, and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Stubborn Odors Require A Bit More Work

If you’ve tried the easy fixes and nothing is working, it’s time to invest in some solutions that will get rid of the smell for good. The next step may involve hiring a smoke odor removal company. Their process may include a deep cleaning of all the affected areas. There is also a chance that after cleaning the interior of your home may need to be painted and carpeting replaced. This will usually have to be done if the smoke damage is more severe and has deeply penetrated surfaces. It can be costly to do, but it’s ultimately worth it.

Remove Smoke Odor from Your New Hampshire Home

If you live in the Manchester area and you want to repair the smoke damage in your home, give Soil-Away a call! We can help you enjoy living in your home again. Learn more about what we can do for you today. Call 603-641-6555 to get started.

Black mold remediation

Hidden Mold: What You Can Do …

Mold loves warm and humid places where it can grow. That’s why mold removal is often a much larger problem than initially anticipated. The part that you see is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s important to be vigilant about mold and frequently monitor places prone to moisture. But what happens when mold is in an area you can’t get to? Take a look at these tips.

Call A Restoration Company

First things first: don’t panic. Mold, especially black mold, can be scary to find because of the health concerns associated with an infestation. But you don’t have to clean it all yourself. Call a restoration company for mold remediation as soon as mold is spotted. The right company will have the best equipment necessary to find the mold and remove it quickly and safely.

Air Sample Test

When you call a restoration company for mold removal, they will first want to figure out how much mold they are dealing with. Often, mold will be in places you can’t see. A certified Industrial Hygienist will conduct an air sample test to find out the level of black mold and whether the area is toxic. Depending on the reading, they’ll know how much mold to be on the lookout for. This will help to establish a mold spore baseline. If the toxicity is high, they may advise that you live somewhere else until the mold problem is taken care of.

Moisture-Sensing Equipment

Since mold grows a lot in areas full of moisture, a restoration company will use moisture-sensing equipment to look for areas with potential mold growth. The equipment will be able to tell the technicians what areas have a higher concentration of moisture than others, helping to narrow down the places mold might be growing. This is especially helpful for areas where mold is growing behind walls and in dark corners of basements and attics. Remember, where there is elevated moisture and a food source, mold will tend to grow.

Call A Professional For Mold Removal

You may be a DIYer for home projects, but you should reconsider when it comes to mold. This is because you have no way of knowing how the mold may affect your health. It’s better to have a restoration company come in to do the remediation work. They will implement safe removal practices for all building occupants and workers. Safety must be the top priority.

At Soil-Away, we will be there to help you find the mold that’s hidden in the most unlikely places. Our technicians are IICRC certified and will make sure mold concerns are eliminated. Give us a call today for mold removal services at (603) 641-6555.

5 Reasons To Take Black Mold …

Mold removal seems easy enough. A little bit of cleaning solution, some scrubbing, and you should be good to go, right? This is not typically the case. If you see black mold, you should take a calculated approach and not dismiss the potential hazards. Here are five reasons to take black mold removal seriously.

  1. Black Mold Can Be Toxic

Black mold is usually a greenish-black or grey color. It is often slimy and smells like mildew. Exposure to black mold can cause people to be sick. Symptoms can include dizziness, skin irritation, shortness of breath, and even vision impairment. The longer you are exposed, the more serious risks you will have. If you discover black mold in your home, you may consider an appointment with the doctor to get a checkup and call a mold removal service to repair your home.

  1. Black Mold Spreads Quickly

Once you find black mold on a surface, be cautious of it spreading elsewhere via cross-contamination in the air. Mold is a living organism that likes to grow in a warm, damp, and dark place. It is often started in unreachable places and grows until you see a patch on your wall or elsewhere. So, by the time you catch it, mold has contaminated a larger portion of your home. Because of the toxicity of the mold, it’s cause for real concern even if you can only see a small portion of it.

  1. Black Mold Removal Is Maintained by Health Codes

In many cities, there are municipal health codes for black mold remediation. In public places such as a medical facility, restaurant, or apartment building, the presence of black mold can be cause to shut down the establishment until the mold is taken care of. This is because of the great health concerns that come with black mold. If the mold is in your home, even though there are no health codes to follow, you may want to follow suit and live elsewhere while it is being treated.

  1. When in Doubt About Mold, Get Testing

There are different types of mold. Some common household types are Aspergillus, Fusarium, chaetomium, Penicillium, aureobasidium, and Stachybotrys. Stachybotrys is the mold most commonly recognized as “black mold.” Without proper testing, it is impossible to confirm what types of mold exist in your property. A professional black mold testing company will help identify and quantify the problem so a proper mold remediation scope can be developed.

  1. Black Mold Removal is Tricky

Like we said before, mold grows in damp and dark places. For this reason, it’s often found beneath floorboards, in basements, and by drains. It can be hard to remove because of where it spreads. And black mold doesn’t respond as well to bleach as other molds and mildews. Mold removal should be left to professionals because they have the right cleaning tools and protective gear to make sure all of the mold is removed. If even one spore is left behind, more mold will grow.

Without the proper protective gear, the right cleaning solutions, or the knowledge of black mold that professionals have, you put yourself in a dangerous situation if you try to clean black mold yourself. Instead, hire a professional mold removal service to examine the damage, remediate the mold, and let you know when your home is safe again.

If you see mold damage in your home, don’t panic, but please act quickly. At Soil-Away, we are here to keep your home damage-free and clean. Give us a call today at (603) 641-6555.


What You Need From Your Home …

Home remodeling can be quite the undertaking if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. This is why you need to take great care when choosing a home remodeling company. A quick Google search will show you many to choose from, so how do you make the right choice? Check out some of these great traits to help you find the right remodeling company.

Help Getting Exactly What You Want

Once you’re ready to remodel, you may have the design in mind. But you don’t have to. Sometimes customers just know they want to upgrade their appliances. Others need repairs because of a major disaster. In any case, you need a home remodeling company that can give you exactly what you want. They need to have access to multiple styles and brands and can tell you the benefits of each. They should be able to answer any questions you have and make sure everything fits your budget. You should be 100% happy with your choices before they even start working.

Efficient Workers

Once you’ve decided on the materials and design plan, you need to know that the work is going to get done efficiently and without unnecessary delays. Look at customer reviews online to determine how happy previous customers were with the work they had done. Any complaints about work taking longer than expected without much explanation or surprises that took them off-guard should raise a red flag. Efficiency is critical for a home remodeling company to retain business.

Quality Appliances and Materials

At the end of the day, what really matters is the quality of the work done. When it comes to the materials used to remodel your home, only the best will do. Make sure when you are talking with a prospective home remodeling company that they use materials and appliances that will last for years to come. You are investing a lot into your remodeling project and want to maximize the enjoyment and benefits. Quality building products make a big difference in this regard.

You will be thankful for all the research you did on your home remodeling company by the end of the job. Choosing based on cost or location alone could lead to a disastrous job. You want to be sure that you will be happy once the workers leave and you’re left to live with the results. At Soil-Away, we understand this importance with all our jobs. We want 100% customer satisfaction every time. Give us a call today for all your home restoration needs at (603) 641-6555.

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