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Water Damage Restoration for …

Water damage restoration can seem like an empty gesture when the situation is dire. For many property owners, fixing the aftermath of a flooded apartment is a reminder of the costs associated with building upkeep. While a flooded complex via nature’s intrusion or by way of a burst pipe is always an unpleasant experience, the fact remains that certain techniques can ultimately help you move on. Soil-Away uses targeted, specific measures to address each restoration task. In the end, a multi-floor apartment will look as good as it did pre-flooding.

Content Cleaning in the Aftermath

Besides the building itself, one of the first victims of water damage is the contents. Ranging from appliances to personal belongings, these losses can lead to unhappy tenants, which leads to more expenses. In many cases, the cost of damaged items can fall on the landlord. As a result, any way to restore belongings can both appease tenants and save you money.

Water Damage Restoration After A Pipe Burst

The plumbing for multi-floor apartments can be elaborate, often running alongside rooms to the very top. Ideally, most plumbing leaks occur in the lower depths, where the damages might not be as great. Unfortunately, any leaks that occur on upper floors will drip down onto other levels. Substantial leaks will damage floors and ceilings, as well as anything in between. In order to properly restore a “traveling” leak, you need professionals who can clean up every trace. Such leaks can leave behind a trail of damages that can evolve into substantial problems. Soil-Away will ensure that the clean-up is 100% effective.

Mold Trappings

Mold is one of the common side effects of water damages. A restoration approach detects hidden pockets. For multi-floor properties, a possible health hazard is a serious concern. You have to worry about regular occupants as well as property guests. The only way to be sure of complete mold eradication is to hire professionals. Don’t take mold lightly. Soil-Away finds hidden trappings before mold spreads and contaminates apartment walls.


Restoration often involves the need to re-establish foundations. Any property hit with water damages stands to lose large amounts of insulation and drywall. Once our specialists drain all the fluids from the area, our construction services bring carpenters, roofers, and electricians to the table. In order to do a project, we plan out each construction effort before implementation. We are fully insured and licensed because we believe in being professional.

Erasing Water Damage with Soil-Away

After disasters strike, our company offers comprehensive restoration services for residential and commercial properties. Additionally, we provide professional carpet and air duct cleaning services to help maintain a healthier indoor environment. With offices in Hooksett, our services extend to Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Portsmouth, Laconia, northern Massachusetts, and southern Maine. 

Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration was founded in 1990 and is owned independently. We are family-owned. Also, we will answer any emergency damage clean-up call 24/7, so please call (603) 641-6555. In case of an emergency after business hours, contact (603) 657-4851. Additionally, you can send us an email at info@soilaway.com. Our water damage restoration will benefit your properties no matter how you decide to contact us.

hidden mold

Commercial Restoration vs. H …

Mold removal is crucial for minimizing the potential health risks associated with a commercial building. Those locations where sanitization codes and standards are of the utmost importance, such as restaurants, are particularly vulnerable to mold development. Basically, any property that’s subjected to moisture regularly is an unfortunate candidate for mold infestations. With the right approach, a commercial property can be restored to its pre-mold status. There is always a need to act quickly in any situation in which an infestation has taken place in order to prevent further damage to the site.

Soil-Away can help by preventing further contamination. We will dispose of the affected materials safely. Then we will clean and sanitize the structure. Mold removal from your commercial property can be a complicated process – one that is not worth taking a chance on without professional assistance. Our skilled technicians will handle mold removal from your property.

Fighting Hidden Mold

Removing mold can be a real challenge, so you must be equipped to handle the situation. Missing hidden pockets of mold may lead to the loss of valuables and cherished items. Often, it makes sense to employ a Certified Industrial Hygienist when working on commercial properties. Their tests can determine mold spore counts and the scope of the project. This can vary based on the property and circumstances. Our mold remediation specialists have handled a wide range of mold removal situations, so we can solve your mold problems with confidence. Planning is the key.

Effective Fighting Tactics Against Hidden Mold

A properly performed remediation will prove more efficient, just as mold removal does. The owner of a commercial property should conduct air and surface sampling prior to remediation. You can make an informed decision based on how serious the situation is. When possible, Soil-Away recommends hiring a local Industrial Hygienist (IH) to assess mold toxicity levels, establish a mold spore count baseline, and specify project goals. By obtaining this information, remediation technicians can get an idea of what needs to be done in order to resolve the issue. Therefore, sample testing is an excellent method of saving time and money.

Restoring Locations to Mold-Free Areas

Mold removal might not be obvious to you in some cases. It can grow for too long in moisture pockets. In the absence of proper removal, mold will continue to grow on your property. This typically requires the removal of porous building materials such as drywall and carpets. Natural disasters like flooding can cause mold to go unnoticed following a disaster. Stress and a sudden storm can cause less-obvious signs of mold to go unnoticed. 

Using detailed cleaning techniques and high-tech equipment, our technicians can remove mold from structures and contents. Mold spore removal and spore capture are our areas of expertise. Mold can grow underneath floors, in walls, and other places that you might not suspect. Don’t underestimate the danger of incomplete mold removal. If your restaurant, government building, or any other commercial property has mold, we will offer mold remediation services. Call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration now at (603) 641-6555.

property damage cleanup

Three Types of Property Dama …

Property damage cleanup can be a time-consuming process. In the wake of a disaster, man-made or otherwise, restoring your property to its former status costs money. For many people, a full recovery might seem impossible. Interior flooding, electrical fires, and mold spores can all be stressful to deal with, but with the right response, a recovery is possible. Soil-Away can walk you through each one should they occur.

Interior Flooding and Property Damage Cleanup

When it comes to property damage cleanup, flooding is one of the messier scenarios to deal with. For one thing, unlike with other natural disasters, the water will remain in place until it is removed. Water must be flushed out so the items can be retrieved and examined. Soil-Away will conduct an inspection once the water is removed. Our specialists will decide on a plan of action, one that makes your property a livable space once again. Once the work is completed, we use a post-remediation verification (PRV) test. This way you can be sure of safety before anyone occupies the premises.

Electrical Fires

The site of a fire often affects both the outside and inside of a property, but an electrical fire can do more damage inside due to its point of origin. In addition, electrical fires are extremely common, especially in older homes and buildings. They can occur in both occupied and unoccupied buildings without warning. In cases where the fire was allowed to burn long enough to do substantial damage, the affected buildings will require a direct response, one that is professional and thorough.

Soil-Away has dealt with the aftermath of many electrical fires. Our clients can attest to how a quick response can save properties, even when the situation seems hopeless. Our property damage cleanup specialists can work with even the worst of situations. We can remove the damaged elements and salvage your belongings. Any fully lost items will be cataloged and disposed of so you will know which items were salvageable.

Property Damage Cleanup Can Include Mold Spores

While mold is often associated with flooding, it is ultimately its own issue with specific solutions, regardless of the reason it develops. Mold spores will grow in the wake of submerged floors and basements. Pockets of moisture will slowly cultivate spores and you will be the last to know about it, unless you schedule a professional property damage cleanup. Not only does mold make clothes and other belongings unsalvageable, it can seep into the structure itself. This is a worst-case scenario because not only does this cause property damage, it has the possibility to poison the atmosphere. Mold spores can easily render an environment uninhabitable.

Recovery Plans for Property Damages

No matter which type of property damage you face, you can reach out to us at (603) 641-6555. Once you explain your situation to our experts, we can set you up with a service plan, one that is the best response for flooding, fires, and other types of extensive property damages. Soil-Away stands for professional and personable services. Our specialists have dealt with these types of disaster clean-ups before. We can reassure you that your property will recover.

mold removal

Mold Removal in a Commercial …

Mold removal is a necessary part of minimizing potential health hazards in a commercial property. This is especially true of commercial locations that house restaurants, where sanitation codes and standards are emphasized. Any property that is regularly exposed to moisture is an unfortunate candidate for mold and mildew infestations. Whenever an infestation occurs, one must move quickly to stop further problems at the location.

In some cases, you might not know you need mold removal. Moisture pockets can lead to mold growth that goes unseen for far too long. Mold will continue to take over your property if it is not properly removed, which often requires the removal of porous building materials like drywall and carpeting. Of course, mold can go unnoticed following natural disasters like flooding that affects the neighborhood. The less-obvious beginnings of mold can slip past you due to all the stress involved when a storm hits.

This is where Soil-Away can step in to stop further contamination from occurring. We will safely dispose of the affected materials and properly clean and sanitize the remaining structure. Without professional mold removal services, removing water and mold from your commercial property is a complicated process – one that is not worth risking. Our technicians run a thorough process to do away with mold.

A Mold Removal Game Plan

Mold removal takes a well-planned approach. Otherwise, you risk the chance of missing hidden pockets and losing valuable and cherished items. In commercial properties it is often wise to hire a Certified Industrial Hygienists. Their tests can confirm mold spore counts on the premises and set a scope for the project.

Since every commercial property and situation is different, the game plan might change. Our team of experts have faced every type of situation in remediation, so we can step in with confidence and solve your mold problems. Being prepared is vital. Mold removal should not be based on guesswork.

Schedule A Sample Test

Remediation, like any mold removal step, is more effective in the correct order. For example, a commercial property owner should schedule an air and/or surface sample test before remediation. This way you can verify how serious the situation is, and what the extent of the response should be. At Soil-Away, we recommend you hire an Industrial Hygienist (IH) first, to confirm mold toxin levels on-premises, establishing a mold spore count baseline and goals for the project. This kind of data can inform you about the situation and give the remediation technicians an idea of how to proceed. Ultimately, a sample test saves you time and money.

Mold Removal from Your Commercial Property

Soil-Away provides storm damage and biohazard remediation for commercial properties. Our technicians can remediate mold from structures and contents by using detailed cleaning techniques combined with high-tech equipment. We offer the best mold spore removal and capture services in the area. Mold hides underneath floors, inside the walls, or in other places you might not think to check. Don’t risk a half-completed removal. Instead, call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration now at (603) 641-6555. Our mold remediation plans will restore your restaurant, government buildings, and any other commercial locations that find themselves hit with mold.

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