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Deep Cleaning and Disinfecti …

Deep cleaning and disinfection are a big part of picking up the pieces in the aftermath of a disaster. Whether it’s from flooding, fire, or an unseen mold invasion, loss restoration is a step-by-step process to save your properties and belongings.

It’s not easy to prepare for destructive nature. What is important is how you proceed once the damage has run its course or been discovered. After all, extreme natural conditions can lead to financial losses on commercial properties and can impact their ability to do business. Each cause of damage has its own hallmarks that will force a decision:

  • Storm Damage: Violent storms passing through the region have the potential for causing severe damage from lightning strikes, high winds that knock down structures, and rainwater that seeps into every crack.
  • Freezing Temperatures: Bitterly cold winters and below-freezing wind chills cause pipes to freeze and burst. This is one of the most unpredictable and destructive conditions in nature and causes millions of dollars in commercial damage each year.
  • Flash Flooding: An invasion of excessive rainwater requires specialized handling. Not only will it create mold and damage structure foundations, but it can also bring toxic materials to your door, including oil, chemicals, and debris.

At Soil-Away, our team will properly mitigate damages, clean up the disaster, and restore your facility. Deep cleaning and disinfection aren’t easy, but we know how to do them in a cost-saving way so you can reach your goal.

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection: Removal

One touchpoint is the removal of affected materials. For example, porous building materials, such as drywall and carpeting, should be disposed of ASAP. Once torn-out debris is taken care of, the remaining areas must be deep-cleaned and sanitized.

We use cutting-edge tools to accomplish deep cleaning and disinfection, including HEPA vacuums and air scrubs. For the sake of being thorough, we also sand, dry-ice blast, and use other expert techniques to give you maximum cleanliness. Excessive mold spores are never a good thing, so it’s important to completely clean the area to avoid further long-lasting damage.

Once toxic materials have been disposed of and the areas are cleaned, we dry the areas with large fans and dehumidifiers. With the property in the clear, we can begin replacing any damaged components with fresh materials.

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection: Salvaging Belongings

Following the removal of ruined materials, we will identify any salvageable items. With the effectiveness of the Esporta Wash System, we restore soft contents and textiles to a food-grade safe level. We’ll store and then properly clean belongings like sports gear and other thick materials. If you act quickly, there’s a chance that you won’t lose too much in the way of belongings.

We’ll inventory, document, and dispose of any unsalvageable items. During the restoration project, our services can expedite your insurance claim process by providing accurate documentation and photos. This way, any damages and details of our restoration procedures will be there for reference.

Restoration and Remediation You Can Rely On

Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration provides storm damage restoration, biohazard remediation, fire cleanup, and more. We provide full-service emergency restoration services for your commercial properties. We’ll stop water, fire, smoke, and odor damage from destroying your property and belongings.

Ultimately, natural disasters will only add more stress to your life. That’s an understatement, as costs can stack up if you wait too long to deal with it. For your convenience, we work with quick but effective remediation strategies. 

We bring our best to your door to save the affected areas of your property. Call us now at (603) 641-6555 if your property is at risk.  

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4 Keys to Safe, Effective Mo …

Mold remediation is vital to the process of restoring a flooded property back to its original condition. Perhaps you’ve had friends who have experienced a mold invasion or you’ve seen it first-hand. This kind of damage can be difficult to rectify without a good gameplan.

Realistically, you might not understand how fast untreated mold can damage your property and cause potential health issues for any inhabitants. Mold moves quickly, invading hard-to-see crevices. It can slip under the surface of flooring materials or behind drywall to continue its growth. Basically, mold may continue to affect your property unless you enlist a mold remediation service.

This process covers all the bases, including cleaning and sanitizing. Ultimately, restored or salvaged belongings are the ideal outcome. Mold remediation is a thorough process of removing unwanted spores and preventing further damage from occurring. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Unfortunately, mold detection often means saying goodbye to affected items. Porous building materials (such as carpeting and drywall) typically need to be torn out and disposed of. This alone is a costly process if you try to attempt it without a professional. 

Without proper mold remediation, your walls, floors, and objects will store mold and potentially affect your health. This threat will also continue to cause property damage. Because of this, be prepared to have porous materials such as carpeting or drywall removed. Along with health issues, your belongings are at stake. Effective mold remediation can eliminate this unwanted invader from your space.

At Soil-Away, we offer mold remediation solutions for you. We can remove the affected wall sections and clean what remains. Our team uses a reliable HEPA vacuums and HEPA air scrubbers to capture mold spores. To remove additional mold spores, we also can utilize hand-sanders and dry ice-blasting to relevant areas of your property. Thorough cleaning is vital before rebuild to ensure the space has been remediated. 

Salvaging Your Belongings

On an important note, there’s a chance that some belongings will survive. With mold remediation, our Esporta Wash System can sanitize soft contents to a food-grade safe level, eliminating unwanted spores found during the inspection.

Soil-Away wants you to have a fresh start. Our clean-up team takes inventory of all items, so you’ll know precisely what is salvageable and what isn’t. Honestly, mold invasion can be a stressful scenario, so we do our best to help you move forward.

Effective Mold Remediation

Don’t wait—call Soil-Away if you suspect mold might have crept into your office or living space. We will deploy all our resources to deliver a successful mold remediation outcome. Your property can return to its pre-mold state so you can carry on.

Soil-Away can remediate the affected areas of your property. We have successfully completed thousands of mold remediation projects. As a result, we know how to deal with even the worst cases. No matter the cause, you’ll want to return your property to normal ASAP. Give us a call at 603-641-6555 or check out our website for quality mold remediation services.


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