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What To Do About Frozen Pipe …

As the calendar shifts ever closer to the winter months, the risk of pipe damage due to frozen pipes increases.While scheduling an annual pipe inspection could reveal possible failing pipes early on, there is no guarantee that a sudden issue won’t arise as the temperatures dip below freezing. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how to safely handle frozen pipes this year.

Addressing Frozen Pipes: Turn the Water Off

The first thing to do if you find frozen pipes is to turn off the water if possible. While it won’t solve the problem, it will limit the amount of water damage inside your home once they start leaking. With the water main off, setup buckets under the burst pipes and open any water fixtures inside your home. This will relieve pressure and capture residual water leaking from pipes. Monitor pipes and leaks until you can get a licensed plumber to make the repairs. 

Addressing Frozen Pipes: Thaw the Pipes

The second thing to do is to try and thaw your pipes. This can be done with a space heater or a hair dryer. Use caution to avoid causing additional damage to your home or injuring yourself. This process can be particularly risky if flammable materials get too close to the heat source. If you don’t feel comfortable thawing the pipes yourself, let a trained professional handle it.

Addressing Frozen Pipes: Check Thawed Pipes for Leaks 

The third thing to do when addressing frozen pipes involves looking for visible leaks. Once the pipes have returned to normal, leave the water main off and take a close look at your pipes. When pipes freeze and then return to normal, damage can happen as a result of the changing surface area. Leaving the water main off will prevent a mess and damaged pipes will be just as visible when empty.

Addressing Frozen Pipes: Call a Water Damage Repair Specialist

The fourth step to take involves calling trained professionals. Finding a qualified water damage restoration company may take some time, but it will pay off in the end. Hiring a professional team like Soil-Away will provide you with peace of mind and a thorough flood cleanup process. If you even think that frozen pipes and water damage are a problem in your home, don’t wait. Give our team a call. We’ll arrive quickly and help prevent a bigger mess. Make Soil-Away your one and only call. Contact us today!

A Beginner’s Guide to …

A sewage backup is a dangerous situation. This experience is especially treacherous with commercial spaces. If you’re a business owner, closing for an unspecified amount of time to address a sewage removal problem can be catastrophic. This is true in terms of cost and money lost. Therefore, it’s essential to know what to do for sewage removal.

Sewage Removal Fact #1: What Causes Sewage Backups

There are a few reasons why sewage backups happen. The most common are the result of structural failure of your pipes, the introduction of improper items into the pipe system, or from heavy rain. Structural failures typically occur when a pipe degrades or when another issue occurs within the connecting sewer system. Toys, rags, and sanitary products are improper for flushing down toilets. These create clogs that prohibit waste water from moving forward. With nowhere else to go, it returns into your system. Heavy rains also lead to overwhelming pipe systems and waste water returning in abundance.

Fact #2: Toxicity of Sewage

A sewage backup needs to be addressed quickly due to the toxic nature involved. Sewage is considered toxic because it’s not always easy to know what potential health risks are living in the water. Sewer water can contain dangerous substances like E. coli and salmonella among other bacteria strains. Exposure to bacteria can cause illness. It’s important to determine the level of damage caused by sewage quickly and try to minimize the spread. Do what you can to remove valuables from the area to avoid further damage to property. Then wait for a professional sewage removal team to arrive.

Sewage Removal Fact #3: Quick Removal

Contacting a professional team like Soil-Away is the best and quickest way to get rid of sewage in your commercial space. Our experts are trained in the safest and quickest techniques to remove risk from your property. Once the sewage is gone, we complete a deep cleaning that leaves your business clean, sanitized, and ready to re-open. We address any damage to the best of our ability and to your satisfaction–guaranteed. Don’t waste another moment. If you have sewage backing up into your business. Contact us right away!


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