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When you need restorative services done on your home, the first thing you’ll do is search for a restoration company. But do you know what you’re looking for? A certified restoration company, one backed by international standards and specially certified workers, will be your best bet. You want to know that the work on your home is current on the latest procedures and is safe. So, when you start looking for a certified restoration company, look for the IICRC logo on their website.

What is the IICRC?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) is a non-profit organization that certifies companies which uphold the highest standards of cleaning and restoration. Having an IICRC certification shows potential clients that an accredited institution has inspected the company. They have gone through training and inspections to align themselves with globally recognized standards of service. The IICRC’s board of directors meets regularly to talk about cleaning and restoration services and how to make them more efficient and effective. All certified companies and technicians are notified of any changes through an Annual Report, which is available for anyone online. You can look up the IICRC’s standards of quality by clicking here.

Importance of the IICRC

Certified restoration companies that claim to be with the IICRC all use the same methods and standards when doing a job. By using a global standard, the goal is certifying every restoration company to ensure the best possible work. This also means they have the highest safety standards, talk about best practices in dangerous situations, and are routinely looking at different ways to clean and restore without harsh chemicals or excess waste. The IICRC also has field guides to make it much easier for technicians to follow through with their certified promise.

What This Means for You as a Consumer

When you need a restoration company, seeing the IICRC logo on the company’s website should give you peace of mind. You can know that you will be treated to the very best service, no matter what type of job needs to be done. You will know that you can look online for best practices and hold the company you hire accountable for their actions. The IICRC wants to make things easier for you and healthier for the world. You will be thankful that the certified restoration company you hired took the time to comply.

If you are looking for a certified restoration company, look no further than Soil-Away. Whether you have water damage, mold infestation, or recently went through a natural disaster, we can handle it all from initial cleanup to construction repairs. And we are IICRC master-certified! Give us a call today at (603) 641-6555.

Spring Cleaning? Check These …

When it’s finally spring and you’re ready to clean up your home, it’s always beneficial to do a regular mold checkup, especially if you live in an area with a humid climate. When you are doing a mold cleanup, it’s best to check some common areas where these microscopic organisms like to hide. And if you find them, we have some great spring-cleaning tips to help you get rid of them quickly and easily.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are common places for indoor mold growth because these areas are easily exposed to moisture and humidity. There is also the danger of an occasional leaking pipe. Leaks can cause mold to grow on the drywall around the pipes or even on wood cabinets.

Air-Conditioning Units

Another location you might want to check for mold is the air-conditioning unit within your home. Basically, you want to check to see if there is any moisture accumulated inside your HVAC system. For example, if your drain and condensate pans aren’t draining properly, your system could be filled with moisture – and therefore mold. Another common issue is if your HVAC ducts and components are filled with moisture as well, as these can become homes for mold spores.

Underneath Refrigerators

As you may suspect, refrigerators can get moist too. One easy way to check for mold down here is to look underneath your refrigerator. If you see a leak, you may have a problem with one of your pipes. Getting that fixed can mean a difference in your overall health.

Damp Objects

If you have a stack of wet newspapers or magazines lying around in your basement, you might want to throw these out. Moldy paper can be a problem hiding in place sight. Luckily, it’s easy to dispose of mold found here.

Spring Cleaning: What Next?

 Now that you’ve pinpointed the problem, you can apply our top spring cleaning tips.  First, conduct a mold testing service with a certified Industrial Hygienist (IH) to determine the levels of mold in your house. You can then contact Soil-Away restoration experts to find potential “breeding grounds” using advanced moisture-sensing equipment. Then our specialists will begin extensive sanitization, drying, restoration, and checking processes. When you follow this with our post-remediation verification, rest assured that you have dealt with any mold. This means you can relax until spring comes around again.

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