Sewage cleanup

Don’t Delay Sewage Cleanup …

You might notice the smell first, followed by the sheer sense of panic that comes from something going wrong with your home. When you have a sewage backup problem in your house, you may have a hard time thinking clearly and coming up with a plan. Soil-Away will help you get rid of the mess, but it’s important to call quickly. The longer you delay, the more difficult the sewage cleanup process becomes.

Sewage Can Make Your Family Sick

Sewage carries bacteria and other harmful substances that can seriously harm your family members. Children and elderly family members have a higher risk of becoming ill from exposure to the sewage backup. However, anybody exposed to the sewage faces the risk of developing a stomach flu. There are at least 13 other diseases, including E. Coli, that are caused by the bacteria and viruses found in sewage. You want to hire a cleanup team to restore your home as quickly as possible to prevent potentially harmful illnesses.

The Longer You Wait, the Tougher the Sewage Cleanup

Liquids can travel through different spaces very quickly. The less time the sewage has to travel, the better. The longer you wait to call a cleaning crew, the more time the sewage has to burrow deeper into your structure and contents. During that time, sewage flows under doorways, finds cracks in walls, and sinks into soft surfaces. When sewage seeps deep into your home it makes the cleanup process more difficult. Don’t worry, our professionals possess the knowledge to help you eliminate sewer damage quickly.

Lasting Moisture Will Leave Mold

The problem of mold exists for all types of flooding in the home, not just for sewage cleanup. When moisture lingers for extended periods of time, mold has the opportunity to set in and grow. Therefore, the depth of your mold problem is equal to the length of time that moisture lingered in your home. You want to address this as quickly as possible, because mold is known to cause its own health problems. As such, you want to prevent as much mold as possible and remediate the mold that does show up in your house.

Sewage Cleanup

Do you have sewage in your basement or another part of your home? Call Soil-Away as quickly as you possibly can. Don’t leave your home or building to just anybody. Our teams are specially trained in sewage cleanup.

The Soil-Away team knows how to deal with the sewage and the accompanying biohazards that enter your home. First, we start by cleaning up the sewer damage. Then, we take every precaution to protect your family from the microorganisms that often make people sick by sanitizing all affected areas. Next, we visibly check for mold. We want to leave your home as clean as it was before the sewage backup. Lastly, we use our latest moisture-detection technology to ensure that all the moisture in the affected areas dries before we move on. Do you need sewage cleanup? Don’t delay. Call Soil-Away now at (603) 641-6555.

Types of flooding

Four Types of Flooding ̵ …

Flooding is flooding, right? If you’ve found water in your basement, does it really matter how the water got there? The point is that you want to get rid of it. As a matter of fact, the type of standing water in your home does matter. Different types of flooding can carry different hazards, and of course, in some cases you’ll need to fix more than just water damage in your home.

Burst Pipe Flooding

Few home repair problems are more difficult than burst pipes. This particular problem usually shows up during the winter. Water freezes inside the pipes, expanding until it bursts or cracks. As soon as the ice thaws again, the water will start flowing out of your pipes at an alarming rate. Thankfully, because this water is generally just tap water, it doesn’t bring health hazards into your house on its own. You will, however, need to put a stop to the leak right away. Shut off the water valve before fixing the pipe and drying the area. You can also prevent this problem from happening in the first place by letting the taps drip during cold months and exposing the pipes to warm air.

Sewage Backup

Unlike a regular burst pipe, sewage backup will absolutely bring disease-causing bacteria into your home. One of the first things you should do if you have sewage backup in your home is to get your family members – especially children and elderly family members – far away from the flooding. You should never try to clean up flooding from sewage backup by yourself, as the water can be extremely dangerous.

Flood Water

Among other types of flooding, perhaps this one stands out as the most obvious. When you experience a big rainstorm in your area and then suddenly have water standing in your basement, you’ll know exactly what caused the problem. Be careful with flood water, though. That water may also contain sewage, gasoline, fertilizers, and other harmful substances. You never know what the flood water has passed through and carried into your property. Once again, start by moving your family far away from the water.


Groundwater is exactly what it sounds like. This water sits underground until it has a way to escape. Your basement might just be that way. If you have water in your basement and can’t figure out the cause, it may be groundwater. Why does that matter? Because if it’s groundwater, you may have cracks or other issues in your foundation that let the water in.

For All Types of Flooding

We all hope that we’ll never have to deal with any of these types of flooding. However, if you do find yourself in need of flood water help, Soil-Away is at your service. From water damage to mold remediation, we’re ready to get your home back to normal again. Ready for help? Contact us today.

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