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Don’t Let Your Drain Backu …

A clogged drain is a real drag for any homeowner. It causes problems such as water resurgence and bad smells. It can also mean there is an underlying structural problem. If not treated properly, a drain backup can put your family’s and pets’ health at risk.

Blocked household drains often occur in the bathroom and kitchen. Regardless of the clogged pipe or drain, the result is the accumulation of wastewater. It is the stagnant water that can cause health problems. Soil Away is here to get your drain backup cleaned up as soon as possible.

Signs of a Backup

  • A strange smell coming from the drains.
  • More than one bogged drain.
  • Bubbling after flushing the toilet or running the sink.
  • Running one faucet leads to a backup somewhere else.
  • Toilets are flushing slowly.

How Toxic are Sewage Backups?

If the smell isn’t bad enough, a sewage backup can also spread severe illnesses and diseases. The National Resources Defense Council reports that sewage contamination causes nearly two million cases of illnesses each year. Sewage contains harmful bacteria and pesticides. It also carries residuals from pharmaceutical drugs, fungi, and other toxic substances. The most common bacteria found in sewage are:

  • E. Coli – Causes abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and occasionally death.
  • Acanthamoeba – Causes eye, nose, throat, and ear infections.
  • Salmonella – Causes abdominal cramping and diarrhea.
  • Heliobacter Pylori – Leads to an increased chance of ulcers.
  • Hepatitis – Causes liver infection and liver failure.
  • Leptospirosis – Creates muscle aches and vomiting.

When Drains Back Up

All drain backups are different and require special care. Sewage waste cleanup is especially dangerous. It requires professionals who know how to handle specialized equipment for the task. Touching or inhaling sewage can make you sick.

Always leave drain backup cleanup to the professionals. Once the sewage water is removed, sanitize your own property if the sustained damage is not too extensive. Use a solution of one part chlorine bleach and four parts cold water. Mix that with a small amount of mild non-ammonia dishwashing detergent to clean surfaces from the top to the bottom.

Before you return to your everyday routine, you need to sanitize your entire home. The electrical and plumbing systems need to be checked and fully repaired. And, all appliances need to be inspected for safety to ensure they are in good working order. Discard of any consumable goods and anything that cannot be properly sanitized.

Drain Backup Prevention

Preventing drain backups are the best way to avoid cleanups. In the basement, look for and seal any cracks in the foundation. If possible, raise or remove plumbing fixtures including toilets, sinks and washing machines. Also, install a sump pump in your basement to pump excess water out for drain backup cleanup. Do not wash grease down any drains because as it hardens the pipes will become clogged. One of the most important things to remember, do not flush anything down toilets other than bathroom tissue.

Drain backups are disastrous mentally and physically. A drain backup can lead to serious health problems, but you can recognize backups early on with these warning signs. If you do experience a drain backup that may contain sewage, contact Soil Away Restoration immediately. We are highly trained professionals who deal with drain backup cleanup properly.

Why It’s Important to Remo …

Mold is a common enemy among business and homeowners. It often creeps in unannounced and wreaks havoc on your property. Mold can grow unnoticed within your homes, often within the walls, tiles, ceilings, and other dark, damp places. Recognizing the early signs and treating it with mold removal services can help you to prevent any further damage to your property. Here is why it’s important to remove mold.


Spreads Quickly


Mold spores are notorious for spreading quickly and easily. If the source of moisture is not eliminated almost immediately, mold can take over your home or business. Mold spores are carried in the air current, no matter what. This means that they can easily be carried into your building and affect both the building materials and personal belongings. Leaving these mold spores untreated can end up causing more and more damage every day. Eventually, mold removal services will become a far more difficult and tedious process that is costly. Removing mold early is crucial to prevent any further damage.


Causes Allergy Symptoms


Not only is mold unsightly, but it also can cause some damage to your health. When there is mold present, it can cause some allergy symptoms to occur. These symptoms include itchy eyes, bleeding noses, coughing, difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue, headaches, and even memory problems. While not everyone is sensitive to these microbes, mold growth can be especially dangerous for those suffering from pulmonary diseases or asthma. The health risks that mold growth causes are not something to underestimate. Mold removal services are necessary to when it comes to getting rid of allergens caused by mold growth.


Why Choose the Professionals?


While there are DIY mold removal methods, none are as efficient as the professionals. Mold removal specialists are trained and equipped to remove mold. They know where to look, how to solve your mold problems, and what mistakes to avoid. They are also able to discover all of the molds in your home, both visible and hidden. By choosing the professionals when it comes to mold removal, you can guarantee that your home is free of mold and will remain so.


Mold can cause a lot of problems when left untreated, especially under the right circumstances. When it comes to mold, don’t mess around. Contact the professionals at Soil Away Restoration for mold removal services. We will get the job right and have your property mold-free in no time. Call the professionals at (603) 641-6555 at the first signs of mold.

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