Nothing can prepare you for the kind of havoc that water damage can cause to your property. Whether it is damage to property from a flood or due to internal issues such as faulty plumbing or frozen pipe burst or due to backed up sewage, the ensuing water damage can be extensive. In most instances, property owners are at a loss on how to deal with water damaged properties. Knowing the risks involved and options available to you can however, help you to become better prepared for such an eventuality.

Do you know the Risks Involved?

If your first instinct is to do nothing, the situation is only going to get worse by the minute. Here’s why – in any kind of water damage situation, you are looking at water seeping in deeper into the property and impacting everything from your foundation, the walls, furniture, and your carpeting. From then on, things will move even more quickly down south.

In addition to the obvious ways in which water can wreck your property, the bigger danger comes from mold infestation which can happen within a couple of days from the day of flooding. Mold spores can move quickly through the property to contaminate not only the structure, surfaces, carpeting, furniture and clothing, but more importantly, mold contaminates the air quality. Mold however, is just the beginning. If you leave a water damaged property as is, there is a bigger risk from germination of other dangerous organic growth such as water borne pathogens which present a major health risk to both humans and pets.

Water Damage Situation on Hand? Here’s what you should do.

Doing nothing is not an option if you are facing a water damage situation. As mentioned earlier, the more you delay to act, greater will the damage. Here are 4 things you can do right away;

  • Shut off the water supply immediately. If you are unsure of the mains, then call your water company.
  • If possible, assess the damage. Documenting is crucial when dealing with your insurance company.
  • Call a water damage restoration company if the damage is extensive and beyond a DIY situation. Even if you don’t want to seek professional restoration services, it is always best that you get some kind of professional assessment done.
  • Call your insurance company.

Why Seek Professional Help?

Professional water damage restoration service experts are trained in dealing with water damage of all kinds. In addition to helping you understand the magnitude of damage, water damage restoration experts will create a customized strategy to deal with water damage restoration of the property.

Deciding which items are salvageable and which items need to be discarded is a big enough challenge on its own. You are also looking at moving items and restoring structure and furniture which is a mammothian task. And this is where a professional water damage restoration services company can prove to be the best option.

You also need to keep in mind that water restoration work is dangerous. Damage to property aside, there are a number of health risks involved. A professional water damage restoration team has the necessary safety equipment and gear as well as the resources and know how to deal with any kind of organic danger.

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