Water damage is a strange thing because it can be the cause of insignificant, tiny messes, but it can also be the reason behind financially disastrous events that alter your life in various ways. A spilled glass of water can ruin a perfectly good book, while a flood can permanently damage carpeting, wooden foundations, and every sort of belonging (including books). When flooding occurs, a property owner is going to be helpless for the most part, especially if the water level is severe enough to fill a basement or lower-level home. How do you proceed after a disaster like this?

The Need for a Professional

One way is to enlist an efficient flood damage restoration service, because unless your situation is only a spilled glass on the kitchen table, you need a professional that knows the rules when it comes to safety and clean-up. Water damage not only hurts your property and belongings, but it also makes for a dangerous location. Mold can quickly settle into areas with trapped oxygen and moisture. Untreated organic surfaces can harbor toxins, which can affect people and objects that come into contact with them.

The Dangers of Water Damage

Water damage is fairly obvious at first, but eventually it turns silent and deadly. Trapped water is not easy to find without the proper equipment, which Soil-Away brings to every job site. Water hidden inside walls and under floors can easily go undetected as mold spores continue to spread. In many cases, a property is at risk of having multiple health code violations following flooding, making proper restoration services vital for full recovery. 

Keep in mind that if this is your home that is affected, then you will need a thorough solution to restore things to normal. Soil-Away can provide inspections once the water is removed. This way, you will have scientific proof that a house can become a livable space once again. We can facilitate a post-remediation verification (PRV) test before anyone occupies the premises, to be certain that mold spore counts have been properly lowered. 

Water Damage Doesn’t Stop Until We Make It Stop

In severe cases, water damage continues as it sits unopposed. Storm and flood damage restoration is necessary to remove the toxicity from hardwood floors, under furniture, and anywhere else water invades. For efficient biohazard remediation, call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. Our professional team can safely remove all the items that are beyond repair. We can also salvage many items as well. 

Our end goal is to restore your location to pre-flooding conditions so you and your family can reinhabit your home. Reach us at (603) 641-6555 to learn which service plan is the solution you need. In the event of traumatic water damages, we can provide professional and personable services. Water damage will continue to hurt your property the longer it sits. Do not hesitate to call Soil-Away.