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There is nothing quite as comfortable as upholstered furniture in your home. The only problem with an upholstered piece of furniture is that it can be easily damaged if not taken care of. Although people often think that juice and wine stains cause the most damage, water can be just as damaging if you have a house fire or flood. Upholstery water damage can make your most prized furniture look awful, beat-up, and worn out. The good news is that you can fix upholstery water damage and make your favorite pieces look new again by getting them professionally cleaned.

Why Can’t I Just Clean It Myself?

Restoration services who come in after floods or fires to fix damaged property have the proper tools to clean your upholstery without doing further damage. Trying to do it yourself could make the problem worse or mean that you miss dirt and other particles deep in the upholstery. With water damage, time is especially of the essence. A professional restoration service allows the damage to be repaired quickly and maximize the chance of a full recovery.

What Types of Fabrics Can Be Cleaned?

Professional wash methods clean very delicately and can be used on most types of upholstery you have in your home. From nylon to microfiber they clean equally well, taking away spots without altering the appearance of the fabric. Generally, issues with shrinkage, tears, and pilling can be avoided. Soil-Away’s goal is to leave your furniture in pre-loss condition or better. A professional cleaning will also remove the smell left by water or smoke damage. With the right restoration company, you won’t have to worry about your favorite armchair giving off foul odors.

What Types of Furniture Should Be Cleaned Professionally?

Whether your damage is due to wear and tear, a fire, or a flood, Soil-Away can clean everything from custom pieces to box-store sofas. No job is too big, too small, or too fragile. If you are unsure about a specific piece of furniture, you can always call. A professional will be able to tell you what type of cleaning service would be best.

Water is one of the most damaging elements to upholstered furniture. The good news is that after a flood or fire, you can save many of your upholstered items. At Soil-Away, we can often remove water spots. We can also handle other dirt and debris, all without altering the feel or the condition of your original item. For an estimate, call us at 603-641-6555 today!

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