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Mold Remediation to Salvage …

Mold remediation is key to salvaging any soft goods in the aftermath of a flood. When a basement floods, the lifespan of your submerged belongings ticks away, and every second can make the difference between saving those items and tossing them in the garbage. Without the proper response, submerged belongings like stuffed animals, sports equipment, and backpacks will not have a high chance of survival. Professional remediation is the best way to properly clean the toxicity from your prized possessions.

While flooding is generally associated with total destruction, innovations in the field of mold remediation have led to more effective means for salvaging affected items. For example, dehumidifiers have increased the chance of restoration for textiles and soft contents. Basement flooding can be quite disastrous, with low success rates of restoration. However, Soil-Away has perfected soft goods restoration by following the important steps of removal and sanitation. In the event of flooding, the Esporta Wash System can sanitize soft contents from water damage or mold.

Restoring Textiles and Soft Contents

Better restoration of textiles and soft contents depends on factors such as odor, spot and bacteria removal. Soft goods like heavy clothing, camping gear, and regular bedding accessories can be salvaged by using efficient technology, like the Esporta iS4000 Wash System.

With the iS4000, jobs require 35% less water consumption than e traditional laundry methods. The Esporta is not as wasteful, making the restoration more successful. Financial and mental costs can add up whenever sentimental belongings are lost in flooding. The aftermath of such disasters is a prime period for mold to set in, which means you need to make a decision sooner rather than later. Soil-Away uses a fully-integrated closed system, with hardware (the machine), detergents, and software (the recipes) to achieve the cleanest job possible. 

The Esporta can save your child’s teddy bears and blankets. We can remove the majority of mold and mildew, without any lingering odors or spots. We aim to sanitize items to a food-grade safe. 

Mold Remediation for Sports Equipment

In the flooding scenario, sports uniforms and equipment are often vulnerable due to how they’re stored. After all, these items are typically put away seasonally, and basements are an ideal place to put them out of sight. However, a basement flood will expose them to bacterial elements, often penetrating foam and fabric, which makes removal very difficult. While traditional washing applications use components from various vendors (detergents) to remove bacteria on a physical level without scientific or laboratory considerations, our specialists use the Esporta Wash System to make a complete post-flood recovery. 

The chance of success is high that we can sanitize soft contents to a food-grade safety level. This eliminates excessive mold from your hockey pads, sneakers, and baseball gloves. We provide effective cleaning, freshening, and disinfection of the belongings you care about most. When possible, we have a 24-hour turnaround timetable on emergency and sentimental items. On top of saving the items, this speed also leads to faster claim settlements. We work hard to organize what is salvageable and what isn’t.

For example, we inventory, document, and dispose of any items that are too far gone. This removes the task from your list of responsibilities so you can begin rebuilding from a serious situation. Our mold remediation team will meet your timeline head-on. Once you regain your belongings, you can start to rebuild. We offer a thorough investigation and removal of all traces of mold. 

Soil-Away Erases Mold and Bacteria

Your belongings each have their own value, both sentimental and actual. Our goal is to help restore each one so you don’t have to associate them with something as terrible as a flooded basement. This is one mess that Soil-Away’s Esporta-certified operators can help you remedy. We have saved clients millions of dollars in replacement costs and erased the damage from just as many personal belongings. Our storm damage restoration, biohazard remediation, and furniture/carpet cleaning are top-notch services. Call us at (603) 641-6555 or visit our website for more information. 

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Submerged: Water Damage, Mol …

As a mold remediation service, Soil-Away deals with hundreds of flooding situations. Bad things happen when a property is submerged in water. This might sound like an obvious statement, but no one realizes how much damage is possible until it happens to them. Sadly, in a flooding scenario, the aftermath can be just as destructive as the event itself. We’ve seen prized belongings, family heirlooms, and essential items like clothing fall prey to mold infestation. Learning the facts is the best way to begin the recovery process.

What Happens to Submerged Properties?

When water floods a basement, this is the beginning of a potential “breeding ground.” Basically, all those nooks and crannies can store shallow pockets of water. Locating these pockets is no easy task. Determining the threat isn’t possible with the naked eye, and the more time passes, the more the mold colonies can thrive. Colonies can spread into items of clothing and furniture. 

Ultimately, when water occupies spaces underneath floors, inside walls, or in the attic, you must use a mold remediation service. Otherwise, you’re risking the health of everyone that occupies the building. In fact, an unattended mold invasion can lead to an eviction. If it becomes excessive, the property could become uninhabitable.

Sample Tests with Mold Remediation

Soil-Away uses air and/or surface sample tests to determine the level of toxicity. In a submerged property case, an Industrial Hygienist (IH) will verify the level of mold contamination and establish a mold spore count baseline for the project. This way, our remediation specialists can proceed in a thorough way.

An IH can use sophisticated moisture-sensing equipment to find hidden pockets and stop mold from spreading. Time is of the essence. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives accurate results to ensure no mold goes unnoticed. After all, an incomplete job only causes more expenses in the long run. Clearly, you want to avoid such scenarios.

Water Damage Solutions 

Non-salvageable items must be completely removed. This includes porous building materials, such as drywall, carpeting, and insulation. Unfortunately, this is the only way to stop further contamination. Our experts will safely dispose of torn-out debris. The goal of this process is to leave remaining fixtures properly cleaned and sanitized. 

In many cases, we can save submerged belongings thanks to advanced cleaning and sanitization techniques. As part of the process, we can dry-ice blast and HEPA vacuum the structure, which removes and captures any remaining mold spores. With the help of large fans and dehumidifiers, we can dry out needed materials before replacing any damaged components. Our Esporta Wash System sanitizes soft contents to a food-grade safety level, thus eliminating excessive mold.  

PRV Tests for Mold Remediation 

Ideally, a post-remediation verification (PRV) test needs to occur before anyone returns to the premises. A PRV test can confirm whether the predetermined mold spore counts have been reduced to the desired level. Soil-Away stops working when everything is safe and clean. In most cases, we can erase signs of water damage and restore your property to pre-flood status. 

Erasing Mold and Water Damages

With Soil-Away, your heirlooms and fabrics have a good chance of surviving. Our Esporta wash system is 90% effective. In addition, we will inventory, document, and dispose of any unsalvageable items properly and safely. Call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration now at (603) 641-6555 if you’ve experienced flooding or storm damage.

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Evicting Water and Mold From …

Here is a scenario you might recognize: you go out of state to visit family. When you return, you discover that a sewer pipe has burst in your basement, causing knee-high levels of water to invade each room. Since you were gone for a few days, the water has been sitting long enough to cause a lot of damage. Not a pleasant surprise, to be sure. After all, mold remediation can be a complicated process, and there’s the possibility that many of your belongings will be in poor condition, with little chance of saving. All your heirlooms, best clothing, and soft goods will be goners once mold takes hold.

Plan to Survive

Thankfully, a well-planned mold remediation service can give you an advantage, even if time has passed. With the right approach, a service can restore valuable and cherished items to pre-flood status. Mold remnants can be kicked out like a bad tenant.

For example, a Certified Industrial Hygienist can use sophisticated moisture-sensing equipment to find potential “breeding grounds” where mold colonies can thrive. If it’s hidden in places like underneath floors, inside walls, or in the attic for extended periods, then your problems will only continue.

Before Remediation

As stated, you need a game plan – one that saves many of your belongings and the property itself. After all, a bad mold invasion can end up evicting you from a place if it becomes uninhabitable.

Before remediation can occur, you need to schedule an air and/or surface sample test. An Industrial Hygienist (IH) will verify the level of black mold toxins before beginning remediation. As a result, the remediation company will establish a mold spore count baseline for the project, which gives the remediation company an idea for how to proceed.

Put a Stop to Further Mold Damage with Mold Remediation

Mold will continue to grow on your property if you don’t eradicate it. To do this, a service will need to remove porous building materials, such as drywall and carpeting, to stop further contamination. Any torn-out debris is safely disposed of so that remaining areas can be properly cleaned and sanitized.

At Soil-Away, we typically use HEPA vacuums and HEPA air scrubbers to remove and capture microscopic mold spores. However, we will also sand, dry-ice blast, or will use other methods to remove and capture remaining mold spores. Next, we dry the areas with large fans and dehumidifiers before replacing any of the damaged components with fresh materials. Our Esporta Wash System can sanitize soft contents to a food-grade safe level, thus eliminating the mold issue.

This means that any heirlooms and fabrics have a good chance of surviving, because the Esporta is 90% effective. We will inventory, document, and dispose of any unsalvageable items. Thankfully, past experiences show that our clients tend to keep more than they lose.

Evict Water and Mold from Your Space with Mold Remediation

Once the remediation process is complete, a post-remediation verification (PRV) test is needed before anyone occupies the premises. The goal of the test is to confirm whether the predetermined mold spore counts have been eradicated. Soil-Away aims high, with a thoroughness that is mandatory.

Let us effectively banish mold from your flooded home or office. We also provide storm damage restoration, biohazard remediation, and furniture and carpet cleaning. Call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration now at (603) 641-6555. We have a mold remediation plan that is just right for your scenario, no matter how dire it seems. 

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4 Keys to Safe, Effective Mo …

Mold remediation is vital to the process of restoring a flooded property back to its original condition. Perhaps you’ve had friends who have experienced a mold invasion or you’ve seen it first-hand. This kind of damage can be difficult to rectify without a good gameplan.

Realistically, you might not understand how fast untreated mold can damage your property and cause potential health issues for any inhabitants. Mold moves quickly, invading hard-to-see crevices. It can slip under the surface of flooring materials or behind drywall to continue its growth. Basically, mold may continue to affect your property unless you enlist a mold remediation service.

This process covers all the bases, including cleaning and sanitizing. Ultimately, restored or salvaged belongings are the ideal outcome. Mold remediation is a thorough process of removing unwanted spores and preventing further damage from occurring. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Unfortunately, mold detection often means saying goodbye to affected items. Porous building materials (such as carpeting and drywall) typically need to be torn out and disposed of. This alone is a costly process if you try to attempt it without a professional. 

Without proper mold remediation, your walls, floors, and objects will store mold and potentially affect your health. This threat will also continue to cause property damage. Because of this, be prepared to have porous materials such as carpeting or drywall removed. Along with health issues, your belongings are at stake. Effective mold remediation can eliminate this unwanted invader from your space.

At Soil-Away, we offer mold remediation solutions for you. We can remove the affected wall sections and clean what remains. Our team uses a reliable HEPA vacuums and HEPA air scrubbers to capture mold spores. To remove additional mold spores, we also can utilize hand-sanders and dry ice-blasting to relevant areas of your property. Thorough cleaning is vital before rebuild to ensure the space has been remediated. 

Salvaging Your Belongings

On an important note, there’s a chance that some belongings will survive. With mold remediation, our Esporta Wash System can sanitize soft contents to a food-grade safe level, eliminating unwanted spores found during the inspection.

Soil-Away wants you to have a fresh start. Our clean-up team takes inventory of all items, so you’ll know precisely what is salvageable and what isn’t. Honestly, mold invasion can be a stressful scenario, so we do our best to help you move forward.

Effective Mold Remediation

Don’t wait—call Soil-Away if you suspect mold might have crept into your office or living space. We will deploy all our resources to deliver a successful mold remediation outcome. Your property can return to its pre-mold state so you can carry on.

Soil-Away can remediate the affected areas of your property. We have successfully completed thousands of mold remediation projects. As a result, we know how to deal with even the worst cases. No matter the cause, you’ll want to return your property to normal ASAP. Give us a call at 603-641-6555 or check out our website for quality mold remediation services.


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Black Mold: How It’s H …

Black mold can grow inside buildings. It can be extremely harmful to the health of those who are living or working in the space. Black mold can be toxic to humans and may lead to many health issues. The scary part of black mold is that it can sometimes go undetected. When it’s lurking behind the walls and beneath the floors, sometimes property owners do not even know the mold is present. If you sense mold in your environment and have had a recent flood or water leak, mold remediation might be needed. Read on to learn about the causes of black mold and the steps to remediation.

Causes of Black Mold

The most common causes of black mold are flooding and water damage. After a flood, it can be hard to get everything dried properly. Even though the building may appear dry, black mold could be growing undetected behind the walls, in the ceiling, or under the floor. Mold can also grow due to water leaks. Sometimes toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, and sinks might have a slow leak behind the wall or cabinets. The homeowner could be unaware of the leak, and it could be causing mold growth. Occasionally mold can grow from the building’s location in a hot, humid area. Constant humidity increases moisture in the air, which can encourage mold growth. Investing in a dehumidifier is a good option for anyone working or residing in humid buildings.

Steps to Mold Remediation

The first step to mold remediation is calling a professional right away. At Soil-Away, we are on call 24/7. As soon as mold is detected, or even if you are just worried about it, call Soil-Away. Because of black mold’s toxicity, it must be remediated as soon as possible.

First, the situation will be assessed, and a plan of action will be formulated. This is typically done with the help of a certified industrial hygienist. They will test for mold and produce a report giving a summary of what is growing in your property. Next, the mold remediation starts. It may include a variety of methods. In addition, these methods may include controlled demolition. We will also remove and immediately dispose of any affected porous building materials, like drywall and carpet. We also use a HEPA vacuums and HEPA air scrubbers to remediate mold spores in the area. Another method or tool potentially used is dry-ice blasting. Finally, after the removal and remediation, we ensure the area is dry. We use our Esporta Wash System to sanitize soft contents like bedding and curtains. After this thorough remediation process, we will get post-verification testing from the industrial hygienist.

Trust Soil-Away For Mold Remediation

Black mold is nothing to play around with. It can cause all sorts of health issues, from respiratory diseases to skin conditions. If your property has experienced flooding or water damage, contact Soil-Away today. We will begin the mold remediation process as soon as possible.

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Steps to Mold Remediation …

Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also be extremely unhealthy and can cause a whole range of health problems for people who are exposed. Sometimes, mold can be hidden within the walls or air ducts, causing homeowners to not realize the home has mold issues. If your home has experienced pipe leaks or flooding, there is a chance that there is mold growing somewhere within the home and that you will need mold remediation services. Here are the steps homeowners should take if they suspect mold.

Test the House

If you think there is a chance there might be mold in the house, get it tested. You can bring in a professional mold tester to do the job. They are commonly known as industrial hygienists. You may be tempted to purchase an at-home mold test kit from online retailers or home improvement stores. We do not recommend these self-testing kits. Testing is best done by a professional, as they will provide a comprehensive report and analysis of their findings along with a remediation scope.

Bring in Disaster Restoration Services

Once the mold is found, it is important to call a restoration service that handles mold remediation as soon as possible. Remember, mold is potentially harmful to your health. It should be taken care of immediately to prevent further issues. A company like Soil-Away is perfect for the job. Our employees are highly qualified and experienced in the area of mold remediation. We are certified through professional organizations such as the IICRC, and fully insured. In addition, we have been in business for 30 years.

Mold Remediation Time!

Once you have selected a reputable restoration services company like Soil-Away, the remediation process will start. The process changes based on certain variables. For example, removing mold from carpet is different than removing mold from wood. The contractors will be extremely careful to contain the mold and not cross-contaminate other areas of the house. In addition to remediating the mold, the contractor will also identify the source of the mold and address that as well. For example, they may search the kitchen and bathrooms for leaky pipes.

Contact Soil-Away For Help

Mold in the home is a very serious issue. It can cause all sorts of health problems such as respiratory issues. If you think you have mold growing in your home, get the house tested immediately. If the test is positive, call a restoration service, such as Soil-Away, that has years of experience with mold remediation. We will work to eradicate the mold from your home and make sure that it does not come back. For more information about the mold remediation process, contact Soil-Away today.

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A Beginner’s Guide To …

Mold in a building can be extremely dangerous to all occupants. Mold remediation by a professional company, like Soil-Away, is essential to get the structure properly cleaned and remediated. There is a lot to learn if you’ve never dealt with mold issues. Read on to understand more about common concerns around mold and the steps to take to remediate the issue.

Dangers of Mold

Mold can develop in any sort of moist environment. It is common to see mold issues after a flood or major leak. It is also common in naturally moist environments, like basements. The black mold that develops from moisture can create a very toxic environment. In fact, many businesses with black mold have to close until they resolve the mold issue. For some individuals, mold can lead to health issues, including skin irritation, dizziness, confusion, lung problems, and vision issues. If you or others that occupy your home or office are experiencing these issues, it is time to look for mold. Seeking the counsel of a medical professional may also be advisable.

Steps to Remediation

When there is mold, it is critical to involve a professional mold remediation service team like Soil-Away. A professional company will clean and sanitize the environment. First, they test for mold. This shows them where the mold is. They will also use advanced equipment to find any hidden mold. Be aware that there can be mold hiding under the floor and in the walls.

Next, the company will remove drywall and carpet with mold. They will also clean and sanitize any remaining structural areas. They’ll use processes like HEPA vacuuming, HEPA air scrubbing, sanding, and dry-ice blasting. After the cleaning, fans and dehumidifiers dry all areas. The company will also rebuild anything they torn down. Then, they’ll clean and restore salvageable items. They’ll also discard unsalvageable items. Finally, the area is tested again to make sure the remediation was successful.

Contact Soil-Away For Mold Remediation

Mold can be toxic. If you suspect mold in your home or business, call a company that specializes in mold remediation, such as Soil-Away. If you suspect that you have been exposed to mold, see a medical professional immediately. Contact Soil-Away today for more information about mold remediation.

Are you Breathing-in Contami …

One of the biggest mistakes property owners make is to assume that the air quality in their homes or commercial property building is clean and toxin free. However, even if you are indoors all the time, there is no guarantee that the air you are breathing is clean. This is why we at Soil-Away advocate regular air quality testing for homes and commercial properties.

Mold is not the Only Threat to Clean Air

You might think that just because you don’t have a mold contamination issue, the air quality on your property is up to the mark. But that is not necessarily true. A variety of air borne toxins and contaminants can very well be present in the air you breathe already. You just don’t know about it. In addition to other organic threats, the air you breathe could easily be polluted with chemical toxins and particles such as from second hand smoke, or radon and carbon monoxide. More danger could come in the form of peeling or even new paint, your carpeting (fungus, dirt, pet dander, and dust), air purifiers, and cleaning material stored on your property. Each of these can easily be culprits in polluting the air you breathe.

Air Quality Testing with Soil-Away

Air quality testing is one among the several services that Soil-Away provides to home and commercial property owners. We are well aware of the risks that breathing in unclean air presents. We are also well versed with the various factors that lead to unclean air quality present in home and commercial properties.

Little or no mold is not the only indicator of good air quality. It could also well be the case that mold has gone unnoticed primarily because contamination is in a place that is closed or inaccessible. The only way to be 100% sure is by carrying out comprehensive air quality testing.

We check the air quality in a way that is the least intrusive to you. Several petri dishes are spread across the property to ensure that samples from different locations can be tested. This is done because toxicity levels are not always consistent across the property. You could have one room with off-the chart readings and relatively low readings from an adjacent room. The samples collected also help us understand which factor(s) is the dominant culprit in contaminating the air quality.

Once the samples are collected, they are checked in the laboratory. If we find that the level of mold spores are similar to readings from the outside air, it is a good indicator that the air you are breathing is mold free and your property is environmentally safe. Obviously, if the readings are higher than what is acceptable and permissible, then you will need the services of a professional mold remediation services company.

Soil-Away experts are trained in mold remediation and will work with you closely to first identify the source(s) and then systematically plan and execute a mold removal strategy.

If you feel it is time to get the air quality in your home or on your commercial property tested, give us a call today at 603-641-6555!

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