Storm damage restoration can be an intimidating process. Whenever the locals of New Hampshire are hit with Mother Nature’s worst, there’s always a mix of interior and exterior damages to handle. Depending on the extent of the storm, losses can range from minimal to severe. We can handle both in a logical way that saves your belongings and property.

For example, dehumidifiers alone have led to better restoration of textiles, thanks to new methods and upgrades to equipment. Soft contents like plushies and clothing have survived harsh storms due to expert removal and sanitation tools like the Esporta Wash System, a device that sanitizes soft contents from water damage or mold brought on by flooding. While places and belongings changed by nature can seem like a lost cause, there is hope.

Soil-Away’s Esporta Wash System is just one of the ways our certified operators have saved clients tens of millions of dollars in settlement costs. For clothing and other soft goods, we use a fully-integrated closed system, with hardware (the machine), detergents, and software (the recipes) to achieve the deepest clean possible. With our step-by-step process, storm damage restoration can return your goods to their pre-storm conditions.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage brings a variety of results. Each situation requires its own specialized action plan, so an assessment can provide a clear way to proceed. After assessing the damages, our restoration team will use a targeted approach to restore your property to its previous state.

For example, our team has experience in basement water extraction. Flash flooding is a terrible surprise, but our expertise allows us to act quickly before any secondary damages or biohazards take hold.

Our restoration teams work in extreme conditions in a variety of structures: single- and multi-family housing, commercial property, and more. Whenever this is the case, you’ll have less to worry about. We’ll inventory, document, and dispose of any unsalvageable items.

Possibilities of Restoration

At Soil-Away, we don’t like to give up easily. No matter how badly damaged your belongings might seem, we have ways of returning them to their original state. Soft goods like heavy clothing, camping gear, and regular bedding accessories are salvageable thanks to our cleaning methods.

As part of the recovery process, our truck-mounted pumps will remove the water from your basement, along with any other standing pools inside your property. Standing water is a cesspool of biohazards like black mold and mildew, so removal is a priority.

Our restoration/remediation techs will search for any toxic molds. We use moisture-sensing equipment to eliminate any hidden moisture pockets forming in the walls, under flooring, or other places where microbial infestations might take hold and flourish. Eliminating excessive and/or hidden moisture is key to stopping further damage and preserving the occupants’ health.

Team Up with Soil-Away Today

Storm damage isn’t something to tackle alone. At Soil-Away, we work with homeowners, insurance companies, major corporations, and property management companies in the process of emergency property damage restoration.

Along with storms and environmental damage, we also fight against mold by using innovative removal and prevention tactics. Our specialists know how to use HVAC duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other services to help erase signs of damage.

Whenever you have storm damage, contact us for the best storm damage restoration services in the area. Call us now at (603) 641-6555 if your New Hampshire property is damaged. We promise we can salvage your situation.