As winter snows stop rearing their angry heads, it might feel like you can finally take a breath, but then come the spring storms! The snow has melted, flowers are blooming, and it feels like it’s time to celebrate. However, now that the cold has passed and the heat is on its way, there are new storms to prepare for. From flooding to lightning to high winds, there is a lot to prepare for in order to make sure you stay safe during spring storm season.


The most important thing to have on hand during any storm is a source of clean water. Flooding can contaminate wells and other water systems. So it is important to always have clean bottled water on hand in case of a storm and subsequent flooding. When you hear that a storm is coming, remember to check your water supply.

Another danger of flooding is flood waters entering your home. Flood waters can carry bio-hazardous and toxic materials, so it is important to safely handle the cleanup. If you have experienced flood damage, check out our article on what to do after your home floods.


Whether from flooding, high winds, or lightning, trees can be a significant storm hazard. You can practice good tree maintenance to prevent limbs or a whole tree from coming down on your house or car. By maintaining your trees, you decrease the likelihood that one will come down in a storm. You should have dead trees removed and trim the weak limbs of healthy trees to prevent them from breaking off in a storm.

Staying Inside

Keeping your property and drinking water safe is important, but even more important is keeping yourself safe. Lightning storms can be beautiful to watch, but you have to think about your safety. Putting yourself in harm’s way by being outside during a storm is not smart. Protect yourself from lightning, hail, and high winds carrying debris. During a severe storm, stay in an inner room or basement, and keep away from windows.

Winter is over, and spring is here. Soon enough the spring storms will be on their way out, but while they’re here, be safe, smart, and plan ahead. Make sure your home and family are as ready as they can be for a storm. However, despite preparation and planning, sometimes storm damage is unavoidable. If you have experienced storm damage, Soilaway is here to help you. For the storms you can’t prepare for, give us a call at 603-641-6555 or contact us on our website.