Has there recently been a fire in your home? If the answer is yes and you are still smelling the smoke, it isn’t your imagination. It’s fire damage. Even after the fire is over and the rest of your home is back to normal, the odor can linger. This is why it is important to have a professional come in and perform odor removal after a fire. Fire damage is more than surface level, it can penetrate difference surfaces and outstay its welcome. Here are three areas in your home that can hold onto the smell of fire long after the flames have been put out.

Hidden Smoke Odors in HVAC Air Ducts

Your HVAC air duct system is a hidden area of your home that makes a big difference. Smoke can get into your system and pollute your air for a long time. What you need is professional odor removal equipment to pull the pollutants out. Soot, dust from the fire, and mold spores could also be making your HVAC their home. All of these particles will come out in your heat and AC, bringing their odor and potentially affecting your health. For your health, it is important to have your HVAC air duct system cleaned after a fire.

Trapped Odor in Flooring and Carpets

Carpets and flooring that survived the fire may not have come out without fire damage. Carpets and even other types of flooring are very absorbent and can soak up the fire smell. Removing the fire odor from flooring and carpets requires special equipment. This equipment penetrates the layers of carpet and flooring and cleans it out from the inside. It isn’t enough to clean the soot off of the top of your flooring because you can be left with residual smoke odors.

Cleaning Smoke Odor Off Walls 

Even walls can absorb the smell of fire and smoke. In the case of walls, the drywall might need replacing to remove the odor. However, a professional might be able to remove the smell with special cleaning techniques and equipment. That is why it is so important to consult with a professional restoration team after even a minor fire. They will know how to handle odor removal from the walls of your home.

Fires are a stressful experience. There is primarily the safety of those in the home to worry about. However, once the fire is put out there is a lot of clean up and deodorization required. That is why Soil-Away is here to help you. We can help you with all of your fire damage, including odor removal. Give us a call at 603-641-6555.