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Fire Damage

Fire damage at your property can be both frightening and destructive. Recovering from a disaster can be even more daunting. It is a time filled with anxiety and unknowns. People typically have more questions than answers. You need a professional contractor on your side that is experienced in the cleanup and repair process. The property restoration experts at Soil-Away are dedicated to your satisfaction. We are available 24/7 to help you recover from fire, smoke and soot damage. You didn’t choose to have a fire, but you can choose your contractor to help restore your property.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services Provided By Soil-Away Restoration

Inspection and Damage Assessment

Our team will examine the extent of the fire damage. Our goal is to create a scope of services and a plan to help you recover quickly.

Property Stabilization

After a fire, your property is vulnerable. We take steps to stabilize the scene to prevent further damage. This may include water extraction and drying, addressing security and access, and controlling smoke odors.

Salvaging and Restoring Contents

Dealing with your belongings inside of the structure is pivotal to the recovery process. We will clean and restore salvageable items, while taking inventory of the non-salvageable items for insurance.

Cleaning: Smoke and Soot Damage

When it comes to a fire, it is very likely that the debris and soot has contaminated much of the property. This includes the HVAC duct system.

Final Inspection

Soil-Away Restoration Services will perform a final inspection of your property to ensure all water and fire damage has been addressed.

Support The Insurance Claims Process

As an integral part of the service we help expedite your insurance claim. All our documentation and photos kept during our restoration procedures will be provided to your insurance provider.

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