Hoarding Cleanup

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is the excessive collection of items which inhibits the normal function of a space. As defined by Wikipedia, hoarding is “is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment.” These difficult situations come in different shapes and sizes. Severity of occurrences can vary drastically from case to case. The one thing in common in all these scenarios is that proper and professional services are necessary to help. Rest assured that the trained professionals at Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services are here to help clean up your property if a hoarding situation is present.

When Do People Contact Soil-Away For Hoarding Cleanup

  • Inherited Or Acquired Hoarder Property -With thousands of hoarder properties across New Hampshire, it is not uncommon for relatives or heirs to inherit a property of a loved one who was a hoarder. Items fill the property from wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-ceiling. Recipients are left to deal with the aftermath of years’ worth of accumulation. Many times the heirs value the home. They plan to clean it up and inhabit it. Other times they wish to sell the property. Regardless of the long-term plans for the property, the cleanup must be completed. Soil-Away’s hoarder cleanup team will safely and effectively remove and dispose of all unwanted items. Family heir-looms and things of value willbe identified, inventoried and returned to clients.
  • Safety For A Loved One -Soil-Away receives calls for hoarding cleanup when enough-is-enough. Accumulated items in a home have reached a critical point in which personal safety is severely at risk. Family members, medical professionals or even social workers will reach out to our team to help. These well-coordinated projects often involve several parties. Clear objectives and goals must be established prior to starting. Projects must be carried out with precision timing and execution. Re-establishing a safe environment is paramount to the ultimate success of the project.
  • Overcoming Hoarding -Many clients are battling the complex psychological aspects of hoarding. When clients reach the point they are ready to clean out their property, they trust Soil-Away to help. We realize our services are part of a bigger picture, but they can have a huge positive impact for clients. All projects are kept private and confidential. Project managers and technicians handle every client and situation with the upmost care and respect.

Dangers Of Hoarding

There is no doubt that hoarding poses serious hazards. The goal of working with a professional hoarding clean up company, like Soil-Away, is to help avoid these dangers and to establish a high-functioning space again.

  • Fire -A home with too much clutter and unnecessary content is a major danger. Exits can become blocked and in the event of a fire, emergency personnel cannot access the building to perform rescue operations. In addition, excessive items in a home increase fire hazards and risk the lives of the homeowners and neighbors.
  • Trip And Fall -Having walkways and egresses overflowing with objects is a significant trip and fall hazard. Getting excessive furniture and contents out of the house decreases the risk for trip and fall. Hoarding cleanup includes clearing corridors and pathways inside the home to make it more accessible.
  • Collapse -Items can often be stacked to the ceiling. These piles inside the home pose risks of collapsing. It is not uncommon for someone to lose their balance, grab onto a pile just to have it fall on them. Leaving piles anywhere in the home simply endangers its residents.
  • Health -Risks to health from a cluttered home can be vast but may include bio-hazards, mold growth, disease, chemical exposure or more. Bio-hazards may stem from sharps, personal sanitation issues or improper waste disposal. Mold growth can results from hidden pockets of moisture behind furniture and piles of contents. Disease can be spread through insect infestations or rodent occupancy. These examples are just some of the few health hazards that a hoarding house can present.
  • Structural Integrity -There are homes that simply cannot withstand the weight of the contents it holds. Over time, the clutter and the collections can cause the structural integrity of the home to be compromised. There is also risk that the contents can be hiding other structure damaging threats such as water infiltration or termite infestation.

Having knowledge about these dangers can help motivate you and your loved ones to overcome the negative effects of hoarding. To assist you overcome these challenges, the caring professionals at Soil-Away are awaiting your call.

Overcoming Hoarding With Team Soil-Away

  • Services Offered -Cleaning the home in a hoarding scenario is no easy task. No two clients or projects are the same.  A successful cleanup project involves the combination of detailed planning, competent technicians and the proper equipment.  Knowing the potential variables on a hoarding house cleanup, Soil-Away is prepared for and offers the following services: trash removal, furniture removal, biohazard disposal, medical waste disposal, content cleaning, general sanitization and deodorization. In addition to these offerings, Soil-Away also specializes in IICRC certified mold remediation, NADCA certified air duct cleaning and is a certified Esporta Wash System operator for soft-content cleaning.
  • Prioritizing Safety, Security And Privacy -Clients respect our emphasis on safety for all parties involved. This encompasses everyone from building occupants to on-site cleaning technicians. Proper internal protocols are established and executed to ensure personal injuries are avoided. The security and privacy of the property is maintained and highly prioritized by everyone on the Soil-Away crews. Communication circles are kept tight so that the confidentiality requests of our clients are upheld.
  • Family Owned Business -Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated company that has been in the business for nearly 30 years. We are an independent company, not part of a franchise system. The team takes pride in their work and has always been steadfast in the mission to assist families in maintaining a home that is safe, functional, and comfortable. If you wish to discuss your situation, you can reach us by calling (603) 641-6555.



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