Disaster comes in a variety of packages; it could be a burst pipe, a recent storm, or a sewer backup. In any case, basement flooding is no joke. Standing water can bring bacteria and other toxins like mold and mildew into your home, putting your family’s health at risk. Furthermore, the effects of water damage can stay in your home for a long time, ruining carpets and furniture beyond repair. At Soil-Away, we’re no strangers to basement flooding, and we’ve honed a quick and thorough process that will make your home clean and dry again.

Your Basement Flooding Plan

We’ll get to work right away. First, we find the source of the flooding so that we can put a stop to the water damage. Different types of flooding bring different types of damage, which means that the type of flooding will dictate our restoration plan. Once we’ve made a plan, we’ll keep you updated and get your approval before moving forward.

Water Damage Restoration

Next, we’ll put that plan into action. Using the latest water removal technology, we’ll extract the water, getting rid of the basement flooding. Although this part of the process is important, you’re not in the clear just yet. The risk of toxic mold remains in your basement. We respond to this risk by drying and salvaging everything that we can save. For instance, anything we can restore we dry-out and move into a storage facility. After the dry-down, we’ll carefully check for hidden pockets of moisture that can lead to mold and other biohazards and make sure to address them immediately. Basement flooding and water damage removal services are also accompanied by cleaning and sanitization of the affected areas. If we find anything contaminated or affected by the flooding, our premium cleaning methods are able to salvage the majority of items.

Final Steps

Once we’ve sanitized and dehumidified your basement, we’ll perform a final inspection. We believe in double-checking because we know that if we leave any issues behind, it can affect your home for a long time. Once we’ve performed our own inspection, we’ll make sure our job lives up to your standards. We’ll walk you through the basement, go over the restoration process, and answer any final questions you may have. Finally, we’ll also help you process your insurance claim. Our photos from the drying and cleanup process will help you make your claim quickly so that you and your family can move on.

Don’t Delay

The longer you allow basement flooding to stand, the greater your risk of health hazards and permanent damage. Time is of the essence, so act quickly and let us help you get your home back to its pre-flood state as soon as possible. Call now at (603)-641-6555.