You’ve just experienced a fire in your home. Even after the flames die away, your house carries the physical scars that remind you of the fire. The soot, smoke, and water that stay behind after a fire may seem impossible to remove. The damage may be extensive, but cleanup doesn’t have to be a difficult process for you. Soil-Away is here to help. Just give us a call, and we’ll handle everything about the fire damage, from the first inspection to helping you with your insurance report.

Fire Damage Inspection

The first step, of course, is a thorough inspection. Since the fire damage happened in your own home, it can be hard to get a full idea of how much fire restoration you’ll need. When you call in a professional, they can give you an objective view. Our highly-trained experts know how to recognize even the deepest and most subtle signs of fire damage. You can be sure that we won’t miss anything during your fire damage inspection.

Fire Restoration

Next comes the actual fire restoration, which is a multi-step process. We’ll get rid of damaged drywall and anything else that can’t be saved, and we’ll replace the damaged drywall with new drywall. Next, we’ll move on to salvaging the things that we can save. We’re certified to use the Esporta process in our fire restoration. This process thoroughly removes all soot and smoke residue from soft goods.

Water Remediation

People tend to forget about water damage when they think of fire restoration, but the water that put out the fire can be destructive if left alone. In fact, getting rid of the water is just as important – if not more important – than getting rid of the soot and smoke. At Soil-Away, we don’t stop until we get rid of all of the water damage. Our drying process involves air movers, scrubbers, industrial fans, and many other tools that get the job done.

Sanitization and deodorization

At this point, we’ll clean and deodorize the parts of your home that were impacted by the fire damage. We’ll restore your home to its previous state by clearing away the hazards that could harm your family’s health. This includes clearing the air ducts so that you can continue to breathe healthy air.

Final Inspection and Insurance Help

We end our process with one more inspection. During this part, you can walk through the restored section with us and make sure that you’re satisfied with the job we’ve done. Throughout the entire process, we’ll work with your insurance company to help you process the claim.

Fire Restoration with Soil-Away

If you’ve dealt with a fire in your home, the professionals at Soil-Away will treat your property with the utmost care and respect. If you need help to salvage and restore your property contact Soil-Away as soon as possible. The sooner we get started with damage control, the better. We are available 24/7 at 603-641-6555.