Fire safety is all about prevention. There are steps you can take as a homeowner to ensure that you are safe from fire damage. A large percentage of home fires are the result of accidental sparks. Electrical devices passing energy from one place to the next are the culprits of some of those sparks. Using extension cords in and around your home is convenient when used appropriately. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow proper safety steps, it could lead to dangerous outcomes.


When the lamp cord just won’t reach that perfect cozy reading nook location, it is easy to grab an extension cord. Before you plug it in, take a moment to make sure it meets certain safety requirements. Inspect it closely to make sure there are no imperfections in the cord. An extension cord is simply electrical wiring inside of a plastic coating. A damaged plastic coating loses its ability to hold the electrical current inside, creating a fire hazard. Another tip is to make sure you only use one drop cord at a time. Do not string multiple cords together at installation as this could disrupt the current or weaken it. If either of these occurs during your installation, it is safer to purchase a new cord at the appropriate length to avoid fire damage.

Long-Term Use

Most people don’t realize that should only use extension cords briefly. They are not designed as permanent solutions. In a more permanent setting, consider using power strips with surge protectors. Extension cords create multiple breaks in the line of energy. If an extension cord has loose joining points or unusual connections, it could spark and ignite the surface around it causing fire damage. You can help prevent fire damage by making sure the surface around those joints is not close to highly flammable objects such as curtains. Simply checking to make sure the curtains are not laying on top of the place where the device cord meets the extension cord can save your home.


Electrical devices can be intimidating. A little understanding of how they operate safely can save you some trouble later. Extension cords were created to make life more accessible. Using them appropriately makes life safe. The list of things to remember when using an extension cord is minimal. Check the cord before installation to make sure there are no imperfections. Likewise, check the cord during use to make sure it is operating safely and appropriately.