Deep cleaning is the only way to remove surface damages that are associated with an out-of-control blaze. Fires can result in the displacement of building occupants, from homeowners to apartment tenants, who must relocate due to unsafe conditions. Soot marks the home or office that survives a fire. Attempting to do a half-cleaning job will not fix the problem, nor will it allow you to return to the way of life prior to the fire. 

In such cases, hire a professional cleaning company to erase those marks. A DIY cleaning job will only leave your dwelling place looking worse. Contaminations will stay where they are without professional cleaning equipment.

Contamination Requires Deep Cleaning

Fire damages are deadly during and after an event. Contamination can linger due to the potency of smoke and soot, not to mention the toxic possibilities of water left over from the fire department’s visit. Contamination requires deep cleaning because there is no easy way to remove these biohazards – at least not by yourself.

In fact, irreversible damage is an unfortunate side effect of fires. You should never attempt to scrub painted walls or decor following fire damages. Carpet and furniture cannot simply be washed. Cleaning products that are inappropriate to the situation leads to additional destruction, often making it impossible to fully salvage items or areas of the building.

Deep Cleaning Soot

Soot-covered items require special attention. Home appliances can become permanently stained if soot is rubbed into the surface by uninformed attempts to clean. An authorized repair service uses high-tech equipment to deal with soot thoroughly. Our vacuums are built to remove loose particles from every surface without redistributing it into the air to continue causing damage. 

With a combination of hard work and special training, our technicians can deep clean both residential and commercial properties. We make it our job to mitigate the pervasive, noxious (sometimes toxic or corrosive) odors left over by a fire. Our staff is fully bonded and insured for the removal of smoky odors and soot damage. With Soil-Away on your side, you’ll know we got rid of all the toxins.

The Aftermath of a Fire: Who to Call

While there are ways to spot-wash minor soot stains from the household walls, attempting to remove soot and other fire-made marks can be dangerous. Without professional services, you can risk your well-being–and the well-being of the people around you–and worsen the situation. In case of a fire, the best thing to do is move on as quickly as possible, which means letting the pros do the work.

Soil-Away deals with any fire, water, and storm aftermath by using speed and precision. This way you can get back to business as usual. As traumatic as a fire can be, there is no need to experience more problems during the clean-up. Contact us now and we can determine the level of damage you have experienced. While each scenario is different, we guarantee a response that can salvage your prized belongings. Our cleaning experts are ready to gear up and make your property look like there was no fire in the first place.