Mold removal is crucial for minimizing the potential health risks associated with a commercial building. Those locations where sanitization codes and standards are of the utmost importance, such as restaurants, are particularly vulnerable to mold development. Basically, any property that’s subjected to moisture regularly is an unfortunate candidate for mold infestations. With the right approach, a commercial property can be restored to its pre-mold status. There is always a need to act quickly in any situation in which an infestation has taken place in order to prevent further damage to the site.

Soil-Away can help by preventing further contamination. We will dispose of the affected materials safely. Then we will clean and sanitize the structure. Mold removal from your commercial property can be a complicated process – one that is not worth taking a chance on without professional assistance. Our skilled technicians will handle mold removal from your property.

Fighting Hidden Mold

Removing mold can be a real challenge, so you must be equipped to handle the situation. Missing hidden pockets of mold may lead to the loss of valuables and cherished items. Often, it makes sense to employ a Certified Industrial Hygienist when working on commercial properties. Their tests can determine mold spore counts and the scope of the project. This can vary based on the property and circumstances. Our mold remediation specialists have handled a wide range of mold removal situations, so we can solve your mold problems with confidence. Planning is the key.

Effective Fighting Tactics Against Hidden Mold

A properly performed remediation will prove more efficient, just as mold removal does. The owner of a commercial property should conduct air and surface sampling prior to remediation. You can make an informed decision based on how serious the situation is. When possible, Soil-Away recommends hiring a local Industrial Hygienist (IH) to assess mold toxicity levels, establish a mold spore count baseline, and specify project goals. By obtaining this information, remediation technicians can get an idea of what needs to be done in order to resolve the issue. Therefore, sample testing is an excellent method of saving time and money.

Restoring Locations to Mold-Free Areas

Mold removal might not be obvious to you in some cases. It can grow for too long in moisture pockets. In the absence of proper removal, mold will continue to grow on your property. This typically requires the removal of porous building materials such as drywall and carpets. Natural disasters like flooding can cause mold to go unnoticed following a disaster. Stress and a sudden storm can cause less-obvious signs of mold to go unnoticed. 

Using detailed cleaning techniques and high-tech equipment, our technicians can remove mold from structures and contents. Mold spore removal and spore capture are our areas of expertise. Mold can grow underneath floors, in walls, and other places that you might not suspect. Don’t underestimate the danger of incomplete mold removal. If your restaurant, government building, or any other commercial property has mold, we will offer mold remediation services. Call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration now at (603) 641-6555.