Commercial loss restoration is necessary to restore hundreds of items that are lost to fire and smoke damage each year. In fires, soft goods like heavy clothing, bedding, and blankets often take the brunt of smoke and flames, not to mention the efforts to diffuse the dangerous elements. After all, a heavy jet of water is going to leave water residue behind and create biohazards. A microbial infestation is not uncommon in a surviving structure post-fire, which can escalate into big losses if this infestation spreads.

At Soil-Away, we have experts who deal with commercial loss restoration on a daily basis. Our team can return damaged goods to pre-flood conditions. Over the years, we have helped save the appliances, fixtures, and carpets of numerous clients who just wanted to return to normalcy. Our Industrial Hygienist can conduct an air and surface sample test to help verify how high the toxin levels are. This establishes a mold spore count baseline, which works as a blueprint. This is only the beginning. That’s why if there’s a fire, Soil-Away can help.

Esporta-Certified Operators 

Certified Esporta Operators are responsible for commercial loss restoration success. In the wake of a fire, traditional washing applications cannot fully restore water- or smoke-damaged soft goods. The only sure way to restore belongings and property is to use the Esporta iS4000 Wash System.

The state-of-the-art Esporta consumes 35% less water than traditional laundry machinery. With the proper care, Soil-Away promises complete restoration of textiles and soft contents. In fact, 85% of thought-to-be unsalvageable belongings can be cleaned and stored away until they are 100% free of smoke and mildew. Likewise, any unsalvageable items will be inventoried, documented, and disposed of safely, along with any harmful debris. 

Thanks to a 24-hour turnaround, your most sentimental belongings stand a chance of renewal. You won’t have to throw away as much as you would expect following a destructive fire.

Commercial Loss Restoration Inside Your Home

Commercial loss restoration isn’t just about saving furniture or cleaning the living room carpeting. A home exposed to fire can become a deadly breeding ground. Water combined with smoke inside a tight structure can result in harmful indoor air quality, which instantly puts the property occupants in danger.

Soil-Away also knows the importance of cleaning and sanitizing the affected rooms and foundations of a home. Debris and soot are not something you can deal with on your own; many unknown side effects can further contaminate your property or cost you money. For a return to a healthy environment, our operators use HEPA vacuums and filtration systems. This technology can wash the affected areas clean of any contaminants so your family members can breathe clean air without worry. We make sure to thoroughly sanitize and deodorize surviving items. Commercial loss restoration helps you move on from loss.

Soil-Away Versus Fire Damages

Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration doesn’t just clean your soft goods. We also safely dispose of any debris and unsalvageable contents on the premises so you don’t have to. Drywall sections, furniture, and appliances must also go in order for you to rebuild. We use innovative methods and modern technology to stop further losses from gaining any traction. Contact us today for a new start and put the fire in the past, where it belongs. Reach us at (603) 641-6555 to ask for an estimate.