Why Use The Esporta Wash Sys …

After an emergency like a hurricane, fire, or flood, the last thing you want to think about is the damage to your personal items. Regular cleaning methods can destroy soft goods. These are things like clothing, shoes, protective outerwear, and other sentimental items. But the patented cleaning solution and machine of the Esporta Wash System can restore your soft goods to good as new.

Soft Content Restoration

The Esporta Wash System can restore soft goods damaged in Category 1-3 water events, fire/smoke, and mold or other biohazards. It’s gentle, and keeps your items steady as the cleaning solution passes through them. The patented cleaning solution is better for the environment. Also, it has less risk of damaging your soft goods. We can even restore your mother’s favorite coat to its former glory. Our cleaning process can even take your highly-contaminated soft goods and clean it to a food-grade sanitization level.


Using the Esporta Wash System will save you money. Insurance typically covers 20% of the cost of replacing an item. As a result, your insurance company will thank you. Damage from a hurricane or a fire can lead to thousands of dollars in claims for irreplaceable goods. The Esporta system will salvage soft goods so that you won’t need to replace them. The Esporta system has restored college football uniforms, saddles, stuffed animals, and delicate shoes. Because of this, your treasured possessions are safe in the hands of Esporta-certified operators.

Certified Operators

In order for a restoration service to use the Esporta Wash System, they must be a certified operator of the system and have a certified site where they are not only using the proper Esporta system, but also have the best drying and finishing equipment to keep with Esporta’s standard of care. When you hire an Esporta-certified company, you know you are getting qualified assistance that keeps up with training and research to give you the best care after an emergency.

If your soft goods and textiles have been damaged in a flood or fire, call Soil Away LLC. We are a full-service restoration company serving residential and community properties in Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Portsmouth, Laconia, northern MA, and southern Maine. In addition, we are the only Esporta-certified operator in our service area. We are available 24/7 at (603)-641-6555.

How To Pick The Right Constr …

Are you looking to pursue a new building project? Is your house in need of a fix-me-up after receiving unwanted damage? If you answered yes to either one of those questions, it sounds like you may need to find a construction company. However, picking the right company is not a fast process. There are many things to consider to find the best construction company for your needs.

Licensed and Bonded

One of the first things you will want to do is look for the company’s credentials. If a company has a license, that means they will complete services properly. Also, if the company is bonded, that means they are insured to do construction work. Any other certifications or awards will also look good. Make sure the company is legit before starting to work with them.


If a construction company has a warranty, they take enough pride in their work to make it right if a customer is unsatisfied. You want to hire a company that offers a warranty for their services. Soil-Away provides a construction warranty promise, as well as various workmanship warranties.


It’s essential for a company to be passionate and care about the work and services they provide. Most likely a construction company will be working on one of your prized possessions, like your home or your business. However, if the company is not passionate or doesn’t care, the job will most likely be done poorly.

One-Stop Shop

If you can find one construction company that does all the work you are searching for, then you’ll want to consider that business. Having various contractors is confusing for everyone and becomes tricky when it comes to insurance and time management. Working with a one-stop shop is easier for everyone.

Ratings and Testimonials

If a construction company doesn’t have ratings or testimonials, it most likely means they haven’t done outstanding work – or any work at all. Most customers are honest about their experiences with companies, and that is the best way to determine if you will be satisfied with the services.

Interview Construction Companies

Determining which construction company is best for you is like a job application process. Ask as many questions as you need to and do your research. Interview more than one construction company to see which one is the best fit for you.

Soil-Away is a full-service restoration firm with a specialized construction division to begin the rebuilding process right away. You won’t have to wait for another contractor; we are your one-stop shop for construction after disasters. Soil-Away streamlines the restoration process as your contractor. We train our employees for safety and provide warranties. Contact us today to see if we are the right construction company for you.

What You Should Know About E …

If you haven’t ever read any facts about fires, how they start, and how to extinguish them, then you might be vulnerable. Fires are handled differently according to what started them to begin with. If you want to make sure that you are prepared to handle any fire that might jeopardize your home or your family, it is important to understand how an electrical fire differs from other types of fires. You also need to know to prevent them, as well as stop them, to prevent electrical fire damage.

What Is An Electrical Fire?

An electrical fire is a fire that starts from faulty or old electrical outlets or appliances. According to the US Fire Administration, 6.3% of fires stem from electrical outlets. And January and February are when most electrical fires start, due to heating appliances and overloaded electrical circuits. Statistics show that most electrical fires begin in bedrooms, but when fires begin in the family room, dining room, and unoccupied spaces, fatalities are most often the result.

What Are the Five Main Causes of an Electrical Fire?

There are five main causes of an electrical fire: faulty outlets or appliances, light fixtures with bulbs, extension cords, space heaters, and wiring issues. Since older homes are more prone to electrical fires, it is imperative to take special precautions to accommodate an aging electrical system by avoiding those things that increase the risk of house fires. Never leave a space heater unattended, don’t overload a circuit, and any wiring issues should be addressed immediately.

What To Do To Prevent Electrical Fire Damage

If an appliance causes an electrical fire, then immediately switch it off and unplug it from the outlet. Use a blanket or Type C extinguisher to smother the fire. Never throw water on top of an electrical fire because water conducts electricity. It can lead to an electrical shock that can be fatal. If the fire originates from a portable space heater, do not just switch off the power to the unit. Unplug the unit from the wall when possible and smother the fire in the same manner as with an appliance.

An electrical fire differs from other types of fires, and so do the ways to put them out. Don’t ever throw water on an electrical fire, or you risk being shocked. Try to unplug the source immediately from the outlet. But if the fire gets out of control, it is more important for you to seek safety. An electrical fire can spread very quickly, and you don’t want to jeopardize yourself or your family. If you are the victim of electrical fire damage in your home, contact Soil-Away today. We can help you get things cleaned up and your life back on track.


For 24/7 emergency fire damage cleanup services call the restoration experts at Soil-Away (603-641-6555).

What You Need To Know About …

Hoarding might seem strange to anyone who has never wanted to hold onto things that seem to the rest of the world to be useless or excessive. Underneath the desire to hoard there is usually an underlying emotional connection that most people can’t understand. If you are about to partake in a hoarding cleanup, either for yourself or for a loved one, there are things that you should know ahead of time. This will give you the coping skills to work through the hardships and hurdles that can stand in the way of it being a successful path to a new life.

It is About More Than Just “Cleaning Up”

Hoarding is more than not throwing things away. Every object within a hoarder’s house has a specific reason for being there. Although it might seem like a matter of just a basic cleanup, for the hoarder, it means giving up things they hold dear. When you are going through the cleaning process, it is important to know that every little thing might spur debate. So come prepared with an understanding that it is not the same as other types of cleaning. It is an emotional cleaning and is on a whole different level.

If You Try to Move Too Quickly, Things Might Shut Down

If you go into a hoarding cleanup with the notion that things will go quickly and smoothly, think again. There will likely be times when the hoarder will become overwhelmed and halt the entire process. Be patient and realize that when each new item is removed, the hoarder may experience a sense of loss that will slow the process. It might even become frustratingly painful to go through each item. But if you don’t let them feel in control, they will probably shut down the process altogether.

It is Going to Be Highly Emotional and Anxiety-Provoking

When cleaning up a hoarder’s home you will likely experience a lot of emotion coming from the hoarder attached to things that might seem like junk to you. Underlying all the “things” is an emotional attachment that outsiders can’t possibly understand. Be prepared for emotions like anger and anxiety when you are throwing things out. A hoarder has an attachment to both small and big things at a level that you probably don’t understand and won’t see until the cleanup is already in full swing.

Hoarding is something that most people can’t understand from the outside. Hoarders usually have an underlying emotional attachment to things. This means it is vital to be patient, try not to rush them, and not to go too quickly. The hoarder is going to feel remorse at getting rid of the things in their home, regardless of whether you find value in them or not. So be prepared for a long, emotional day – or longer. For more information about this process, let Soil-Away help guide you through your hoarding cleanup situation.


Soil-Away Will Help You Navi …

After a flood, fire, or other property disaster, you just want your life to get back to normal again. Once your home has been restored to its pre-disaster condition, the last thing you want to do is deal with the insurance company. You’ve already dealt with so much stress and exhaustion by this point. Thankfully, Soil-Away will help you with your insurance claim so that you don’t have to deal with it on your own.

Initial Assessment

When you make an insurance claim, your insurance company will want to know the extent of the damage. Soil-Away can help by conducting an assessment before we begin. For example, if you’ve experienced water damage, we’ll start by finding the source of the water. We’ll also determine just how deep the damage goes. By going beyond the surface level, we can give your insurance company an accurate measurement of the damage. This process also helps us clean up all the damage, not just what’s visible.

Insurance Claim Documentation

If your insurance company requires it, Soil-Away will document the repair process. Throughout the repairs, we’ll take notes and photographs so that you can have proof of the damage. We also provide a fully-detailed explanation of the damage and the repair process. This documentation will help you when you make your insurance claim.

Full Support

We understand that the insurance claim process can change based on the insurance company and your policy. When the insurance company asks for specific procedures, you don’t want your cleanup company to give you trouble. You’ve already been through enough hassle as it is. With Soil-Away, you don’t have to worry. You’ll have our full support every step of the way.


Has your home experienced damage from fire, flood, or other type of disaster? Soil-Away can help you get your home life back to normal again. We use a multi-step process for cleaning, restoration and repairs. We’re even certified to use the Esporta process to bring your soft goods back to life. At Soil-Away, we believe in treating your home with thoroughness and care because we understand that your home is one of your most important possessions. We’ll work with you during every step, and that includes helping you with your insurance claim. If you need help with restoration after a disaster, contact Soil-Away today.

Benefits of Choosing a Famil …

Restoration can be a personal matter because it often involves repair of your home. It is often needed when homes age – and when they experience disasters. Disasters such as fires, floods, smoke, and mold can cause major damage to your home. The aftermath of these disasters must be tended to almost immediately to avoid any further damage. Here are some benefits of choosing a family-owned restoration company.




Family-owned restoration companies are ideal because the employees and employers all form a grounded and loyal foundation. Family-owned companies’ roots often run deep in the community, so when you call for help, they will be there as quickly as possible. The owners are not only loyal to their customers, but also to their employees. Family-owned companies can’t make it in the business world without staying loyal to their clients and employees, and with that loyalty comes quality, long-lasting service.


Fast Response Times


Waiting is often not an option when damage strikes your property. You need a restoration company to get on the scene immediately after the storm or disaster clears. Family-owned companies tend to care more and communicate better than corporate restoration companies. No matter the time or day of the week, family-owned companies will answer your call and get on the scene as quickly as possible.


One-On-One Time


Both you and your home deserve to be listened to when it comes to restoration. Large restoration companies usually select delegates to deal with different clients during the course of restoring a home. However, by choosing a family-owned company, you can almost guarantee that you will have one-on-one time with an employee. Typically, family-owned company owners and upper management are far more hands-on with day-to-day business. Things tend to run far more smoothly with the boss or the best of the best on the job.


When it comes to restoring your home, office, or any other space, contact a family-owned restoration company. Family-owned companies have benefits over franchise companies because they are loyal to customers and employees, quick to respond, and require that their employees have one-on-one time with customers. At Soil-Away Restoration, maintaining our family-owned reputation is important. We pride ourselves on our 27 years of family-owned restoring services. No matter the time or day of the week, someone at Soil-Away Restoration will answer your call. The next time disaster strikes your residential or commercial property, contact us at 603-641-6555.

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