Why Property Managers Choose …

You’ve heard of our work with private homes, but did you know that we work with property managers, too? Condos and complexes require dedicated service. Thankfully, Soil-Away provides fast and effective service for disaster mitigation, cleaning, and restoration. Why should you choose Soil-Away? Ask the many property managers who use our service. Here are just a few of the reasons that property managers choose us.

Updated Training

In all our years in business, our clients’ cleaning and restoration needs have stayed the same. However, our available tools and methods have evolved. We prioritize a job well done, which is why we like to update our training periodically. If there’s a better method out there, we want to know about it. After all, we want to provide nothing but the best service for our clients.

Top Tenant Safety

When you manage a housing complex, you must focus on the safety of your tenants. At Soil-Away Restoration, we’ll focus on the safety of your tenants, too. You need quick response times and dedicated service, and we’re happy to provide just that.


As a property manager, you want to keep your buildings clean. However, daily life, weather, and tenants moving in and out of your building can bring germs and other toxins. Soil-Away will help you manage these issues in the most effective way. We offer all types of cleaning. For example, we have a mold remediation service that clears away mold at its source so that it doesn’t return. We also offer air duct cleaning to improve your building’s indoor air quality. Our odor removal service will make sure that your apartments are ready to rent, even when a smoker has recently moved out.


Emergencies can terrify and overwhelm tenants and property managers alike. What do you do when your first floor has a flood or somebody’s kitchen catches fire? Soil-Away can help. Not only will we handle the damage after an emergency, but we can also assess your property to help you prevent disasters from happening in the first place. Furthermore, we’ll also help you deal with your insurance company after we make repairs.


As a property manager, do you want to keep your building clean, healthy, and safe? Then allow us to help. We have full certification, and we’ll answer you whenever you call. Want to start with your assessment? Contact us today.

soft goods restoration

How We Save Your Soft Goods …

After a fire, flood, or some other disaster, soft goods can take on the brunt of the damage. Quilts, bed sheets, curtains, and other soft items absorb soot and bacteria, along with all sorts of other contaminants depending on the type of disaster. Often, people have to throw away many of their soft goods and buy replacements. However, with the right soft goods restoration system from Soil-Away, you may be able to save more of your soft goods than you thought possible. Some items that you thought were too far gone may just come back good as new. The key, of course, is finding a top-quality soft goods restoration service instead of using older methods.

Why the Old System Isn’t Enough

Often, soft goods restoration teams do little more than your own washing machine or local dry cleaner could do. People hire these companies, learn that most of their soft goods are unsalvageable, and watch their money go straight down the drain. Then they pay even more money as they replace their old soft goods with new ones. You shouldn’t have to throw away your blankets and pillows when you could save 90% of them with better soft goods restoration.

The Esporta Wash System

The good news is that you have a better option. At Soil-Away, we use the Esporta Wash System in our soft goods restoration. The Esporta Wash System can handle damage from disasters far better than other systems. In fact, other cleaning methods simply aren’t designed to handle disasters. Instead, they only handle everyday dirt and grime, not sewage and soot. Esporta boasts a high level of strength that can restore your soft goods to their pre-disaster condition. Firefighters trust the Esporta Wash System with their protective clothing. This system can save many of the soft goods that you would have otherwise had to throw away. Soil-Away is one of the few certified Esporta Wash System providers. When we finish your soft goods restoration, we return your items to you in the best possible condition.

Soft Goods Restoration with Soil-Away

If you’ve experienced any disaster in your home, Soil-Away is here and ready to help. Not only do we offer soft goods restoration, but we also provide flood mitigation, fire restoration, mold remediation, and other cleaning services. If you need help with soft goods restoration or other kinds of restoration, contact Soil-Away today.

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Don’t Let Your Drain Backu …

A clogged drain is a real drag for any homeowner. It causes problems such as water resurgence and bad smells. It can also mean there is an underlying structural problem. If not treated properly, a drain backup can put your family’s and pets’ health at risk.

Blocked household drains often occur in the bathroom and kitchen. Regardless of the clogged pipe or drain, the result is the accumulation of wastewater. It is the stagnant water that can cause health problems. Soil Away is here to get your drain backup cleaned up as soon as possible.

Signs of a Backup

  • A strange smell coming from the drains.
  • More than one bogged drain.
  • Bubbling after flushing the toilet or running the sink.
  • Running one faucet leads to a backup somewhere else.
  • Toilets are flushing slowly.

How Toxic are Sewage Backups?

If the smell isn’t bad enough, a sewage backup can also spread severe illnesses and diseases. The National Resources Defense Council reports that sewage contamination causes nearly two million cases of illnesses each year. Sewage contains harmful bacteria and pesticides. It also carries residuals from pharmaceutical drugs, fungi, and other toxic substances. The most common bacteria found in sewage are:

  • E. Coli – Causes abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and occasionally death.
  • Acanthamoeba – Causes eye, nose, throat, and ear infections.
  • Salmonella – Causes abdominal cramping and diarrhea.
  • Heliobacter Pylori – Leads to an increased chance of ulcers.
  • Hepatitis – Causes liver infection and liver failure.
  • Leptospirosis – Creates muscle aches and vomiting.

When Drains Back Up

All drain backups are different and require special care. Sewage waste cleanup is especially dangerous. It requires professionals who know how to handle specialized equipment for the task. Touching or inhaling sewage can make you sick.

Always leave drain backup cleanup to the professionals. Once the sewage water is removed, sanitize your own property if the sustained damage is not too extensive. Use a solution of one part chlorine bleach and four parts cold water. Mix that with a small amount of mild non-ammonia dishwashing detergent to clean surfaces from the top to the bottom.

Before you return to your everyday routine, you need to sanitize your entire home. The electrical and plumbing systems need to be checked and fully repaired. And, all appliances need to be inspected for safety to ensure they are in good working order. Discard of any consumable goods and anything that cannot be properly sanitized.

Drain Backup Prevention

Preventing drain backups are the best way to avoid cleanups. In the basement, look for and seal any cracks in the foundation. If possible, raise or remove plumbing fixtures including toilets, sinks and washing machines. Also, install a sump pump in your basement to pump excess water out for drain backup cleanup. Do not wash grease down any drains because as it hardens the pipes will become clogged. One of the most important things to remember, do not flush anything down toilets other than bathroom tissue.

Drain backups are disastrous mentally and physically. A drain backup can lead to serious health problems, but you can recognize backups early on with these warning signs. If you do experience a drain backup that may contain sewage, contact Soil Away Restoration immediately. We are highly trained professionals who deal with drain backup cleanup properly.

Why It’s Important to Remo …

Mold is a common enemy among business and homeowners. It often creeps in unannounced and wreaks havoc on your property. Mold can grow unnoticed within your homes, often within the walls, tiles, ceilings, and other dark, damp places. Recognizing the early signs and treating it with mold removal services can help you to prevent any further damage to your property. Here is why it’s important to remove mold.


Spreads Quickly


Mold spores are notorious for spreading quickly and easily. If the source of moisture is not eliminated almost immediately, mold can take over your home or business. Mold spores are carried in the air current, no matter what. This means that they can easily be carried into your building and affect both the building materials and personal belongings. Leaving these mold spores untreated can end up causing more and more damage every day. Eventually, mold removal services will become a far more difficult and tedious process that is costly. Removing mold early is crucial to prevent any further damage.


Causes Allergy Symptoms


Not only is mold unsightly, but it also can cause some damage to your health. When there is mold present, it can cause some allergy symptoms to occur. These symptoms include itchy eyes, bleeding noses, coughing, difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue, headaches, and even memory problems. While not everyone is sensitive to these microbes, mold growth can be especially dangerous for those suffering from pulmonary diseases or asthma. The health risks that mold growth causes are not something to underestimate. Mold removal services are necessary to when it comes to getting rid of allergens caused by mold growth.


Why Choose the Professionals?


While there are DIY mold removal methods, none are as efficient as the professionals. Mold removal specialists are trained and equipped to remove mold. They know where to look, how to solve your mold problems, and what mistakes to avoid. They are also able to discover all of the molds in your home, both visible and hidden. By choosing the professionals when it comes to mold removal, you can guarantee that your home is free of mold and will remain so.


Mold can cause a lot of problems when left untreated, especially under the right circumstances. When it comes to mold, don’t mess around. Contact the professionals at Soil Away Restoration for mold removal services. We will get the job right and have your property mold-free in no time. Call the professionals at (603) 641-6555 at the first signs of mold.

Benefits of Choosing a Famil …

Restoration can be a personal matter because it often involves repair of your home. It is often needed when homes age – and when they experience disasters. Disasters such as fires, floods, smoke, and mold can cause major damage to your home. The aftermath of these disasters must be tended to almost immediately to avoid any further damage. Here are some benefits of choosing a family-owned restoration company.




Family-owned restoration companies are ideal because the employees and employers all form a grounded and loyal foundation. Family-owned companies’ roots often run deep in the community, so when you call for help, they will be there as quickly as possible. The owners are not only loyal to their customers, but also to their employees. Family-owned companies can’t make it in the business world without staying loyal to their clients and employees, and with that loyalty comes quality, long-lasting service.


Fast Response Times


Waiting is often not an option when damage strikes your property. You need a restoration company to get on the scene immediately after the storm or disaster clears. Family-owned companies tend to care more and communicate better than corporate restoration companies. No matter the time or day of the week, family-owned companies will answer your call and get on the scene as quickly as possible.


One-On-One Time


Both you and your home deserve to be listened to when it comes to restoration. Large restoration companies usually select delegates to deal with different clients during the course of restoring a home. However, by choosing a family-owned company, you can almost guarantee that you will have one-on-one time with an employee. Typically, family-owned company owners and upper management are far more hands-on with day-to-day business. Things tend to run far more smoothly with the boss or the best of the best on the job.


When it comes to restoring your home, office, or any other space, contact a family-owned restoration company. Family-owned companies have benefits over franchise companies because they are loyal to customers and employees, quick to respond, and require that their employees have one-on-one time with customers. At Soil-Away Restoration, maintaining our family-owned reputation is important. We pride ourselves on our 27 years of family-owned restoring services. No matter the time or day of the week, someone at Soil-Away Restoration will answer your call. The next time disaster strikes your residential or commercial property, contact us at 603-641-6555.

Don’t Live with Stench: Ch …

Has your home suffered smoke damage? Are your stuck with a nasty smell? Whether smoke or other odors are smelling up your home, there is no need to live with the stench. Smoke and odor removal services ensure that your home’s air smells fresh. Living in a stinky home not only deters guests but can be harmful to your health. Here is some reason why you should choose smoke and odor removal.


Smoke Damage


When things like wood and fabric catch on fire, they release gases. These volatile gases are released in the form of smoke and become embedded in the walls, ceilings, and almost every other surface within your home. Even if some components of your household survives the fire, they may still contain soot residue. This residue is not only smelly but also have corrosive elements. Smoke damage can escalate quickly if left untreated and can lead to eroded surfaced, electronics, fabrics, and building materials. It’s bad enough to have to suffer a fire, don’t let the smoke damage linger until it becomes a serious removal process.


Smell Location


In order to remove the stench, it must first be located. Homeowners that try to remove smoke and odor themselves often only mask the issue temporarily. This is because odors are composed of microscopic particles that are capable of infiltrating even the tiniest crack in your home. This will leave you with a clean home that still doesn’t smell right. Calling the professionals when it comes to smoke and odor removal will leave you with a house that both smells and looks clean.



Think About Your Health


Not only do smoke and other odors smell bad, but they are also not good for your health. Soot and dirty water, which is usually what’s left over after a fire, smells bad and contains harmful bacteria. This means that not only are you and your family left in a smelly house, but you are also at risk of getting sick. Removing the source of foul odors quickly helps to protect your health.


No one wants to live in a stinky home. Whether the source of the stench is smoke, soot, pet urine, or any other foul smell, it’s time for smoke and odor removal. At Soil-Away, we know that smoke and odor removal is important. Having a foul-smelling home is not only unpleasant, but can do some harm to your health. Next time you need smoke, soot, or other odors removed from your home, call the professionals at 603-641-6555.

Are you Breathing-in Contami …

One of the biggest mistakes property owners make is to assume that the air quality in their homes or commercial property building is clean and toxin free. However, even if you are indoors all the time, there is no guarantee that the air you are breathing is clean. This is why we at Soil-Away advocate regular air quality testing for homes and commercial properties.

Mold is not the Only Threat to Clean Air

You might think that just because you don’t have a mold contamination issue, the air quality on your property is up to the mark. But that is not necessarily true. A variety of air borne toxins and contaminants can very well be present in the air you breathe already. You just don’t know about it. In addition to other organic threats, the air you breathe could easily be polluted with chemical toxins and particles such as from second hand smoke, or radon and carbon monoxide. More danger could come in the form of peeling or even new paint, your carpeting (fungus, dirt, pet dander, and dust), air purifiers, and cleaning material stored on your property. Each of these can easily be culprits in polluting the air you breathe.

Air Quality Testing with Soil-Away

Air quality testing is one among the several services that Soil-Away provides to home and commercial property owners. We are well aware of the risks that breathing in unclean air presents. We are also well versed with the various factors that lead to unclean air quality present in home and commercial properties.

Little or no mold is not the only indicator of good air quality. It could also well be the case that mold has gone unnoticed primarily because contamination is in a place that is closed or inaccessible. The only way to be 100% sure is by carrying out comprehensive air quality testing.

We check the air quality in a way that is the least intrusive to you. Several petri dishes are spread across the property to ensure that samples from different locations can be tested. This is done because toxicity levels are not always consistent across the property. You could have one room with off-the chart readings and relatively low readings from an adjacent room. The samples collected also help us understand which factor(s) is the dominant culprit in contaminating the air quality.

Once the samples are collected, they are checked in the laboratory. If we find that the level of mold spores are similar to readings from the outside air, it is a good indicator that the air you are breathing is mold free and your property is environmentally safe. Obviously, if the readings are higher than what is acceptable and permissible, then you will need the services of a professional mold remediation services company.

Soil-Away experts are trained in mold remediation and will work with you closely to first identify the source(s) and then systematically plan and execute a mold removal strategy.

If you feel it is time to get the air quality in your home or on your commercial property tested, give us a call today at 603-641-6555!

Water Damage – Inaction Wi …

Nothing can prepare you for the kind of havoc that water damage can cause to your property. Whether it is damage to property from a flood or due to internal issues such as faulty plumbing or frozen pipe burst or due to backed up sewage, the ensuing water damage can be extensive. In most instances, property owners are at a loss on how to deal with water damaged properties. Knowing the risks involved and options available to you can however, help you to become better prepared for such an eventuality.

Do you know the Risks Involved?

If your first instinct is to do nothing, the situation is only going to get worse by the minute. Here’s why – in any kind of water damage situation, you are looking at water seeping in deeper into the property and impacting everything from your foundation, the walls, furniture, and your carpeting. From then on, things will move even more quickly down south.

In addition to the obvious ways in which water can wreck your property, the bigger danger comes from mold infestation which can happen within a couple of days from the day of flooding. Mold spores can move quickly through the property to contaminate not only the structure, surfaces, carpeting, furniture and clothing, but more importantly, mold contaminates the air quality. Mold however, is just the beginning. If you leave a water damaged property as is, there is a bigger risk from germination of other dangerous organic growth such as water borne pathogens which present a major health risk to both humans and pets.

Water Damage Situation on Hand? Here’s what you should do.

Doing nothing is not an option if you are facing a water damage situation. As mentioned earlier, the more you delay to act, greater will the damage. Here are 4 things you can do right away;

  • Shut off the water supply immediately. If you are unsure of the mains, then call your water company.
  • If possible, assess the damage. Documenting is crucial when dealing with your insurance company.
  • Call a water damage restoration company if the damage is extensive and beyond a DIY situation. Even if you don’t want to seek professional restoration services, it is always best that you get some kind of professional assessment done.
  • Call your insurance company.

Why Seek Professional Help?

Professional water damage restoration service experts are trained in dealing with water damage of all kinds. In addition to helping you understand the magnitude of damage, water damage restoration experts will create a customized strategy to deal with water damage restoration of the property.

Deciding which items are salvageable and which items need to be discarded is a big enough challenge on its own. You are also looking at moving items and restoring structure and furniture which is a mammothian task. And this is where a professional water damage restoration services company can prove to be the best option.

You also need to keep in mind that water restoration work is dangerous. Damage to property aside, there are a number of health risks involved. A professional water damage restoration team has the necessary safety equipment and gear as well as the resources and know how to deal with any kind of organic danger.

If you have any questions or queries about water damage to your residential or commercial property or if you need help with restoring your property post water damage, give us a call today at 603-641-6555!

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