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Three Types of Property Dama …

Property damage cleanup can be a time-consuming process. In the wake of a disaster, man-made or otherwise, restoring your property to its former status costs money. For many people, a full recovery might seem impossible. Interior flooding, electrical fires, and mold spores can all be stressful to deal with, but with the right response, a recovery is possible. Soil-Away can walk you through each one should they occur.

Interior Flooding and Property Damage Cleanup

When it comes to property damage cleanup, flooding is one of the messier scenarios to deal with. For one thing, unlike with other natural disasters, the water will remain in place until it is removed. Water must be flushed out so the items can be retrieved and examined. Soil-Away will conduct an inspection once the water is removed. Our specialists will decide on a plan of action, one that makes your property a livable space once again. Once the work is completed, we use a post-remediation verification (PRV) test. This way you can be sure of safety before anyone occupies the premises.

Electrical Fires

The site of a fire often affects both the outside and inside of a property, but an electrical fire can do more damage inside due to its point of origin. In addition, electrical fires are extremely common, especially in older homes and buildings. They can occur in both occupied and unoccupied buildings without warning. In cases where the fire was allowed to burn long enough to do substantial damage, the affected buildings will require a direct response, one that is professional and thorough.

Soil-Away has dealt with the aftermath of many electrical fires. Our clients can attest to how a quick response can save properties, even when the situation seems hopeless. Our property damage cleanup specialists can work with even the worst of situations. We can remove the damaged elements and salvage your belongings. Any fully lost items will be cataloged and disposed of so you will know which items were salvageable.

Property Damage Cleanup Can Include Mold Spores

While mold is often associated with flooding, it is ultimately its own issue with specific solutions, regardless of the reason it develops. Mold spores will grow in the wake of submerged floors and basements. Pockets of moisture will slowly cultivate spores and you will be the last to know about it, unless you schedule a professional property damage cleanup. Not only does mold make clothes and other belongings unsalvageable, it can seep into the structure itself. This is a worst-case scenario because not only does this cause property damage, it has the possibility to poison the atmosphere. Mold spores can easily render an environment uninhabitable.

Recovery Plans for Property Damages

No matter which type of property damage you face, you can reach out to us at (603) 641-6555. Once you explain your situation to our experts, we can set you up with a service plan, one that is the best response for flooding, fires, and other types of extensive property damages. Soil-Away stands for professional and personable services. Our specialists have dealt with these types of disaster clean-ups before. We can reassure you that your property will recover.

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Mold Remediation to Salvage …

Mold remediation is key to salvaging any soft goods in the aftermath of a flood. When a basement floods, the lifespan of your submerged belongings ticks away, and every second can make the difference between saving those items and tossing them in the garbage. Without the proper response, submerged belongings like stuffed animals, sports equipment, and backpacks will not have a high chance of survival. Professional remediation is the best way to properly clean the toxicity from your prized possessions.

While flooding is generally associated with total destruction, innovations in the field of mold remediation have led to more effective means for salvaging affected items. For example, dehumidifiers have increased the chance of restoration for textiles and soft contents. Basement flooding can be quite disastrous, with low success rates of restoration. However, Soil-Away has perfected soft goods restoration by following the important steps of removal and sanitation. In the event of flooding, the Esporta Wash System can sanitize soft contents from water damage or mold.

Restoring Textiles and Soft Contents

Better restoration of textiles and soft contents depends on factors such as odor, spot and bacteria removal. Soft goods like heavy clothing, camping gear, and regular bedding accessories can be salvaged by using efficient technology, like the Esporta iS4000 Wash System.

With the iS4000, jobs require 35% less water consumption than e traditional laundry methods. The Esporta is not as wasteful, making the restoration more successful. Financial and mental costs can add up whenever sentimental belongings are lost in flooding. The aftermath of such disasters is a prime period for mold to set in, which means you need to make a decision sooner rather than later. Soil-Away uses a fully-integrated closed system, with hardware (the machine), detergents, and software (the recipes) to achieve the cleanest job possible. 

The Esporta can save your child’s teddy bears and blankets. We can remove the majority of mold and mildew, without any lingering odors or spots. We aim to sanitize items to a food-grade safe. 

Mold Remediation for Sports Equipment

In the flooding scenario, sports uniforms and equipment are often vulnerable due to how they’re stored. After all, these items are typically put away seasonally, and basements are an ideal place to put them out of sight. However, a basement flood will expose them to bacterial elements, often penetrating foam and fabric, which makes removal very difficult. While traditional washing applications use components from various vendors (detergents) to remove bacteria on a physical level without scientific or laboratory considerations, our specialists use the Esporta Wash System to make a complete post-flood recovery. 

The chance of success is high that we can sanitize soft contents to a food-grade safety level. This eliminates excessive mold from your hockey pads, sneakers, and baseball gloves. We provide effective cleaning, freshening, and disinfection of the belongings you care about most. When possible, we have a 24-hour turnaround timetable on emergency and sentimental items. On top of saving the items, this speed also leads to faster claim settlements. We work hard to organize what is salvageable and what isn’t.

For example, we inventory, document, and dispose of any items that are too far gone. This removes the task from your list of responsibilities so you can begin rebuilding from a serious situation. Our mold remediation team will meet your timeline head-on. Once you regain your belongings, you can start to rebuild. We offer a thorough investigation and removal of all traces of mold. 

Soil-Away Erases Mold and Bacteria

Your belongings each have their own value, both sentimental and actual. Our goal is to help restore each one so you don’t have to associate them with something as terrible as a flooded basement. This is one mess that Soil-Away’s Esporta-certified operators can help you remedy. We have saved clients millions of dollars in replacement costs and erased the damage from just as many personal belongings. Our storm damage restoration, biohazard remediation, and furniture/carpet cleaning are top-notch services. Call us at (603) 641-6555 or visit our website for more information. 

commercial loss restoration

Commercial Loss Restoration: …

Commercial property damage restoration is the solution to returning your commercial business back into a stable condition. Since your property is likely to have public visitors or employees, you need a safe environment. Unfortunately, damages brought on by flooding, fires, and mold can make a place near-uninhabitable. Winding back the clock, or restoring your property and items, needs to happen sooner than later.

Mold remediation is one way to help restore affected areas. Commercial loss restoration is an innovative moisture-sensing process that helps to find potential “breeding grounds” for mold colonies. These can thrive in hidden places for extended periods. Basically, this means your commercial property is under attack in every area: beneath floors, inside walls, or stowed away in storage areas. Wherever there is excessive moisture or untreated organic surfaces, there’s a high risk of mold that needs attention.

Costly damages brought on by devastation can only lead to stress in your already-busy life, so we will help ease your situation with loss solutions. We can inspect your property and provide a detailed estimate. Commercial loss restoration is effective, even under the worst of circumstances, with a proven high percentage of success.

Innovative Commercial Loss Restoration

To help combat commercial losses due to nature and accidents, Soil-Away can provide you the best remediation tactics to ensure a rewind. We have a strong track record of successful restorations, regardless of object type or property layout.

To do so, we use regulation-approved techniques and equipment. For example, heavy-duty pumps can clear all standing water from the flooded premises, which allows us to thoroughly check water-damaged areas. Excessive rain or violent storms might have a major impact, but you do have a chance of controlling the aftermath with commercial loss restoration.

Soil-Away can help restore your property to its pre-damage quality. This isn’t time travel, but we can rewind the damage that has turned your life upside down. Once the commercial loss restoration process is finished, you won’t know the difference between pre-loss and post.

Restoration to Rewind the Damage

Once a structure fire has damaged your business, there’s nothing to do but initiate a clean-up. Commercial loss restoration removes any lingering soot residue or smoke odors from the premises. Soil-Away is certified and equipped to eliminate the noxious odors from materials and contents that suffered from burns or smoke.

As a full-service emergency restoration service, we collaborate with both local and national insurance carriers, property management companies, major corporations, and homeowners in order to get the best results for our clients. Our cleaning and restoration services will provide low-to-high damage restoration, including bio-hazard situations caused by affected building materials, such as drywall and carpeting.

Commercial Loss Restoration

Extreme natural conditions can lead to large costly losses on commercial properties. This means it stands to reason that a substantial solution is in order. Our expert team will mitigate damages, clean up the disaster, and restore your facility to its pre-loss condition.

To serve the community, we are a family-owned and operated service. We’ve witnessed the worst weather and disaster damages, so we’ll come equipped to deal with your losses. To turn back the clock and restore your possessions, call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration at (603) 641-6555 or visit our website for more information

soft goods restoration

How Soil-Away Saves Property …

Soft goods restoration in the aftermath of a flood is no easy task. Without the proper care and tools, trying to save submerged stuffed animals and backpacks rarely has a satisfactory conclusion.

However, modern times have led to more effective means of doing so. The Esporta Wash System has led to more success when it comes to the restoration of textiles and soft contents. While the old success rates were low (or nonexistent), Soil-Away has perfected soft goods restoration over the years thanks to advancements in technique.

Technological Advantages

There are important steps to follow once removal and sanitation is complete. In the event of flooding, the Esporta Wash System can sanitize soft contents from water damage or mold.

The Esporta iS4000 Wash System boasts 35% less water consumption than traditional laundry jobs. This results in better restoration of textiles and soft contents, restoring 85% of the contents that traditionally would have been ruined.

What does this mean? Soft goods like heavy clothing, camping gear, and regular bedding accessories are salvageable, which avoids the need to replace everything. This helps you avoid financial and mental costs – the latter being a common experience whenever sentimental belongings are lost.

Soil-Away can help you restore your child’s belongings despite the flood. The Esporta Wash System can save beloved teddy bears and blankets. For sports-playing families, we can ensure your gear is free of excessive bacteria with no lingering odors. Using bacterial swabs before and after the Esporta process will squash any misgivings you might have.

Our services can provide effective cleaning, freshening, and disinfection of the belongings you care about most. Our clients benefit from 24-hour turnarounds on emergency and sentimental items, leading to quicker claim settlements. Contact us and begin to rebuild to normalcy.  

Soft Goods Restoration Means Less Stress

After a flood, you face many stressful decisions. Dealing with lost belongings on top of environmental damage can turn into a costly and lengthy process. To avoid unnecessary issues, you want a fully-integrated closed system, with hardware (the machines), detergents, and software (the methods) to achieve the cleanest job possible. Whenever this is the case, you’ll have less to worry about.

While traditional washing applications must use components from various vendors, such as detergents, and are limited to a physical assessment of stains and odors without scientific or laboratory considerations, the Esporta Wash System is on another level. It can sanitize soft contents to a food-grade safe level, which eliminates mold issues.

At Soil-Away, we inventory, document, and dispose of any unsalvageable items so you don’t have to worry about them. Along with soft goods restoration, we also provide storm damage restoration, biohazard remediation, and furniture/carpet cleaning. We pride ourselves as a community-oriented business – one that’s ready to work for you. Let us remove the stressful bacteria, biowaste, and clingy mildew from your comforters, linens, and leathers.

Save Your Property with Soft Goods Restoration

Soil-Away’s Esporta-certified operators have saved clients tens of millions of dollars in settlement costs. With these methods, you can save thousands on soft contents claims. Our soft goods restoration is capable of erasing damage from your belongings for good. In emergencies, we move quickly to return your goods to pre-flood conditions.

We have been family-owned and operated since 1990. We understand that unexpected mold damage can add more stress in your life, so contact us today. Call us at (603) 641-6555 or visit our website for more information on available services.

soft goods

What Is Esporta and How Can …

Emergencies like fires and floods can damage many of the soft goods in your home. This includes clothes, sheets, towels, and more. It can be very upsetting to think about all your soft goods being ruined. Luckily, Esporta can help. Esporta is a washing system that helps save damaged soft goods. The machine uses a combination of detergent and software to optimize the washing solution. This is better than traditional laundry systems where users must guess the proper ratio of cleaning products to use. Here are three ways Esporta can help after a disaster situation.

Salvage Soft Goods

The first benefit of Esporta is that it salvages soft goods. If your home has experienced a fire or flood damage, it is important to call Soil-Away as soon as possible. Soil-Away will work with you to collect all damaged soft goods for Esporta cleaning.  Esporta wash systems are very efficient. They end up restoring 85% of textiles and soft goods that normally would be damaged beyond repair. The Esporta system is also eco-friendly, as it uses 35% less water than traditional laundry systems. The system can remove bacteria, viruses, odor, soot, grime, mold, bio waste, and mildew. Rest assured that your soft goods will be returned in great condition.

Cleans Emergency Personnel Uniforms

Another benefit of Esporta is that it cleans the protective clothing of emergency personnel, such as firefighters and EMTs. Esporta will clean and disinfect uniforms and have them returned quickly in stellar condition.

Soil-Away Deals with Insurance

A benefit of Soil-Away is that we deal with insurance companies. Soil-Away will provide your insurance company with documentation, inventory lists, and photos of damages. Esporta will actually save your insurance companies thousands of dollars by not having to cover the expense of unsalvageable soft goods.

How Soil-Away Can Help Restore Soft Goods

Did you know that Soil-Away is the only Esporta Certified Operator in the state of New Hampshire? Esporta is extremely helpful after a fire or flood. Instead of losing thousands of dollars’ worth of soft goods, your items can be cleaned efficiently and effectively. When the soft goods are returned, they are as good as new! We provide many other services in addition to the Esporta system. We’re on-call 24/7 and can help with floods, sewage cleanup, fire damage, mold remediation, and more. If your home needs professional disaster restoration services, contact Soil-Away today.   

soft goods restoration

How We Save Your Soft Goods …

After a fire, flood, or some other disaster, soft goods can take on the brunt of the damage. Quilts, bed sheets, curtains, and other soft items absorb soot and bacteria, along with all sorts of other contaminants depending on the type of disaster. Often, people have to throw away many of their soft goods and buy replacements. However, with the right soft goods restoration system from Soil-Away, you may be able to save more of your soft goods than you thought possible. Some items that you thought were too far gone may just come back good as new. The key, of course, is finding a top-quality soft goods restoration service instead of using older methods.

Why the Old System Isn’t Enough

Often, soft goods restoration teams do little more than your own washing machine or local dry cleaner could do. People hire these companies, learn that most of their soft goods are unsalvageable, and watch their money go straight down the drain. Then they pay even more money as they replace their old soft goods with new ones. You shouldn’t have to throw away your blankets and pillows when you could save 90% of them with better soft goods restoration.

The Esporta Wash System

The good news is that you have a better option. At Soil-Away, we use the Esporta Wash System in our soft goods restoration. The Esporta Wash System can handle damage from disasters far better than other systems. In fact, other cleaning methods simply aren’t designed to handle disasters. Instead, they only handle everyday dirt and grime, not sewage and soot. Esporta boasts a high level of strength that can restore your soft goods to their pre-disaster condition. Firefighters trust the Esporta Wash System with their protective clothing. This system can save many of the soft goods that you would have otherwise had to throw away. Soil-Away is one of the few certified Esporta Wash System providers. When we finish your soft goods restoration, we return your items to you in the best possible condition.

Soft Goods Restoration with Soil-Away

If you’ve experienced any disaster in your home, Soil-Away is here and ready to help. Not only do we offer soft goods restoration, but we also provide flood mitigation, fire restoration, mold remediation, and other cleaning services. If you need help with soft goods restoration or other kinds of restoration, contact Soil-Away today.

Benefits of Choosing a Famil …

Restoration can be a personal matter because it often involves repair of your home. It is often needed when homes age – and when they experience disasters. Disasters such as fires, floods, smoke, and mold can cause major damage to your home. The aftermath of these disasters must be tended to almost immediately to avoid any further damage. Here are some benefits of choosing a family-owned restoration company.




Family-owned restoration companies are ideal because the employees and employers all form a grounded and loyal foundation. Family-owned companies’ roots often run deep in the community, so when you call for help, they will be there as quickly as possible. The owners are not only loyal to their customers, but also to their employees. Family-owned companies can’t make it in the business world without staying loyal to their clients and employees, and with that loyalty comes quality, long-lasting service.


Fast Response Times


Waiting is often not an option when damage strikes your property. You need a restoration company to get on the scene immediately after the storm or disaster clears. Family-owned companies tend to care more and communicate better than corporate restoration companies. No matter the time or day of the week, family-owned companies will answer your call and get on the scene as quickly as possible.


One-On-One Time


Both you and your home deserve to be listened to when it comes to restoration. Large restoration companies usually select delegates to deal with different clients during the course of restoring a home. However, by choosing a family-owned company, you can almost guarantee that you will have one-on-one time with an employee. Typically, family-owned company owners and upper management are far more hands-on with day-to-day business. Things tend to run far more smoothly with the boss or the best of the best on the job.


When it comes to restoring your home, office, or any other space, contact a family-owned restoration company. Family-owned companies have benefits over franchise companies because they are loyal to customers and employees, quick to respond, and require that their employees have one-on-one time with customers. At Soil-Away Restoration, maintaining our family-owned reputation is important. We pride ourselves on our 27 years of family-owned restoring services. No matter the time or day of the week, someone at Soil-Away Restoration will answer your call. The next time disaster strikes your residential or commercial property, contact us at 603-641-6555.

Don’t Live with Stench: Ch …

Has your home suffered smoke damage? Are your stuck with a nasty smell? Whether smoke or other odors are smelling up your home, there is no need to live with the stench. Smoke and odor removal services ensure that your home’s air smells fresh. Living in a stinky home not only deters guests but can be harmful to your health. Here is some reason why you should choose smoke and odor removal.


Smoke Damage


When things like wood and fabric catch on fire, they release gases. These volatile gases are released in the form of smoke and become embedded in the walls, ceilings, and almost every other surface within your home. Even if some components of your household survives the fire, they may still contain soot residue. This residue is not only smelly but also have corrosive elements. Smoke damage can escalate quickly if left untreated and can lead to eroded surfaced, electronics, fabrics, and building materials. It’s bad enough to have to suffer a fire, don’t let the smoke damage linger until it becomes a serious removal process.


Smell Location


In order to remove the stench, it must first be located. Homeowners that try to remove smoke and odor themselves often only mask the issue temporarily. This is because odors are composed of microscopic particles that are capable of infiltrating even the tiniest crack in your home. This will leave you with a clean home that still doesn’t smell right. Calling the professionals when it comes to smoke and odor removal will leave you with a house that both smells and looks clean.



Think About Your Health


Not only do smoke and other odors smell bad, but they are also not good for your health. Soot and dirty water, which is usually what’s left over after a fire, smells bad and contains harmful bacteria. This means that not only are you and your family left in a smelly house, but you are also at risk of getting sick. Removing the source of foul odors quickly helps to protect your health.


No one wants to live in a stinky home. Whether the source of the stench is smoke, soot, pet urine, or any other foul smell, it’s time for smoke and odor removal. At Soil-Away, we know that smoke and odor removal is important. Having a foul-smelling home is not only unpleasant, but can do some harm to your health. Next time you need smoke, soot, or other odors removed from your home, call the professionals at 603-641-6555.

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