It’s not always possible to fully anticipate emergency situations. However, preparations can mean the difference between a small amount of damage and a total loss. When it comes to keeping your business property safe, appropriate preparation can mean keeping your business open as opposed to having to close permanently. Here are a few ways that you can safeguard your business from commercial water damage.

Water Damage Prevention Tip #1: Know Local Laws

The first important tip to consider about preventing commercial water damage involves legal protections in place for businesses in your area. In some cities and states, investing in flood and sewer backup prevention systems can result in tax deductions. Do your research and know what protections exist before the unexpected happens. Verify that you understand insurance rules and regulations to avoid unfortunate surprises.

Commercial Water Damage Prevention Tip #2: Annual Inspections

The second important tip to prevent commercial water damage involves scheduling annual inspections. What sets commercial spaces apart from residential properties is the complexity of the systems in a business building. Plumbing, sewage, and HVAC systems can differ from property to property. The best way to prevent these complex systems from sustaining water damage is to hire a professional inspector to visit your facility often–at least annually. These professionals will take a closer look at your systems to verify that they are in good working order. They will also advise you if there are any items that could fail or cause other issues within your facility. Surviving water damage means understanding existing risks.

Water Damage Prevention Tip #3: Secure Valuable Stock and Property

The third thing to know about commercial water damage is how important it is to secure valuable stock and other property from unexpected damage. Depending on the nature of your business, the types of items you have on hand that will need to be kept secured. Paper documents that cannot be duplicated should be scanned to the cloud. Tools and merchandise should also be secured to avoid potential water damage and loss.

Commercial Water Damage Prevention Tip #4: Have a Plan

The fourth thing to consider before water damage occurs is how your team will move forward in the event of potential damage. While it may not be feasible to account for all possibilities, having a contingency location can mean the difference between a loss of money and a continuing way to keep customers, employees, and your business in good working order. If possible, consider the benefits of using a work-from-home plan to allow productivity to continue as assessments and repairs are completed at your facility.

Commercial Water Damage Prevention Tip #5: Call Soil-Away

You’ve learned a few quick tips about commercial water damage prevention. It’s time to add some protection to your business plan. When you’re ready to prevent future water damage, it’s time to contact our team. Soil-Away has been helping customers prevent and repair water damage for over three decades. Our team takes great care to secure your property before it’s too late. Contact us right away!